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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 3,743/16,949

Game Records

Trainer ID: #897955466
Registration: 03/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 6042:08 Hours
Total interactions: 1,749,806
Money: 436,320
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil


By ~The_Darkling_Mod_Wolf -


I'm in a stupidly good mood. So, share this # for a chance to win a shiny Rockruff. Ends Monday at reset. :3

2 Days ago0 comments
By Bill -

Oh no, what happened! What did you do with the storage system?!
Damn, everything crashed... Urgh, I hate bugs...
By the way, has this weird egg always been in your party...?

2 Days ago3 comments
[ Road To 100 ]

Since my daycare pair is in an annoying hiatus..

Could y'all feed those Pokémon so that they could reach at least Lv.100~?

Thank you..

All interactions (esp. Berry-related ones) will surely be returned.. ASAP.

3 Days ago6 comments
New Plushie Avatar by Mrinja.

4 Days ago0 comments
[ Pokémon GO ]

What a good (community) day..

I caught x3 Shiny Mareep earlier.

Now, I just needed to collect enough candies to evolve them..

8 Days ago6 comments
New Ninja Pika Avi made by kitkat.

10 Days ago6 comments
[ Which Keggleon is it? ]

Does anyone wants to guess what kind of egg this Pokémon would be holding after it hatches?


11 Days ago3 comments
Ugh.. I just broken my Kecleon chain~!

Darn that radar bug.

*screenshots that hatched egg at my egg storage with sheer vengeance*

11 Days ago6 comments
Let the party start!

Yay, we finally have enough feathers!! Thank you so much.
Now let's get this party started - have some cake and juice! ^_^

Hello, Premium banner.. it's been a while.

Hello, Shiny Retr0 Ducklett..

Goodbye, mobile data.. I don't think that I'm gonna make it until the 16th day of this month.

14 Days ago2 comments
[ GTS Moltres ]

Uhm.. I wonder how much nuggets would this one costs, or what would be a better offer for it?

14 Days ago2 comments
[ Which Keggleon is it? ]

Does anyone wants to guess what kind of egg this Pokémon would be holding after it hatches?


14 Days ago5 comments
Ohhh.. Fancy that.

I just got a fiery egg.

My day is starting to be on fire..

I wonder how much would this one costs in terms of Nuggets or PD or items or some other stuff?

15 Days ago9 comments
[ Pokémon GO ]

Before I forget, feast your eyes on my Moltres. My pride and joy.

Since I can't usually do Legendary Battles without having a "group" to fight with.. this update is just so awesome.

15 Days ago2 comments
By Professor Rowan -

Hihi, hello Jacharias! I'm so happy to see you!
You're wondering why I'm in such a good mood? Oh, well, I don't know, I guess it's just a beautiful day! Not to mention the beautiful encounter I had this morning.
How is the Dex project going? ... ... Actually, nevermind, I don't care - I bet you're doing well! You are such a great trainer! (I wonder if she would also make a good trainer?)
Anyway, have a nice day. Thanks for your visit!

Sure, Prof.. Whatever you say. Heh..

15 Days ago7 comments
[ Reminder To Myself ]

The Ducklett Party Week lasts until April 10th!

10,058 / 7,500 Ducklett Feathers
Reward: Premium (5 Days)

* Try to get all 15,000 feathers before even thinking of claiming your gift from that birthday event..

16 Days ago0 comments
[ Pokémon GO ]

*just saw what my co-player has gotten after completing all 7 stamps*

Oohhh.. I can't wait to get all those stamps to catch my own Moltres, with a 100% catch rate, that'll be my very first Legendary Pokémon for that game. Yay~!

16 Days ago11 comments
[ PFQ EggSweeper ]

Congrats! You found all of the Eggs!

You received 10 Easter Eggs.

You won a prize from Doug!

After doing two moves out of $#@% times of trying, I've finally won that $#@% mini-game.. Whew~!

18 Days ago6 comments
Thanks for your help so far!
Here, take this gift: Claim

20 Days ago1 comment



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