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Registration: 16/09/2017 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 508:19 Hours
Total interactions: 412,295
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Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Since i've got some time to kill I'm going to make plushie avatars for free! So if you would like an avatar or a new avatar you can get one from me. The avatars can be fake plushies (plushies that haven't been released on PH yet, as if it was released I would highly suggest using PH's plushies for your avis) or plushies representing pokesonas. If you would like, I could even make the plush avi as big as it can be to fit the avatar limit!
(my signature has some examples)

Yesterday, 00:2918 comments
You know, i'm not waiting for someone to trade my lunala for a solgaleo anymore. *throws it into wonder trade. Good luck!

2 Days ago2 comments
Surprised I got my Tom Nook egg on like my 3rd egg and I didn't even use egg radar. Wondering what I should get for Emera dex next yet. Well, anybody saw a really good deal lately...

12 Days ago0 comments
Don't make it go back to cable TV - it needs to see the new season of its favorite political thriller "Pond of Feathers".

Okay, I'm deeply confused. Riako can't wait a week for his favorite show Pond Of Feathers and thats why he needs dvds? You know what, I hope after the party he finally tells us what this show is about . In 2018, the admin Riako banished the wreafki to the land below. He stripped them away from their owners who had less than 18 eggs and cooked them for dinner. Honestly, how do you make a political thriller.

16 Days ago1 comment
Solve this:

Answer this riddle to get one of the three limited plushies. Available for users 1,2,3. If you have all of them you're done. So too answer this you gotta run. All you gotta do is press comment and send. Trust me, it's not the end.

Oh my, this is hardest riddle ever ;p. I'm still trying too decode this...

19 Days ago31 comments
Wait, so the egg still can't hatched. We got eggs that teleported and click them to death then we saw a black egg in the Easter egg hunt, next it turned into a bad egg, and now Riako is tormenting us for a hour and it's still a bad egg. Are April fool's this annoying XD.

19 Days ago4 comments
Wait, I know why the egg doesn't hatch. I heard last year people were releasing their Santa birds that turn into Santa birbs right? Maybe, this is a way so Riako doesn't have to deal with this anymore ;o. It's a good idea and good joke, it makes sense now.

20 Days ago1 comment
Oh my, this makes so much sense. Guys, you can collect the eggs after like 50 clicks. Riako wants you guys to give up and be like, "you guys are just trying to fool us." Look at Xurk's egg, its real XD.

20 Days ago2 comments
Ha, Riako accidentally picked the wrong deerling on the facebook page. It's a green summer deerling, but it's supposed to be a spring pink deerling ;p. I guess that
means Riako is keeping all the plushies for himself.

20 Days ago6 comments
Oh my, I just saw some user that had this so Riako had a love tester the whole time and he never told anyone XD.

23 Days ago5 comments
Usually, I would love not having new event pokemon as I need to catch up, but now it's kinda getting annoying. The good news is there should be an april's fools and easter pokemon in April.

29 Days ago2 comments
This is why I hate statistics:
What if when I put a male gender on PH I get 50 daycare eggs but when I put a female gender on PH I get 0 daycare eggs? Is PH sexist or something? No, its just chance, but hence people will complain on something that never existed. It may exist, but I just hate it when people use statistics as a shield. Most of the time it's people's choices and chance, otherwise its serious problem and you wouldn't need to use a statistic for it as people will already know it's unfair or biased. Amount statistics are fine I guess, but I hate it when people compare things to make something look less as a problem.

1 Month ago2 comments
Oh, I have an idea. Who wants to make A PH news report every week. If so, you'll get 1000PD every week for your job XD. It would have

News report (A hoopa was sold for 500k in the auction house, the auctioner gladly gives back the money to the owner,etc):
News report,
News report,
Ph Meme,
Best user of the week.

If so I would be hiring 4 users to help me, a meme maker, 2 news reporter, and a person that finds great users on PH.

1 Month ago4 comments
Boss battling is way more fun now. Battling bosses used to be chance really, but now you can actually use strategy. Such as my volcanion lost against heatran somehow even though heatran has no chance, but since the update I kept on using water moves on heatran and heatran could barely do anything due to its type weaknesses (literally fire and steel are both 1/4 effective, I creamed heatran) Making level 100 for battling at max was also a smart idea seeing how I would have to make them level more than 100 as level 100 used to be nothing when battling. Do you like the new update? Do you think it's more fair?

2 Months ago3 comments
Wait a minute, is the Emera Fountain a way that Riako taxes us of our PD

2 Months ago3 comments
Ooh, is everyone sending anonymous cards? This'll be fun, I got Riako down so now I could send one to anybody. hehehe.

2 Months ago0 comments
I never see why people block other people here, it just seems so pointless to me . I hardly believe people are spamming others on purpose really. The only people that I block are people that block me back, anyway what kinds of people do you block and why?

2 Months ago4 comments
Couldn't you report Riako for making multi accounts such as Prof.Rowan and the Daycare man?

2 Months ago4 comments
Why does everyone say PH is toxic? It's not even close to toxic. Just because your opinions don't match others, doesn't mean PH is toxic. It's really annoying me, and if you would like to really help Riako feel like he accomplished something. Stop saying, "Riako probably feels terrible knowing that the community in the game he made is toxic." Because Riako reads comments.

3 Months ago45 comments
No parents, kids aren't being peer pressured to bully. they're being peer pressured to be democrats.

3 Months ago1 comment



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