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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 7,689/9,129

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Trainer ID: #133219381
Registration: 25/04/2016 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 05/Feb/2018
Game Time: 1166:42 Hours
Total interactions: 924,841
Trainer Battle Stats: 29 won, 20 lost.
Money: 1,978,260
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


pleeeease giveth me shiny ;^; also parasect is 28 levels away from being 100

Today, 06:340 comments
anyone have a gold key i could buy? just got a box from the slots.

Today, 03:282 comments
increased breeding chance on a x2 day? shiny paras, here i come!

Today, 02:141 comment
sooo Bear is a big crybaby. we took him to the vet to get his exam done and to get his rabies shot. he did just fine with the shot, i don't even think he felt it. but when they had to take his temperature, he freaked out like a bull on a rampage. they had to try three different times to get it because he would not hold still. he was yelping like we were stabbing him with a freaking knife or something! we finally pinned him into a headlock while i held his front legs down. that was the only way to keep him still so they could get his temperature.

OH and we found out he's barely a year old. so yeah, thanks for lying to us, shelter!

Yesterday, 23:524 comments
lol i actually have more eggs than i know what to do with for once xD little help? 11 in daycare.

Yesterday, 20:151 comment
(close feeds, but for awesomeness)

doooo iiiiiiiit o-o

1 Day ago0 comments
woo my tapu lele card came in the mail today <3 next to arrive is niheligo~ then hopefully kartana if the seller pulls their head out of their ass and sends it >.> and then after that, guzzlord and pheromosa! my collection is nearly complete ouo

1 Day ago2 comments
great. i have to hatch this egg and raise it to lv 100 for the raylong quest. help?

2 Days ago6 comments
i think from now on, when i need to play the higher or lower game for either raylong or the beauty contest, i'm getting my mate to help me. i told him the number for each round, and he said higher or lower, and he was RIGHT EVERY FREAKING TIME. i got to level 16 before i ended it.

2 Days ago0 comments
police and animal rescue officers busted a house a few cities over from me that had over 90 dogs living in it. a lot of them were huskies and husky mixes ;^; they're now being held just two cities over, i want one so bad but we already have Bear so we can't...

2 Days ago1 comment
woooooo increased shiny chance! bring on those shiny paras ouo

2 Days ago0 comments
woo two shiny paras down, 4 to go! there's still 4 slots open if anyone wants to buy one, check my about me for hunting info.

2 Days ago0 comments
woo! i don't have to spend money for premium next month, i gathered up enough nuggets for it ouo thanks, heha192!

2 Days ago1 comment
just went through a cleaning frenzy in the hamster room :I pulled out everything that was in there, vacuumed, put empty cages in the storage shed, vacuumed again, and now we can walk in there without having to step over things. next step-- cleaning out the closet tomorrow. or maybe later tonight. whichever i feel like doing. there's a loooooot of boxes in there.

3 Days ago0 comments
hm.. 95 eggs hatched and only one shiny so far. come onnnnnn gimme shinies

3 Days ago1 comment
*curls up in a corner*

3 Days ago3 comments
well my night just went down the drain. i came home to find my bunny Celeste dead in her cage. she was perfectly healthy and happy yesterday, and now this. she had food and water, and was only 8 months old. i'm afraid a spider may have bitten her today..

the other bunny Cecil is fine, we cleaned out the cage and didn't find any spiders. he's a little shaken up over losing his best friend, but he's not showing any signs of illness.

4 Days ago3 comments
help, i'm trapped in your pocket o-o

4 Days ago5 comments
welp i'm never making this mistake again >.> my mate brought me a cup of strawberry powerade (at jack in the box). i didn't like it, so he drank it instead and brought me some Dr. Pepper, but in the same cup. the two flavors mixed. strawberry Dr. Pepper. NOT GOOD. i'm not going to waste my drink though, so i'm suffering through it >.>

4 Days ago0 comments


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