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Do you have any super-awesome ideas for new features? Or want to improve existing ones? Post it here!
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Do you have suggestions for trading (GTS, Auction House etc.)? Share them here!
Add Delibird transactions in Emera Bank?
From shatteredflower
4 Days ago
240 Topics
2,263 Posts
Do you have suggestions for communication on PokeHeroes (PM-System, Pal Pad etc.)? Share them here!
Selective Hearing
From Kindred~
4 Hours ago
281 Topics
2,775 Posts
Do you have suggestions about battling on PokeHeroes? Share them here!
Switching Off VS. Seeker
From Jamison_Junkenstein
5 Days ago
109 Topics
748 Posts
Emera Town
Do you have suggestions on how we could improve existing features/places on PokeHeroes (Game Center, Lab, Daycare etc.)? Share them here!
Catching Pokemon On Emera Beach Shore
From Jamison_Junkenstein
4 Days ago
507 Topics
3,895 Posts
New Features
Do you have an idea for a completely new feature? Share it here!
PH Bank and Storage:
From Pilufa
5 Days ago
488 Topics
3,689 Posts
Other suggestions
Do you have a suggestion that doesn't fit into the other categories? Share it here!
Mega Bubble Visiblity on 'Select Pokemon' Window
From Xurkitree
3 Hours ago
942 Topics
7,648 Posts
View suggestions that have already been implemented.
Konami code missingno. ???
From meme
2 Months ago
317 Topics
3,531 Posts
View suggestions that have been rejected before.
Idea of a new event
From CatLady
1 Month ago
547 Topics
3,554 Posts
Suggestion Guide
By AutumnStar (30/May/2014 02:06)
1 Post
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By AutumnStar
2 Years ago
Supporting a suggestion
By Riako (07/Sep/2014 21:05)
4 Posts
1,644 Clicks
By Book
2 Years ago
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