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Premium member until 10/Jul/2018
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#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest

Wishing everyone a kind and productive week ♥

Let Princess_Politoad know via PP if you see any quests so we can get them on the Rowan Quest Click List for the week.

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Today, 00:572 comments
Link to the Berry Battle page for this year.

Yesterday, 03:016 comments
I was busy voting in the beauty contest and came across one that made me giggle ~
this one is brilliant I can hardly wait to see who made it

Yesterday, 01:5013 comments
Didn't know this was possible! Isn't it lovely!!!

11 Days ago5 comments
Do you think it's weird to have adults playing PH on a regular basis? Not just 18-25 yo let's say, but *older*...

Sometimes when people ask how old I am it kind of freaks them out and they stop chatting with me. Very curious...

21 Days ago30 comments
Today is a huge milestone for _TBV_.
She is 13 today ♥
Happy birthday darlin!! ♥♥

1 Month ago3 comments
Why is it that I am still getting this message when I see Iron and other vitamins in berry booths despite me being at level 69 and my garden at almost level 93?

"You don't have enough experience to buy this item!"

1 Month ago10 comments
Even if you do not have someone by your side, remember there are many who care for you. Some tell you outright. Some show you by doing kind things for you. Some admire you from afar and wish they could tell you but fear holds them back.

Love is more than 1 day of chocolates and dorky cards.
Love is every day in everyday things. Small gestures or large, know you are special.

Be kind to yourself and others. Even the smallest light lessens the darkness.

Share the love ♥♥

3 Months ago6 comments
Well... today was interesting.

I received a call from a local tv station wanting to interview me for a national spot for NBC.

RandomAppleSoda04 and I met up with them this morning. She was able to watch the interview and at the end they even took a few moments of video of the both of us ♥

Should anyone care to see, it will be on their website and on the 530pm PST new channel of KMTR. It is a spot on alternative medicine (acupuncture/meditation/etc) being used now that doctors cannot/will no prescribe narcotics to those of us with chronic pain and other issues.

Though I feel it went okay there are several answers I wish I had answered differently or with more information but hey... nerves?

3 Months ago16 comments
Saw the new Pokemon movie today.

WOW was it good.

I was so amazed at being able to name as many as I did as they appeared in the move (trust me - old brains don't do well with memory things).

The FEELS in this move, too... OH EM GEE!!!!

There were several scenes that got me right in the feels ♥♥

6 Months ago10 comments
Of the Emeras, are there any more other than these that can mega evolve? Did I miss any?

Autumn Abra,
Spring Mareep
Summer Mareep,
Mecha Tyranitar,
Robin Blaze,
Festival Gardevoir,
Winter Numel,
Sala de Menci and
Lord Salamence,
Easter Buneary,

8 Months ago2 comments
To my Anonymous Sky Gifter:

Thank you.

Thank you for the touching words that broke my heart. You shone a beacon on this tiny ship in the tumultuous sea that can be PH. I do not know who you are but my heart misses you already. Be well ♥

9 Months ago0 comments
For some friends who are having a rough time:

Remember you are the Sunshine on someone's cloudy day. Life is too short to spend with people who such the happiness out of you. People inspire you or drain you - choose wisely ♥♥

9 Months ago0 comments
By Argentis -

Repost, because why not?
Does it Break My Chain: the official PH online check-list for whether adopting an egg will (or will not) break your chain!

On the other hand, here's what cannot be chained:
* Eggs from the Game Center
* Honeytree Pokémon
* Berrygarden Legends
* Gifts from Professor Rowan or the Daycare Owner (NOT lab-adopts)
* Vouchers (ie, Retro Starters, Retro Mew, Lugia, Lake Trio Vouchers)
* Event eggs from the Event Distribution page

9 Months ago0 comments
Fantastic surprise of the day. Been trying for a female mega powered Poke and ended up with a lovely male shiny mega! Not one gem used, just the tall grass and daycare.... Still shooting for a female mega though

Congratulations! A shiny Snorunt hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #290)!

Congratulations! A shiny Snorunt hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #291)! - Shiny Mega!!!


Also a HUGE thank you to Argentis

11 Months ago30 comments
Today is my beautiful daughter's birthday.
She is now officially a teenager 0.o
Love ya muches RandomAppleSoda04 ♥♥♥

@->--- @->--- @->--- @->--- @->--- @->---

1 Year ago6 comments
It started snowing about 11pm last night. Woke up to a little over an inch at 630 but by 10 we had over 3 inches. We have all been out playing in it, including the puppy.

My phone updated itself and not allowing me access to the file folder to download them but here are a few shots.


_TBV_'s snowman.
RandomAppleSoda04's snowman
Our puppy Gizmo enjoying his first romp in the snow

Then we came in, had hot cocoa and snow cream

1 Year ago7 comments
I have such wonderful friends ♥

Thank you CorpusDavid24 and TaishoSamara for my wonderful gifts ♥

1 Year ago1 comment
I was not in a good space when I wrote this so it has a lot of feeling behind it:

darkness leaches her soul
tendrils of greasy ink
a rancid oil slick
beckoning me nearer

mesmerised by her charm
frozen by grisly fear
bewitched by concern
lingering a moment too long

liberate her by any means
baptism by fire
fingers outreached
heart shatters at reality

child of darkness
eyes of ice
withered sapling
repudiated love

1 Year ago2 comments


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