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Trainerlevel: 50

Trainerpoints: 3,521/7,549

Game Records

Trainer ID: #201681867
Registration: 14/06/2013 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 2980:58 Hours
Total interactions: 285,247
Trainer Battle Stats: 14 won, 12 lost.
Money: 2,158,136
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


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Yesterday, 22:0861 comments
Post your Pokesona sprite in the comments!

(Disclaimer: By posting the sprite in the comments, you agree that PokeHeroes is allowed to use it non-commercially in an on-site event. This means that you personally have to own the usage rights for the image.)

1 Day ago93 comments
It was so close!
A Mewton M. Meowth would have almost been the 20 Millionth adoption!
Well, better luck next time, guys

3 Days ago25 comments
The hunt for a shiny legendary was real when we reached 10 Million adoptions!

I wonder who's going to adopt the twentymillionth Pokémon?! So excited!

4 Days ago32 comments
We will soon reach twenty million adopted Pokémon!
The 20,000,000th adoption will be a guaranteed shiny ~

4 Days ago24 comments
Join our Easter Egg Spriting Contest!
Everyone can participate - even spriter beginners! The most creative entries will become official Easter Eggs in the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt. Good luck!

9 Days ago7 comments
We're reaching 20M adopted Pokemon very soon!
According to my calculations, we'll be reaching that goal on February 20th

18 Days ago22 comments
Try out Wild Battling in its beta phase now and help us find all possible bugs!

22 Days ago47 comments
Battling on PokéHeroes is not very popular.

I think the main reason for that is not because there are no move sets or because there is no sound, 3D graphics, Pokémon abilities etc.
I think the system as it is is quite fine and sufficient for an adoptables site. Sure, there can always be minor improvements and people who are really into strategic PvP action might be disappointed. But I'd personally say that it's fine for a site like PokéHeroes.

I think the main reason why it's not very popular is because it's not integrated into the general gameplay. There's simply no point in battling. You can collect Battle Points - sure - but what's the point?
Do you unlock anything new? Nope. Can you get Pokémon from it? None. Do NPCs even mention battling? Not at all.

So. Wouldn't it be great to have all that? To have Rowan challenge you for an NPC battle during a quest? To actually battle the legendary wild Pokémon that you encounter during special Rumble missions? To have special events that include player versus player battles?

I think that's how the battle system could and should be improved.

1 Month ago100 comments
Since so many people always seem to wonder:
Event = time-limited
Quest = permanent new feature

1 Month ago28 comments
Ready for hoop-hoopa?

1 Month ago67 comments
The Emera Fountain is now accessible! Go to "Town" where you see our detailed town artwork and then click on the fountain in the middle of it.
Every day, you can throw a coin (100 PokéDollar) into the fountain and try your luck!

1 Month ago21 comments
In a good mood! *Whoopa-whoopa*

1 Month ago32 comments
Are you interested in becoming a Plushie Artist?
Send me a PM titled "Plushie Artist" with your art collection, including at least three DW Plushie artworks drawn by you. The style of the plushie artworks should match the style of our existing DW plushies as good as possible.

1 Month ago23 comments
Can you believe that it's gonna be PokeHeroes' 5th anniversary this year?

1 Month ago57 comments
I just posted the Statistics of 2017.

No sugar coating here - they are really not that great :b
We've all noticed a strong decrease in activity during the first half of last year and it takes some time until we get these numbers back up. We've made great success at the end of last year (Our active member counter has increased by over 30%) - but it's still a long road.

I think a big reason for this is sadly my own inactivity last year. I couldn't work on PH as much as I wanted to - there have been less (new) events and less new features. Caused by university, a part-time job I took and the disease of a close relative.

I'm graduating in the next few months, though, so I'm confident that I will have much more time this year again!
I've set myself the following goal: Release at least one great thing every month. Whether it's a special Event, a new feature or a quest. In January, that will be the Hoopa Quest - and in February, we will see!

1 Month ago27 comments
I'm curious to hear what y'all got for Christmas! Comment )

1 Month ago166 comments
So it's official now: We set a new interaction record on December 23rd, 2017!

Old record: 8,355,860 Interactions (13/01/2016)
New record: 10,518,678 Interactions

Well done everybody - the duck is proud!

1 Month ago35 comments
You can now claim your Alola Pokémon on the SCE page! (As long as you made at least 500 interactions in all of your SCEs yesterday)

The Victini Eggs have been raffled as well. They lucky chosen ones can claim it also on the SCE page

1 Month ago17 comments
To finally clear up the confusion:
Interacting on a computer and on a mobile device at the same time is allowed. As long as you and only you are accessing your own account and don't let someone else interact for you - and only when you don't use any other special software/hardware to simplify the interaction feature.
Clicking the mouse button on your computer and clicking the touchscreen on your phone/tablet is how you are supposed to interact; and as long as you do it that way, you are not breaking any rules.

1 Month ago27 comments


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