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PokeHeroes Powers & Poke Beans

Forum-Index Suggestions New Features PokeHeroes Powers & Poke Beans
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Posted: Sun, 10/12/2017 22:24 (1 Year ago)
Hello all,

So I have been thinking for a while about several new ideas that could be implemented into PokeHeroes but I didn't want to list them all. So I then wanted to think about a solution where those ideas could be implemented in a way under just one feature. So I present to you my idea:

PokeHeroes Powers & Poke Beans

What do you mean PokeHeroes Powers & Poke Beans?

What I mean when I say PokeHeroes Powers & Poke Beans is there could be a new feature where you can get Poke Beans and trade them for *new* PokeHeroes Powers. Poke Beans can be used to "activate" these powers for a short period of time and if a power gets activated enough maybe it could become so powerful that it activates for the entire site for a short period of time as well.

What are these PokeHeroes Powers?

Well since I couldn't think of a better name at the moment that is the stand in name. These are new powers added to the PokeHeroes site inspired by the idea of Roto Powers that were included in the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. As you know those powers help enhance a players experience by helping out with hatching, encounters, rewards and a few other features. This idea is inspired because PokeHeroes Powers would work the same way except with features and options that are found right here on PokeHeroes.

Some example of theses powers could be: (Note these are filler names)

- Mystery Box & Key Detection: When sending a Pokemon on a rumble mission they are more likely to find a Mystery Box and Key than they normally would.

- Legendary Collector: Attracts legendary items so that they may appear more frequently out of Mystery boxes.

- Warm Hatching: Helps hatch Poke eggs a little faster.

- Tall Grass Scent: A fresh scent that may help detect Pokemon hidden in the tall grass. (The Pokemon won't come out but there will be a hint given of where the Pokemon may be hiding).

- Cauldron Magic : Gives some more time for making items through the Cauldron.

- Gem Excavation: Higher chance of finding gems during rumble missions.

- Lure Attraction: Higher chance of getting rare items/Pokemon from fishing.

- Quick Expedition: Cuts down the amount of time your Pokemon are gone on a special or regular rumble mission.

Those are only a few out of the handfuls that could be created as PokeHeroes Powers. Some other examples could be lab chances, berry growth, berry amount, price reduction, weather influence, ect.

Why use Poke Beans to "activate" these powers?

The reason why I choose Poke Beans is because of a purpose that they have in the Poke Pelago. In the Poke Pelago Poke Beans can be used to help certain sections for a short period of time. So either cut down the times of training or draw Pokemon to the island but only for a certain amount of time. I would like to apply that to "activating" these powers. Some of these powers could give a good advantage to a player but some of these effects shouldn't be long lasting or it could make obtaining certain items way too easy. The point of the Poke Beans is that you are limited on how much a power can be "activate" whether its a day or a week, and the power can only be activated for a certain period of time. For example Poke Beans could be used to activate the Mystery Box & Key Detection for say 2 hours. Then any Pokemon that goes on a rumble mission or is already on a rumble mission have a chance to bring back more mystery boxes or keys. Then the power itself can only be activated say twice a day.

Why do the powers have limits?

Like I said above some of these powers would help members obtain certain items from the rumble mission that don't exactly get a lot of all the time. Or they could raise the chances of some other feature on PokeHeroes. If these powers are activated for a long period of time it could defeat the purpose of having these items at their rarities. Having these limits ensures that the powers aren't activated all the time and that these items or chances aren't changed a lot because of it. The purpose of these powers are to help members out not make it easier just to get a certain item or raise chances constantly. If these powers didn't have limits then it could be so much easier to get rare items and the raise chances for say shinies or mega-ables would affect their overall rarity and that wouldn't be good.

So how would we obtain these Poke Beans?

You would be able to find Poke Beans like most items through rumbles, growing them like berries, or occasionally through interacting (not as much as berries though). So first like berries they could be grown but could take a little bit of time for them to grow enough to be picked. Second, for interaction you wouldn't get them nearly as much as interacting but there is still a chance to get them using that method. Lastly, like other items on PokeHeroes your Pokemon on a rumble mission could come back with a few.

Are there going to be different types of Poke Beans?

