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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 571/2,913

Game Records

Trainer ID: #52921523
Registration: 21/10/2015 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 869:16 Hours
Total interactions: 177,791
Trainer Battle Stats: 12 won, 25 lost.
Money: 266,000
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


Oh yeah, almost forgot:

Let's give -Mae- a warm welcome! uvu

Today, 18:502 comments
I just watched an AMV and it was AWESOME.

Sadly I can't post the link as it contains scenes that aren't suited for every age ;v;
But if you want the link, you can PalPad me, I guess? Gotta warn you though; it contains Spoilers for a few animes.

Today, 17:250 comments
Finally <3

Today, 16:024 comments
Almost at 4k Nuggets uvu

Today, 15:240 comments
So uh
I saw a post earlies but I think it was deleted
And that person (don't remember their username, so don't ask me to PalPad it please) posted "Why do people tend to forget that PH isn't a dating site lmao" or something along the lines

Eeeexcuse me? ;v; If I get to know someone on here and like them a lot, then it has nothing to do with from where I got to know that person or where I talk to them but with the fact that I like them for their personality.
At least that's my opinion to this.

Today, 13:527 comments
God backwards is dog.

Yesterday, 19:275 comments
Friendly reminder that this suggestion exists uvu

Yesterday, 18:270 comments
How to be stupid:

Be me.
I opened my window while it's raining to take a photo of the cloudy sunset (which actually looks really cool right now) and wondered why my floor was wet afterwards.

Yesterday, 18:202 comments


it still says that the account is locked, but apparently Ardyn's online. Is that a glitch or something? :v

Yesterday, 18:147 comments
Me: geesh i gotta work on the description for my species

also me: //hearing the ice cream bell

Yesterday, 17:252 comments
How can we dance when the world is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?~

Haven't heard that song on the radio for ages until today and now I can't stop listening to it.

Yesterday, 16:383 comments
Okay, some super-fresh-y info about Jimellos in the comments~

WARNING! You will find SPOILERS in the comments of this feed! If you want to know those (and more) information on the official release date* along with the first official adopts, then you shouldn't read the comments!

*Official Release date will be the 30th of June 2017. The date might change though, depending on how much time I have and when I get the first adopts done.

Yesterday, 15:534 comments
I decided for a name for the species now.
Jimello (singular) / Jimellos (plural)! uvu

Yesterday, 15:412 comments
currently working on my own species and tbh I'm kinda happy with them uvu I just need a description for them (where and how they live, what they eat, how they usually behave, where they originate from, ...) now and then I'm finally done and can possibly start selling them uvu

Yesterday, 14:243 comments
tfw your music teacher at school wants you to draw a bat for them after seeing you drawing a bat during the lesson instead of doing your tasks.

Yesterday, 13:564 comments
Hoppip holding a Dragon Gem at the AH ;v;
Please bid on it. I'm young and need the money, pfftpf-

Yesterday, 13:420 comments
When you started re-watching that old show you used to love...
Avatar - The Last Airbender ;v; Brings back great memories. <3

1 Day ago6 comments

my god

Apparently my history teacher
knows the anime

And was planning to watch it with us? wth. idk if that's cool or not?

2 Days ago6 comments
to get all the bat pokémon as shinies on here is now my declared goal.

2 Days ago5 comments



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