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Trainer ID: #140814225
Registration: 04/01/2016 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 06/Feb/2018
Game Time: 2319:30 Hours
Total interactions: 960,069
Trainer Battle Stats: 6 won, 12 lost.
Money: 2,847,195
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


To: Ayase259

Do you really want to start a war? eue

Today, 04:042 comments
Many of the Rowan Quests this week appear to be Wailords, the hardest of them all.
15 hours left to beat Oak this week.

If you are in need of Rare Candies to help your quest, Argentis (that's me!) is selling them 5k ea.

Here is the Clicklist ~ check it a couple times a day as it changes frequently.

~ Good luck !! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ≧☉_☉≦ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Please let Princess_Politoad know if you or a friend get one. The sooner we can add it here, the more help you receive!


Please Share It!

Today, 03:490 comments
Noir could use some help hatching her party, please help if you've got a moment!

Today, 02:184 comments
Alright that didn't go over so well. SO guess how many dragon gems I had yesterday (I took a picture, and will show it once the number has been guessed).

2 people yesterday guessed the first digit correctly out of the three digit number.
2] 1 person yesterday was within 30 of the actual number. (30 more and 30 less.)

* 2 dragon gems to be won, make 1 guess on this feed only.
* The original feed will remain posted in order to maintain the integrity of the hints.

Yesterday, 20:4417 comments

And the winner is SallyAnn! (Proof)

Something I noticed in the first FreeMil held by Professor_Dragon was the repeating numbers. Hence the second draw using favourite colours!

[Heck, I find it incredibly lucky that no combination of number and colour was the same.]

Yesterday, 04:1712 comments
#FreeMil 1 hr to go :3

Yesterday, 03:054 comments
#FreeMil by Argentis

Feeling like paying this 1 million pd forward, so pick a number between (1 - 100), AND state your favourite colour or shade : P

Will use a Random Number Generator at 4:00 site time. That's about 2 hrs from now!

Yesterday, 02:0544 comments
By Professor_Dragon
I'm bored so ima give a free mil to someone just copy and share this and pick a number #FreeMil (1-100) 46

Yesterday, 01:070 comments
By GetsugaTenshou

Buying Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Fairy gems.... any number.... Pal pad me if u want to sell... paying in PD/Nuggets/Shiny/Mega-able/Other gems... Sharing would be helpful too

2 Days ago0 comments
First two people to guess exactly how many dragon gems I have will win a dragon gem each.

Limit 1 guess per user. Deleted comments do not count for 1 guess.

2 Days ago29 comments
Debating on a shiny giveaway for my next hunt, which would take quite some time if my current hunt is to be considered (about less than half of wanted goal of shinies)

Comments below on whether I should do a shiny giveaway? I like reading opinions. Any comments saying just "(please) give me shiny" will be deleted.

2 Days ago9 comments
Still taking votes/suggestions on the original thread (if only to avoid getting repeat suggestions).

Suggest a Pokémon or fusion for me to doodle (or digitize if I need a quick de-stress from studying).

1] Espeon/Pangoro [x]
2] Charmeleon/Umbreon [conceptualizing]
3] Aggron/Suicune
4] Vivillon pattern [New!]
5] Hoothoot/Kangaskhan
6] Dunsparce/Stunfisk
7] Cubone/[mystery]
8] Glaceon/Beartic
9] Marill/Gastly

5 Days ago2 comments
Atalina's TEMP Shiny Shop

* Charmander [2]
* Weedle [8]
* Gastly [3]
* Teddiursa [2]
* Mudkip [3]
* Ferroseed [2]
* Combee [2]
* Zorua [1]
* Noibat [1]
* Komala [3]

Shameless plug: reserve a mega-able slot and get 20% off a brew (or brews) over at this boil shop

* Charmander [3]
* Weedle [8]
* Gastly [3]
* Mudkip [5]

10 Days ago0 comments
When a practical opinion is dismissive of an empathetic one.

Sure. You wanna give up your 1st OS shiny since they're impractical to hunt, but appear to be of great worth? No?

Just saw something that made me angry, but that's my two cents on the matter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10 Days ago5 comments
I...didn't I just hatch one of these yesterday?

Congratulations! A shiny Smeargle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #291)!

Another boy. If the next one is a boy I'm going to laugh and cry.

11 Days ago8 comments

First off, I want to say no support. The point of a hunt is the challenge. If the egg is "animated", that is, not static and staying put, it "could" be easier with the same potential of being "harder".

Now: if everyone was going to win "something special", then everyone should earn it, and not by making it easy.

Yes, this is a challenging and the most frustrating event of the year. That's the point. If everyone can win, then the "special" factor of the event is diminished.

Finally, if you have a suggestion, there is a suggestion forum with a built-in poll function. Hashtags are meaningless. They can be deleted and shared at will. Suggestions are seriously considered unlike hashtags.

I give cookies to people who read the long post.

11 Days ago22 comments
I need votes.

1] Espeon/Pangoro fusion
2] Charmeleon/Umbreon fusion
3] [suggestion below]

11 Days ago21 comments
By PokéRadar - 11 Hours and 43 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Smeargle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #261)!

He's a boy o,o!

13 Days ago12 comments
Mods are super-patient and fair.

Those who have ever worked in retail will understand their pain in part. Those who have ever volunteered, even more so.

14 Days ago3 comments



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