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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 2,271/2,551

Game Records

Trainer ID: #900813673
Registration: 03/01/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 561:32 Hours
Total interactions: 193,134
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 1,524,600
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


So I got my school device, apparently i can't look up school things like stuff about books or even the definition of a word but I can go Facebook and urban dictionary which should be blocked everywhere meanwhile all the actual real dictionary websites are blocked and just regular things like news and informational sites are blocked but I can go on freaking Facebook?!?!?

Slow clap for my school district

Today, 03:456 comments

Owner: Mandalorian
EHP: 3,657/6,630

Next Egg in 47 seconds.

Yesterday, 23:490 comments
Points at last feed

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Out of pure curiousity, say I got premium and did a shiny mega metagross hunt and sold shiny slots and mega able slots, would anyone purchase one? I've never done a big hunt like that before

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You fed Audrey a Rawst Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 16,114 Exp. Points.

You have been rewarded with 4 Pokédollar!


2 Days ago0 comments

Owner: Professor_Mac
Level: 211

Crawdaunt ate the berry thankfully.

3 Days ago0 comments
Buying lots of psychic, grass, poison, electric and fire gems! Please pal pad me >.<

4 Days ago0 comments

Owner: Mandalorian
Level: 117

Next Pokémon in 2 minutes.

4 Days ago2 comments

Happy birthday :o

6 Days ago0 comments
"No don't kill yourself with a chair there are safer ways to kill yourself" - me 2017

14 Days ago0 comments

Owner: Amilee
EHP: 5,703/7,680

The egg starts to glow a bit.

14 Days ago2 comments
Omg five in the daycare help

15 Days ago4 comments

Help! I have eggs in the daycare

18 Days ago6 comments

Owner: CreepyJoker
Level: 1431

Heartomb ate the berry thankfully.

21 Days ago2 comments

Hey I don't know if this is how this hashtag works but I could really use some help finishing my dex in Pokémon sun so if anyone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I can offer ph items and such in exchange for a few dex entries, I need the moon exclusive ultra beasts, I'll trade them back I just need the dex entries. I'd really really appreciate the help a ton.

22 Days ago3 comments
#BestLottoEVER By Bishop OVER 60M worth of prizes.

TODAY ONLY: i will be giving over 2 MILLION total worth of stuff away, including this Ho-oh. 15 WINNERS - Just for sharing.

Details about June 22nd giveaway, including SHARE IT CODE.

TICKET TRACKER, What is it worth?, and Current Daily Winner List
FULL details about my Lotto.

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By YoshikageKira - 2 Minutes and 10 Seconds ago.
You received a Plushie from YoshikageKira!

*bloops the heck out of you*

→ Your Collection

Oh dear I've been blooped to death

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Rant feed

3 Months ago4 comments
Interaction exchange? Eggs in daycare

3 Months ago2 comments
Omg these people next to me won't stop talking about McDonalds and now I'm so hecking hungry and there's a McDonald's down the road and it's soooooo not fair because now I want it but I can't....ugh

3 Months ago2 comments



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Jelly Sylbreon

Hello~ Welcome to my profile :3
I'm a rotten child who enjoys Pokemon, shiny hunting, reading sometimes, writing, music, acting, art, and not much else to be perfectly honest, feel free to pal pad me, though I may not always reply because I have poor social skills,

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Goals: Make as many people as I can smile

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Do not ask to buy, or borrow, my ditto, or any of my Pokémon for any reason, unless it is in my sale/trade box. I may loan Pokémon to very very close friends, but that's it. If you have to ask if we are close friends, don't bother asking me for my Pokémon. The same rules apply to my money, items, asking for plushies, etc. (asking for a plushie exchange is fine though, begging me to send you things however is not)

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any artwork on my profile is by flamey, including my profile pic

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I collect Froslass, Jelly, and Sylveon plushies :3

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