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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 10,318/16,949


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Joltik16 / 8

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Collector of
? ?
Lovely Larvesta ? Silly Seel ? Lithe Liepard


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Why cannot I Philip?

Shiny Game Corner
Prices [in PD and Ice Gems] -
Shiny Raikou: 700k-750k; 467-500 Ice Gems
Shiny Suicune: 800k-850k; 533-567 Ice Gems
Shiny Entei: 900k-950k; 600-633 Ice Gems
Shiny Manaphy: 950k-1mill; 633-667 Ice Gems

Non-shinies can also be ordered -
Raikou: 30k-50k; 20-33 Ice Gems
Suicune: 60k-80k; 40-53 Ice Gems
Entei: 90k-120k; 60-80 Ice Gems
Manaphy: 100k-150k; 67-100 Ice Gems

Keep in mind -
1. 1 Ice Gem = 2 Flying Gems
2. Please be patient; I'll get you your pokémon as quickly as real life permits
3. Mixed offers are allowed, as long as they contain a decent amount of Ice Gems [Pure nugget offers don't require Ice Gems]

Current Hunt -
BanMido : Shiny Entei, Shiny Raikou, Shiny Manaphy

[21.691.465/80.000.000 - updated every Sunday]


Game Records

Trainer ID: #357177868
Registration: 01/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 5444:06 Hours
Total interactions: 7,593,942
Money: 881,211
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


This is gonna take some getting used to (':
I keep looking for a link to get to the DreamWorld tasks x'D

Yesterday, 10:040 comments
Picked Pokémon GO back up
Instant disappointment that you need to join a team, to get all Pokémon

Result: Pokémon GO is being used as a glorified step-counter (':

4 Days ago0 comments
I'm a terrible friend ;A;
Someone gifted me a Suicune on Discord and I just thought they were gifting me credits (':

[aka Cat is easily distracted, can't multi-task to save her life and wanted to prove the whole world ('x ]

10 Days ago1 comment
"You currently have 249 SC Tokens."

Can't wait for my first shiny in 3 months owo

15 Days ago4 comments
Made 2700+ interactions
Has 0 Tokens
right after, right? x')

16 Days ago0 comments
Note to self: Newcomers tend to not know about an inside joke that's been floating around the Discord-server for over a year ('x

20 Days ago1 comment
"A new forme-change item can now be found in mystery boxes."
in mystery boxes

. . . D:<

20 Days ago2 comments
And with that, my False God-hunt is over; 280 Eggs hatched, with 7 shinies

#47 and #113 for me ♥
#149 and #161 for Flamaij [who gave 100 Fossils; thank you ♥]
#238 for the worshipper of the False God
#241 and #255 are extras [probably gonna get sold next year

I usually don't make such an overview, but this hunt was such a delight, with 2 shinies I totally didn't expect I figured why not (':

20 Days ago0 comments

Enjoy! :3

20 Days ago1 comment
Got the shinies I wanted, hatching the last few fossils to see if there's a shiny surprise and (if that happens fast enough), I might even start a new Castform hunt ^^

[Pssst, Flamaij, your radioactive bugs are waiting in the GTS :3c ]

21 Days ago0 comments
Pokécito described by someone who knows nothing about pokémon [aka my mom]

"That's a famous song, but weird."

21 Days ago1 comment
Got my Lucas the Spider plushie in the mail today ♥

27 Days ago2 comments
My actual biggest mistake was telling Riako about my absolute unending hate for Maps, and Mystery boxes by extension (’:

1 Month ago5 comments
Yesterday I made a second RP-character, and she's a villain, so now I got one hero and one villain.

. . .Is it bad that I like my villainous character more than I like my heroic character? (':

1 Month ago8 comments
me: joins first RP ever
"I've never actually done this, so I'm sorry if my replies are short. Feel free to correct me if I'm doing something wrong ;w;
also me: types reply of 3000+ characters
". . . Am I doing this right? I can't stop writing (': "

2 Months ago3 comments
me: Oh god, it's past 1.00 already, I should really go to sleep sometime soon
also me: It's DayLight Saving change time, no way are you breaking with tradition

2 Months ago1 comment
I'm a teacher, why would I be scared of little kids?
I'm a teacher, I'm definitely scared of little kids and all the trouble they can get into

2 Months ago3 comments
Looking for a Halloween Avatar of Lady Cat

Please contact me if you'd like to draw her, so we can agree on a price :3

2 Months ago7 comments
*Looks at image-names*
I predict that the mega Autumn Ampharos is gonna show up before the normal Autumn Ampharos
gotta love the alphabet

3 Months ago1 comment
Autumn Mareep


3 Months ago1 comment

My amber subdomain dwelling

Lurker of Forum
Solver of Hangman

Hi =3
I'm CatLady, 28 years and living life in Belgium. I've been Moderator since the 25th of November 2015 helping you all have the best time on PokéHeroes possible.
You might've seen me around the “PokéHeroes - General” part of the forum, but you can contact me about pretty much everything. My PalPad and PM-inbox are always open for your questions and your troubles ^^
Je kan me ook een berichtje in het Nederlands sturen met vragen of problemen ^^
Tu peux m'aussi envoyer un message en français avec tes questions ou tes problèmes ^^

Do take a look around the Help and Bug/Complaints as well. You never know, someone might've posted an answer in advance

avatar is a free generated gif from preloaders.net
credits for the Eggs go to Liirah

Future Shiny Hunts

Shiny Articuno

Ice (57078/250000)

Flying (39210/250000)

[2 Eggs in Storage]

Shiny Aerodactyl => 5/????

Shiny Lileep => 7/100

Shiny Anorith => 13/100

Shiny Cranidos => 7/100

Shiny Shieldon => 9/100

Shiny Tirtouga => 16/100

Shiny Archen => 9/100

Shiny Tyrunt => 8/100

Shiny Amaura => 15/100

Current Center Hunt
Shiny Set for GetsugaTenshou