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Trainer ID: #328102277
Registration: 27/12/2016 (9 Months ago)
Premium member until 03/Apr/2018
Game Time: 1349:40 Hours
Total interactions: 708,100
Trainer Battle Stats: 6 won, 3 lost.
Money: 1,522,357
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


A great suggestion in conjunction with Riako's thread wanting feedback from players. Go read, vote, and give some input.

Today, 03:510 comments
When daycare man won't give you eggs, so you just keep putting shinies in your party to get them to level 100 because the event is click-based.. XD

Not much else to do lol..

Yesterday, 03:233 comments
Tfw you haven't changed your avi since you joined and now can't recognize yourself in chat and in the feeds. XD

1 Day ago7 comments
Anyone selling Moomoo Milk or Berry Juice?

Rescue Team Red

Deliver Remove
Required Items:
✗ 13x Tamato Soda
✗ 82x Moomoo Milk
✗ 42x Berry Juice

White Powder

NOT willing to pay more than what it would cost to buy a white powder btw..

1 Day ago1 comment
So I'm thinking about trying to get #ArceusRainbow to be a thing. But not sure if enough people would even need the plates XD.

The thought would be that you post the hashtag and the type of plate you need, and similar to #AutumnWishes, someone who has extra would send them to that person.


1 Day ago2 comments

Redone as I got some plates and thought of more lol.

* Fire/Electric/Ice/Normal or flying gems to help with my egg dex.

* The missing plates I need for my Arceus collection.
grass and psychic according to my dex.

* Boxes/Keys That don't just give me game chips or 2 berries XD

* Berries to the ones on the Rowan Quest Click List

* Griseous Crystal and Giratina summon item WILL PAY FOR THESE

No idea how many I've granted since I plushie spam and send some PD/Items where I can XD.

1 Day ago2 comments
#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak

Welcome to the weekend ♥

If you see a Rowan quest, let Princess_Politoad know so we can get it on the Rowan Quest Click List for the week.

Klepto created a site for SM hunts and are/not in need of gems. If you would like to be included, please contact her.

Requiem made a click list for Wounded Pokemon Contact her to get on that list.

Share It

1 Day ago0 comments
I was excited to see all the Halloween-esque beauty contest entries, but so far I've only seen one or two. Hoping there's more as I go, but so far I'm saddened by the lack of creativity lol.

1 Day ago0 comments
XD okay, so sent rumblers for 12 hours, here's the results:

Mega Rayquaza: 4 treats
Polestar*: 14 treats
White Kyurem: 19 treats
Black Kyurem: 19 treats
Keldeo (Resolute): 20 treats
LarryCig the Valentine's Minun: 49 treats.

That is quite the range XD.

1 Day ago2 comments

...kids with their little germy hands and snotty noses...

3 Days ago0 comments
Riako is asking for suggestions to keep the site alive go there and put in your two cents, even if it's just agreeing with things. It helps him know what to do for the site.

3 Days ago0 comments
RequiemForADream is drowning in eggs.

#InteractionExchange and help out? lol

3 Days ago2 comments
... I am 3 eggs away from having hatched 500 Snorunt. I've had 1, count them, 1 mega... This is crazy, my mega-luck to shiny-luck ratio is way skewed.

3 Days ago0 comments
Hiya! Have you heard about the #AuroraLottery ?
Recently Amilee added new prizes!
You can now win a light stone and a cosmog, a moltres, megas, shinys and much more.
There are also weekly and milestone prizes.
Next Weekly Prize: 21.10. reset
Next Milestone in: 150 nuggets - prize: Poochyena (Retro) + shiny cleffa + 50 random gems
There are many ways to enter so check it out!
you can get 1 ticket a day if you share the hashtag with working links!!

3 Days ago0 comments
Riako must be one of those "chronically late" people, if soon means "a week or more from now". XD

You'd fit in well with a lot of people I know lol.

5 Days ago3 comments
CassOfDelphi is currently hunting Snorunt.
Hunt started: 27/09/2017

Chain: 415
(18 Shinies hatched so far.)

That's pretty much a shiny a day. Though there's been 2 the last two days and none on two days.

The only mega one was around egg 70. What is this luck?

7 Days ago5 comments
I fail to see how users that have been here over a year can think these are even rational offers...

1. I have a full set of shiny snorunts on GTS including stone for Froslass. I say "Includes Dawn Stone to evolve one to Froslass. Nuggets/PD/boxes/keys please."

A user offers 4321 PD and no pokemon.

2. I have a relic crown worth approximately 1.4-1.6 mil in GTS for "Pd/nuggets/boxes/keys. Any mix of those, best offer wins. 1-2 days depending."

The offer on that?
Mystery Box (Light Blue) 3
Mystery Key (Gold) 3
Mystery Key (Green) 3
Mystery Key (Pink) 3
Mystery Key (Red) 3

Seriously?? -.-

7 Days ago6 comments

* I wish for more people to donate towards #FreeMil.
Argentis works hard and provides a great deal bi-weekly

* Fire/Electric/Ice/Normal or flying gems to help with my egg dex.

Going to grant a few more now. :3

7 Days ago0 comments
Oh and before I forget! My boss recently bought new waiter dresses for the employees - unfortunately the sizes were too small! They are so small that they could fit a Pokémon...
You are a Pokémon Trainer, right? Maybe you can make on of your classy Pokémon wear it!

1x Waiter Dress (Red) obtained!

10 Days ago4 comments



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CassOfDelphi is currently hunting Snorunt.
Hunt started: 27/09/2017

Chain: 575
(24 Shinies hatched so far.)

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