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Registration: 31/10/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Jan/2018
Game Time: 3340:18 Hours
Total interactions: 5,433,199
Trainer Battle Stats: 10 won, 29 lost.
Money: 178,886
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I've got several Ice heals that I'd like to trade for Awakenings. Please PalPad if you're interested.

Yesterday, 20:402 comments
Just confirmed my first instance of an allergy. I really dislike it. :I

7 Days ago6 comments
Happy birthday AoTora!

So I guess I owe you guys an explanation. Long story short:
Nothing disastrous happened (except the cyclones and heavy rains). Studies: PH = really distracting from studies = precious time without studying.
I just REALLY want to spend time productively and get good grades since this is the last year of school (before college).
I apologise to anyone who got upset over me leaving. Anyway, if you're interesting in keeping in touch with me beyond PH, shoot me a PM/PalPad and I'll let you in on my alternative contact detail if you're a good friend.

11 Days ago4 comments
I don't know how do put this is proper terms. It's been amazing spending my 4 years in this diverse community. Whether introverts or extroverts, you guys deserve a way lot more than you take credit for. Be confident in what you do and your motives. You have my best wishes for your life. Trust your heart before your mind. And oh! Don't hurt yourself under ANY circumstance. Take good care of yourself.
I never thought I'd ever come to say this...
Nice knowing you all. We'll meet again if/when fate permits. Fare thee well.
With love,
- Saknar

14 Days ago15 comments
My cousin came home today, staying until Thursday! <3
And it's raining so heavily that I can hear it through the headphones I'm wearing (my cousin's). Everyone's asleep and I'm preparing for Chemistry exam tomorrow xD.
I just LOVE Petrichor - It's the smell that you experience when it rains. <3 You've learnt a new word today!
Have a great week everyone!

And if the rain continues, tomorrow could turn out to be a holiday!

16 Days ago0 comments
When you see/hear the word "Salad", what comes to your mind?
~Fruit salad
~Vegetable salad
~Something else

Which fruits, vegetables and/or other stuff would you prefer in your preferred salad?

18 Days ago7 comments
Gah! Wie kommen deises Moskitos im Haus?! Hilfe mich!

23 Days ago10 comments
This feed if for self reference. Feel free to ignore.

29 Days ago3 comments
We laugh. We like laughing, don't we?
We laugh for a lot of reasons, but rarely long enough to cause us stomach-aches and bring us to tears. That's actually the best kind of laughter. When I think about it, it's been more than a YEAR since I laughed like that... until today.
Let me share the joy with you all.
Most of us hide our laughter worrying about looking weird or indecent. But after a while, we almost become completely resistant to humour, and totally distant from the kind of happiness that an innocent child has.
Let us not forget the children inside us.
With love, Saknar [N] <3

5 Months ago2 comments
After physics class, I came home this terrible sight.

Those were 2 of my biggest, oldest and most favourite plants: Epipremnum aureum & Aloe Vera.
What did those poor plants do? I'm so close to crying and I've never felt this angry. It's a horrible sight seeing all those open roots and the broken leaves.
But what can I do when I don't know who did it? I know it wasn't a cat or an animal because of the way the two pots were fallen.
People who deliberately do this to plants deserve no family and friends. I can't say anything worse than this on this website.

6 Months ago2 comments
GOSH! Everyone is getting so sensitive and furious easily. People are getting better at easily getting ticked off than smiling. What do they get out of this​? Blood pressure, stress and other ailments. >.>
Even in real life. Grown up at be so immature at times, fighting between themselves for nothing.
Someone take me away from here for a while.

7 Months ago4 comments
I felt like this really needs to be said.
In the past 2 years I've seen people neglecting their compliments, referring to themselves as trash, failure, unable to do anything or even downright useless.
Some are getting depressed/melancholic.

Remember: Nobody is trash. If you currently feel like you cannot do anything, you have time. Put in practice and effort. You're like a flower. Not all flowers bloom at the same time. But when they do, they end up beautiful/accomplishing something big. Feel free to take your time, but try. Don't give up. You're a beautiful soul on this planet where there are millions of other species waiting to be saved by something you do, that might even seem insignificant to you.
Love yourself and be positive. <3
With love,

9 Months ago9 comments
I honestly love slow-paced, melodious songs with musical instruments and lyrics that actually mean something.

But the modern trend is fast-paced rap songs with computer-generated music and half of the lyrics of the songs are either filler words or just plain gibberish.

It's really peaceful to just sit back, listen to melodious songs, and put some thought on the meaningful lyrics. |-D

10 Months ago14 comments
About 2 hours ago, I was REALLY sad. Melancholic. I had in my mind what I'd do in my future if things happen which I don't like. Example I fail my exams, my loved ones leave me forever...
But then I thought a while. It's really been a long time since I'd listened to any kind of music. So I pulled out my earphones, and played 'Huntik' theme song, and then the Pokémon theme songs. Enough to give me positive vibes and make me optimistic.

Remember: If you get bored or sad, just pull out your phone and play your favourite song, feel motivated, before pulling out a frown on your face.

It's okay to feel sad, but don't let it stop you from having a great moment, which once gone, would never return.

Have a great life my dear friends! ♥

10 Months ago2 comments

Have a laugh with it, happened just literally a few minutes ago. It's a group with my classmates. xD

11 Months ago7 comments
On a scale of 1-10, rate the uniqueness of my usernames.

1. saknar
2. Saknar
3. Yelping_Nanolife
4. Faluonra

11 Months ago6 comments
Calling all Mutual Friends

Please comment here the things you wish for. Be it anything: poetry, Pokémon, drawing, literally anything. Doesn't have to be digital. As long as it's in my ability, I'll try my best to do/get it for you. Doesn't have to be just one, comment how many ever. Please don't feel shy. If you don't prefer commenting, PM me. (Because keeping track of PalPad is tough.

1 Year ago6 comments
One thing I really hate about myself is my memory.
I've forgotten a lot of important memories which now I wish I haven't. I'm not talking about the times when I study Chemistry and forget those the very next day (for the record, it does happen), but I'm talking about people and incidents that I've literally forgotten. It's not an easy feeling when someone tries to remind you of something from the past which you don't even know happened. Even worse when you meet a person who you don't recognise, but apparently used to interact a lot with them in the past.

Oh how I would long for a photographic memory... But that's TOO much I guess.

1 Year ago3 comments



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