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Hoopa quest not activated [Fixed]

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Solved Hoopa quest not activated [Fixed]
Posted: Fri, 12/01/2018 06:48 (5 Months ago)
In short: I found Hoopa from the Treasure box, went to the lab, Rowan says nothing out of the normal.

Information that could be considered as spoilers are in the spoiler tags:

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The text I got:

"You found the legendary Pokémon Hoopa inside the treasure box!
It fled instantly, I wonder where it went?
Maybe Professor Rowan knows more about this naughty little Pokémon."

I did notice other people saying Rowan didn't tell them anything either. But the reason why I'm so sure this could be a bug is because I've searched almost every page for the rings and found none.
I know Riako will eventually come to know if this, but I just felt the need to make a report.
Posted: Fri, 12/01/2018 06:59 (5 Months ago)
I got this too. Maybe prof. Rowan needs more time.

Edit: I see that you have an active prof. Rowan quest so that's why it doesn't say anything. You should read Riako's post again.

Posted: Fri, 12/01/2018 07:35 (5 Months ago)
Posted: Fri, 12/01/2018 07:42 (5 Months ago)
Thank you, Riako!
Posted: Fri, 12/01/2018 11:22 (5 Months ago)
I got the quest but no hoopa rings are appearing in the Emera Town or any town links not on any site pages at all

Posted: Fri, 12/01/2018 11:27 (5 Months ago)
It takes a while to find any tbh..

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I found my first one at the lab, if you're curious.

Posted: Fri, 12/01/2018 12:08 (5 Months ago)
Yeah found 3 now but no more after that lol

Posted: Mon, 15/01/2018 07:31 (5 Months ago)
I've found all but one of the five and the last one is nowhere to be found. Looked everywhere. Hope that its just a bug and that it gets fixed soon
Posted: Mon, 15/01/2018 07:40 (5 Months ago)
It's not a bug, unfortunately. If you can't find it, you mustn't have looked at the right pages yet.

Also, this thread was about the quest not starting after finding Hoopa and that bug has been fixed. As not finding the rings isn't a bug, such posts don't really belong here. Even if it was a bug, it still wouldn't belong in a thread about a different bug.

So, in short, not finding rings isn't a bug and the only bug related to the Hoopa Quest has been fixed [which is why this thread had already been moved]
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Thank you ^^

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