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Trainerpoints: 10,058/13,133

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Trainer ID: #140814225
Registration: 04/01/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Feb/2019
Game Time: 3764:32 Hours
Total interactions: 1,816,761
Trainer Battle Stats: 14 won, 16 lost.
Money: 5,004,824
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


jadeperks needs to reach level 100 by reset tomorrow--and she's raffling off a Magma Stone to those that comment on her original feed with berry/training proof!

Today, 19:381 comment
Why you should feed this fish

It’s a birthday shiny mega :3

Yesterday, 17:382 comments

Please help raise him and her to level 100?

Yesterday, 04:0612 comments
Don't believe Ayase, today is HER birthday!!

Yesterday, 01:081 comment
Happy Chinese New Year!

May you live as long and as healthy as a dragon-horse. Or have the energy of either, the blessing is rather vague if you ask me. [Which is why four-word "blessings" can be re-construed for comedic affect.]

Yesterday, 00:053 comments
Spoilers in comments.

2 Days ago2 comments
Other users have more aptly wished cheer and best luck on this day, so this feed is my observation regarding the matter.

Happy Valentine's.

3 Days ago1 comment
by -Hecate
As soon as I post, I get another bloody egg in the daycare..
Hey Everyone!
I currently have Twenty-Eight eggs in the daycare.
Why does this matter to you?
Well, it really doesn't. Except..
I would really appreciate your help hatching them!
If we clear through my current party + whatever eggs are or will be in my daycare until reset....
I will raffle off (to commentors)
- 2x Star Piece
- 1x Nebula Stone
- Any shinies or mega-ables that hatch, and....
- A MEGA STONE ****** IF we get 5 shinies or mega-ables, OR a shiny mega to hatch!
Each time I have a new party you can warm + hatch again for another entry.

3 Days ago2 comments
Alright, the names are drawn...and the winners of #FoS4Au are...here! [Proof]

Super thank you to everyone that helped, whether it was sharing the hashtag, feeding One Ring, or sending Rare Candies!

Bronze Winners:
ShinyShinx, Aunt_Jemima, Ayase, SK1911, and bluewinner

No Placement Winners:
CassOfDelphi, StarChild, ONIKITSUNE, ~Bella~, x~Acacius~x, and Andias

Plushie Winners:
Deydora227, Arahkan, The~Dark~Mystery, Chr0nicQueen, Lannister, VegetaJrSkyDragon, ShadowedFury, rainbow, QueenPrimarina, and TURBO; KingDecidueye, Noir, TidePod, heleablackwood, Kageyuki, Putotyra, CoolestGamer, Latias4Ever, Leapy, and Sahilgk!

3 Days ago5 comments
Top 3 Reasons for why I have been blocked by others (or so I think, but have no proof of)

1) I corrected them about something/told them something they didn't want to hear. [75.55%]
2) I warned them about rule-breaking via begging on palpad/said I was not interested in buying stuff being hawked at me. [24.44%]
3) I share a similar personality with the other person, but instead of getting along, we get on each others' nerves. [0.01%]

Just a thought exercise. Why do you think you've been blocked? Comment if you're feeling passive-agressive.

4 Days ago28 comments
By HauntedXXDreams - 1 Hour and 8 Minutes ago.
So many people have joined my giveaway that I've decided to do something crazy. Not only am I going to give away 800 nuggets even if I DO hatch a shiny before 200 but I will be selecting 3 winners! So when my chain hits 200 I will select 3 random users to win 800 nuggets!!! So share this news so not only new, but current entries can see this.

4 Days ago0 comments
*coughs* A few hundred rare candy later... One Ring is now in 3rd place!

And time will tell if xe can keep that placement, hurk.

Still not too late to join #FoS4Au if you want a chance to win some great prizes!

[Details + Share]

5 Days ago0 comments
By HauntedXXDreams - 6 Hours and 30 Minutes ago.
If I hit chain 200 with no shiny I will give away 800 nuggets to a random commenter so post username and spread the word

5 Days ago0 comments
And winner of the mini-contest is...MetagrossPrime [Proof]

I really do want a Seller's Clothes, so sue me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for what I'll be doing on my birthday, I will not be around on PH (aside from the daily log-in reward and some eggs). I like hanging out with my family more, sorry not sorry.

5 Days ago2 comments

I can't believe this, but we've reached the 500 Rare Candy goal!

This site is crazy amazing sometimes :'3

The raffle drawing will commence once the medal rally results are out! [Am I saving these for a last minute burst? Of course.]

[Details + Share]

6 Days ago0 comments
#FoS4Au by Argentis

Almost halfway to the goal of 500 Rare Candy, could we make it?

And if not, there's other methods of winning in this raffle. 6 prizes for this tier, and guaranteed to be raffled out!

[Send Rare Candy] | [Details + Share]
But if it's plushies you're interested in, check my last feed to win plushies and collect most of them!

6 Days ago3 comments
#CosmogForNebulaStone by loketoke

Everyone who wants a hatched cosmog, please set me a private trade (adding a junk pokemon) with your nebula stone. If you want more than one cosmog set your nebula stones in different trades, not all in the same trade

I'll offer on it as soon as I get your cosmog (I'll follow in strict order the trades from oldest to newest)

7 Days ago0 comments
Who knows what their Chinese Zodiac animal is?

10 Days ago49 comments
#FoS4Au by Argentis

Reached 20% of that 500 Rare Candy goal, wow. I can't believe this hashtag lotto started less than 48 hours ago!

Also, if you have any questions about how the drawing method or lotto will work, just drop me a Private Message!

[Send Rare Candy] | [Share + Details]

11 Days ago2 comments
#FoS4Au by Argentis
Aiming for gold again, and I'm mighty appreciative of all the help I can get!

How to Join:
* Train or Feed a berry to One Ring; training earns 1 ticket and berry-feeding 2 tickets.
* Comment proof of berry-feeding/training on Argentis' feed of the day!
* Share the whole hashtag post, with the links for an extra ticket daily!
* Send Rare Candies, 10 tickets per Candy donated! [Max. 100 per user]

Prizes: Grand prize of 5M PD, two prizes of 2M PD, a Mega Sala da Menci, Yveltal and x250 nuggets!

[Send Rare Candy] | [Share + Details]

12 Days ago28 comments



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