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Trainer ID: #328102277
Registration: 27/12/2016 (11 Months ago)
Premium member until 29/May/2018
Game Time: 1563:37 Hours
Total interactions: 788,979
Trainer Battle Stats: 7 won, 4 lost.
Money: 298,215
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Buying Christmas gifts!

Paying 5K per gift, if I receive a plushie I don't have or Retro Stantler, I'll send an additional 15-20K your way.

Today, 08:560 comments
*sigh* after bragging earlier about how good my day was, I'm 90% sure I'm sick. With a currently achy throat and ear canals. Feeling slightly feverish too.

Guess I should have knocked on wood..

Today, 06:491 comment
Today has been a magnificent day, despite yesterday's harrowing times.

I was awoken to a friend inviting us to see Star Wars 8,

Came home and made the most delicious dinner.
(Garlic butter braised steak, a sea salt encrusted bacon cheddar topped baked potato, and sweet corn on the cob.) and yes I am bragging about my cooking prowess here :p

Had a friend help me get the credits I needed and then I get told I won a prize. :3

I'm pretty elated right now. ^.^

Today, 01:083 comments

Sorry to clash them all together, but I hope you all enjoy(ed) your special days!

Yesterday, 23:512 comments
Buying Christmas gifts!

Paying 5K per gift, if I receive a plushie I don't have or Retro Stantler, I'll send an additional 15-20K your way.

Also selling 500 GP for 500K Credits on PFQ.

Trying to get the pokeradar there.

Yesterday, 06:010 comments
#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak

Wow. The week is over already. Many are now off on winter holidays. Be safe. Be kind - to yourself and others ♥♥

If you see a Rowan quest, let Princess_Politoad know so we can get it on the Rowan Quest Click List for the week.

Share It

Also, Check out #winterwondertrade with carterd888. They are doing a wonderful WT give away. Check it out!

Yesterday, 06:000 comments
... what happened.. I know I'm not drunk so there's no reason the site should look like this on my end. O.o

2 Days ago3 comments
I take back my wish for Christmas, I wish my friends had healthy, well functioning bodies. I can deal with mine for the most part. I hate them suffering though.

2 Days ago0 comments

... Hm.. hard question. Irl, a functioning healthy body XD

In site.. Let's say.. The new retro pokemon?

2 Days ago0 comments
Wonder Trade Report:
One of your Pokémon couldn't be exchanged in a Wonder Trade (no partner found).
It returned to your storage boxes.

.... sigh

2 Days ago5 comments
Hey all! Friendly reminder, PFQ is charged in pounds, not USD like here. So every transaction there is going to be more of the basic "money" than it would be here.

As Bishop so kindly left up on his page for us to see:

"PSA: Know your conversion rates:

i started PFQ about a month ago, bought some stuff there with money here (two people took advantage of my ignorance and charged 1M PDs for 1M credits)

both: 130Nuggets = 100ZC
PH: 130N=195,000PD
PFQ: 100ZC=500GP=500k credits

therefore: 100k PDs = 256 GP or 256k Credits
(easy to remember 10k PDs=25GP/25k Credits)

so do NOT do 1:1 trades you can get 1:2 or even 1:3 with 2:5 being fair/even for both sides."

3 Days ago0 comments
By jadeperks - 16 Hours and 52 Minutes ago.
mini contest:

Comment here and tell me ONE friend you think deserves a shiny bunny and i will choose one answer and you both will get one

also, please tell people to enter this

5 Days ago0 comments
By Solaire

Hello, all!

I have decided to shiny hunt Zekrom, and in return, I am setting up a HUGE raffle with nearly 8.5 million PD worth of rare Pokémon up for grabs (this includes a Ditto and an Articuno in the mix!).

I have set up a page for this shiny hunt and raffle. You can find all information regarding my hunt on this page here!

Sharing this working post is also worth 2 tickets for the raffle (You can find a working version on the shiny hunt page, at the very bottom of the first feed. Feel free to copy and paste it. That’s what it’s there for.). So get to sharing! ^-^

See y'all around!

5 Days ago0 comments
#XmasForAll by SwampFall

60 little christmas gifts so far, we’ll need a big tree to put all those gifts under it ^^
Wonder if we’ll hit 100, if you share I’ll let you have two gifts :3

Surprise your friend with a free Christmas Gift, get it here :3

Share the christmas spirit! ^^

5 Days ago0 comments
#XmasForAll by SwampFall

Hi guys, it's pretty simple, you fill in a form with 3 things:
1. Who you want to send a gift to
2. What message you want to send
3. Choose from a list what item you like me to send

So it's all free, Christmas is for everyone after all ^^

8 Days ago0 comments
O.o I have never seen a 30K egg hatch so quickly on index XD

8 Days ago1 comment
So right after my surgery, I planned a team out for Ultra Moon.

Unfortunately I never got around to breeding it. I'll post it in comments, let me know your thoughts if you're interested/wanting to. XD

10 Days ago8 comments
Argentis isn't getting what a "present" is, someone halp. XD

10 Days ago3 comments
By Requiem
Feed Crusher a berry and show proof! If you have already interacted be sure to show proof of that as well to be counted.
Training - 1 Ticket
Feeding a berry = 2 Tickets
Guesting = 3 Tickets.
Each Rare Candy Donated = 2 Tickets a piece.
1st - Nebula Stone.
2nd - Mega-Stone.
3rd - 100 Nuggets.
4th - Choice of Shiny Snover - Charizard - Caterpie
5th - Second Choice of Shiny Snover - Charizard - Caterpie
6th - Last Shiny Left of Snover - Charizard - Caterpie
7th - Ice Stone & Shiny Snover.
If I DO NOT win GOLD only prizes 2-7 will be distributed.
|| Share It ||

10 Days ago0 comments
Random luck on PFQ today!

I blame Requiem for getting me back into it. lol

10 Days ago1 comment



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I'm 26 yr old pokemon fanatic with a Vulpix tattoo, I LOVE Ninetales and most ghost/dark/fire types.

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