Yes there could be many types of Poke Beans we could either separate them by color or we could change it up and just like with the gems give them type names (ex. Fire Poke Bean) instead of (ex. Red Poke Bean). Just like with gems and other items depending on the type of bean determines what rarity that bean is. Yes you saw that right the beans will also have rarities as well. So Green/grass Poke Beans could be more commonly found than say purple/dragon Poke Beans.

Do these bean rarities have any connection to "activating" these powers?

Of course. The better and longer the power that you want the more poke beans or the rarer the Poke Beans would need to be. So for example if you wanted to activate the Legendary power for the items it could take like 50 blue Poke Beans (common), 30 brown beans (uncommon) and 40 purple beans (rare) to activate. Once again this is so that powers that give good chances and advantages still need to be work towards instead of being easy to activate. It helps keep item and Pokemon rarities the around the same without off balancing it a lot.

Would we need to unlock powers like how we unlocked items in the berry garden?

I'm not sure how well a leveling system would work with activating the powers but something could be done similar to the Gem Cauldron where when you use so many powers a new power will be open for you to use. So using the powers enough times would unlock the next power for you to use and so on and so forth.

Could there be benefits for those with premium membership?

Possibly. There are many different ways to add in benefits for members under the premium membership like cutting down the costs of how many Poke Beans it will take to activate a power. Or maybe even having it where only certain powers will be available to those under that membership. Once again it really depends on what will work if the idea gets implement but those are only a few ideas that I'm coming up with at the moment.


So that is a basic summary of the idea that I had. From what I thought up when I mapped it out there could always be room for improvements but I think it would be an interesting feature to add to PokeHeroes. Thank you.

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Posted: Sun, 10/12/2017 22:37 (1 Year ago)
Support! This sounds lie a really cool idea and could help users who happen to not have the best luck in some areas.
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And all those who are making suggestions that will make PH safer, I agree with you and thank you.
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Posted: Mon, 11/12/2017 02:33 (1 Year ago)
Yes, this would be a awesome idea for non-premium users that interact, are active a lot. I would see this feature as a gift to those members, since most people will just possibly leave after sending their pokemon to rumble. The thing that rung to me the most were more exp for eggs for a short amount o f time, it would make those few interactors worth it. Since most people don't click, "return clicks." Since they rather just click new people.

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Posted: Mon, 11/12/2017 13:37 (1 Year ago)
Ooohh, this has my full support, I don't really have much to add onto this suggestion as you've explained it quite well, so yeah!
I really like the idea of having it eventually become "powerful" enough to activate site-wide for everyone to use
I'd love it for something like that to come on site, especially if it means having it site-wide, so people who can't get beans all that often can still benefit from the "site wide activation" if that were in place, too!

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Posted: Mon, 11/12/2017 13:54 (1 Year ago)
"- Cauldron Magic : Gives some more time for making items through the Cauldron. "

yes please
well, full support, this sounds really cool! Though it might need a lot of time and coding to be added in and also might be a entirely new area of its own, but it might not be nothing impossible.
also, maybe you should add Girafarig's idea of a power becoming site-wide sometime
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Posted: Mon, 12/02/2018 22:06 (11 Months ago)
I Have Supported This From The Moment I Read It, And It Really Needs Some Attention Put Onto It!
I Think This Suggestion Is Awesome,Makes Sense, And Would Useful Without Being 'Over Powered' In A Way. I Really Hope It Gets Added In Some Shape Or Form!
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Posted: Mon, 12/02/2018 22:15 (11 Months ago)
I agree, the fishing power I would definitely use.
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Posted: Sun, 04/03/2018 03:02 (10 Months ago)
I support this I really like this idea, but giving the beans types are just like making them kinda like gems(in my opinion) instead how about we make them rare based on the games with there just being plain, patterned, and rainbow beans(i.e common=plain, patteren=uncommon, and rainbow=rare).
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Posted: Wed, 16/05/2018 21:01 (8 Months ago)
Bumping this!

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Posted: Mon, 09/07/2018 19:13 (6 Months ago)
Since there hasn't been posted in a month I would like to bump it back up.

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Posted: Tue, 10/07/2018 15:05 (6 Months ago)
Total support!It will be very convinient and make rumbling and stuff easier.
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