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Trainerlevel: 57

Trainerpoints: 6,575/9,803

Game Records

Trainer ID: #713526991
Registration: 18/12/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 2464:57 Hours
Total interactions: 11,687,639
Trainer Battle Stats: 6 won, 2 lost.
Money: 685,687
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


I'm kind of bored and I wandered around an hour without a jacket or phone and nearly froze I may be slightly delusional right now but interact I will... ~Brian

9 Days ago3 comments
yeet yeehaw

9 Days ago0 comments
One guy said he was so manly at one point that whatever he put on color-wise became the manliest color for that instant case in point he put on a pink shirt and at that moment he declared pink the manliest color so pink is now the manliest color DEAL WITH IT!

9 Days ago0 comments
Did you know that coins from the fountain are donated to charity on a regular basis? You have done a good deed!
(Nothing happened)

9 Days ago0 comments
You push the purple key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

453x Game Chips found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

10 Days ago3 comments
I declare that Mistress LadyKagome94 (or Maggie) is Awesome. That is all. I wil now return to my interaction frenzy ~Brian :3

12 Days ago1 comment
I am whatever you believe me to be to you. Whether that be a man or a beast. You can perceive as you see fit. I don't mind what you choose to believe about me so go crazy if you feel like it.

14 Days ago1 comment
#FreeMil Round 22 by Argentis
A grand prize of 750k pd, 2 prizes of 125k pd, shiny, MA, or Mega'd Pokemon!

How to Join:
1) Share the FreeMil Hashtag with the links.
2) PM your answer to Argentis. Wait for Argentis to comment on your hashtag share. No comment means you are not in the raffle.
3) Wait for FreeMil to end on Feb 4, at 23:59!

Bonus: help fund FreeMil by sending in PD and be entered in a contributor prize draw. [1,250 PD each ticket // Max. 125k PD.] (First names drawn = first pick).
* Mega Stone if 500k is raised // Mega Event if 2M is raised

Does Argentis RP on PH?
A) Yes
B) No

Details | Google Share
By:[bpeugh1]:A) Yes

14 Days ago1 comment
I vote Bo Burnham should be the next President!

14 Days ago2 comments
You received 1x Egg Radar Chip (Unown)!

On top of that: The prices at the gem collector for Unown eggs are now 50% cheaper for you!

15 Days ago3 comments
I'm not pure evil but I'm not pure good either I am by no means a perfect man I am full of flaws. I'd rather not be a perfect man, I wish be able to look up to others not down upon them. I am content to be flawed as long as I am not hated for being flawed.

16 Days ago1 comment
Your lucky number today is 12 something happened

16 Days ago0 comments
That one pokemon at the end just don't look right...I just can't place what might be wrong...~Brian

16 Days ago4 comments
America says we love a chorus but don't get complicated and bore us though meaning might be missin' we need to know the words after just one listen so repeat stuff repeat stuff repeat stuff repeat stuff repeat stuff repeat stuff repeat stuff yeah repeat stuff I love my baby and you know i could live without her but now I need to make every girl think this songs about her just to make sure that they spread it like the plague so I describe my dream girl as really really vague like I love you hands cause your fingerprints are like no other and love your eyes and their blueish brownish greenish color and that when you smile that you smile wide and how your torso has an arm on either side

16 Days ago4 comments
ʜǫuɘꟼ niƚƨuA nɒiɿᙠ

16 Days ago8 comments
Mewton M. Meowths Auctions:
My Suspicious Meowth
Other Meowth

16 Days ago1 comment
By Solaire

Hello, all!

I have decided to shiny hunt Zekrom, and in return, I am setting up a HUGE raffle with nearly 8.5 million PD worth of rare Pokémon up for grabs (this includes a Ditto and an Articuno in the mix!).

I have set up a page for this shiny hunt and raffle. You can find all information regarding my hunt on this page here!

Sharing this working post is also worth 2 tickets for the raffle (you can find a working version on the shiny hunt page, at the very bottom of the first feed). So get to sharing! ^-^

We are currently 3 dark stones away from the next prize!

See y'all around!

16 Days ago0 comments



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