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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 6,144/10,149

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Trainer ID: #91985267
Registration: 17/04/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Jul/2018
Game Time: 1583:46 Hours
Total interactions: 365,220
Trainer Battle Stats: 24 won, 14 lost.
Money: 1,150,634
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Thinking I might start spending a lot less time on this site. Just kind of feel like there's nothing left for me here; my Pokedex is as complete as it can be so all that's left is for me to collect events as they appear (so that @Ecco doesn't take the top spot ;D) and hunt Shinies which is arduous and boring.

Kind of feel like the site's been dead lately, too. Not a whole lot of interaction, even on days where there should be.

And maybe some time away will make me be productive and write my book. Or maybe not. Who knows.

1 Month ago1 comment
Pretty perplexed by this whole Genderless option debate, to be honest. Regardless of identity, I thought it more of a privacy measure. Don't know why people have to blow it out of proportion by attacking people that use it as part of their Gender Identity. Simmer down, children. This isn't a site for intolerance and bigotry. -_-

1 Month ago1 comment
Well, no more alcohol for my fiance. His tolerance isn't what it used to be - don't think I've ever seen him this sick.

1 Month ago8 comments
The vending machine gods have blessed me at work. I paid for one chocolate bar and it dropped two. <3

1 Month ago3 comments
If you guys could give your opinions on My Suggestion, I'd really appreciate it ^ ^

2 Months ago3 comments
Got in a car accident tonight. My car is done for, but I'm alright, for the most part. Nerves are shot, but I'll live. Lucky it wasn't worse.

2 Months ago5 comments

3 Months ago8 comments
New poll! Would appreciate your votes! Thanks! ^ ^

3 Months ago0 comments
Well, just bought my fiance the gift of Nintendo Switch to surprise him when he gets home from his conference. Did I do good? xD

3 Months ago0 comments
"SilkySelkie! You should not have seen that! Get out now!"

What shouldn't I have seen, Rowan? o.o

4 Months ago0 comments
Oh my god! My boyfriend proposed at the shrine behind his family home in Japan! I'm engaged!

4 Months ago6 comments
Oh Shiny Nidoking, you're such a pretty shade of blue <3

5 Months ago0 comments
Holy crap. Boyfriend suddenly decided we're going to Japan next month. So surprised, so excited, so gahhhh!!!!!!!

5 Months ago5 comments
I now officially have every fill-able Pokedex entry filled. The only Pokemon I'm missing aren't currently available.

Guess now all I have left to do on site is complete the last set of badges and hunt Shinies. xD

5 Months ago2 comments
After two years... I FINALLY FOUND STAID! GAH!

5 Months ago5 comments
Note to Self: Stop spending so much PD. xD

5 Months ago6 comments
I have a couple polls up. Would you mind answering? Thanks~! <3

6 Months ago0 comments
Not PH related, but I'm super excited! I'll have my student loans paid off by the end of the year! GAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

6 Months ago1 comment
It's official! I am now SilkySelkie! Hope ya'll don't get too confused! lol

7 Months ago1 comment
Woooooo! I'm officially on the Ranklist for Most Pokedex Entries! Feels good xD

7 Months ago4 comments



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