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Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 3,450/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Dugtrio (Alolan)30834 / 2,791

Useless information :D

I'm a thirteen year old male human part of the billion of humans on earth, and that is as descriptive as I could get. (In fact someone even made a list and they guessed the first try it was, White,Male,Christian,Straight, and I don't even find that rude. ) Ps:
I will not change my berry both items, they're specifically going to be for newbie gardeners. (Bluk,Cheri,Pomeg,Honey,Moomoo milk,Wacan) Wacan is optional and may not always be for sale. Look < for berry market information. I comment on feeds randomly, so just ignore me XD. though just to tell you, when I am online expect me to visit feeds a lot.
My site dream is to get enough PD to trade for nuggets to get a whole year of premium so I'll be able to complete my eggdex when the time comes.

Well anyway, if you need someone on your friendlist to click your eggs whenever you get them. I'll be there to help you!

I'm an ENFJ+A (well, actually, I don't even know if this is true) and a Romanian, and a Scorpio if you care about zodiac birthdays.

Pro Tip:
If you want to know if you're able to find a pokemon in your current set in safari zone do Ctrl+Shift+I to go into developer tools < Sources < img/safari/pkmnframes < click 0 or 1 < enjoy your list!

GTS Trade

For another orb

For another waiter dress

Will always be looking for a retro mew egg voucher, if you have one on sale I'll give you 1 million PD.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #208756162
Registration: 16/09/2017 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 576:10 Hours
Total interactions: 467,779
Money: 1,094,881
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


I feel so oblivious not knowing this If anyone was wondering where the pokemon plushies came from they were originally Pokemon doll decorations in Black And White's dream world. There are 130 of them in game. PH expanded on these, and obviously I would say a lot of these ones look wayyyy better (check the lugia and ho-oh one in Black and White xD) Some of these didn't make it here yet, but I would love if Riako added the Dialga and Palkia plushes here, they look like they don't need a redo. This also explains why some of the plushes have that weird outline and the darkrai plush looked so weird until this site remade it.

4 Days ago3 comments
My flygon has been missing for a day, if you find it in space, please bring it back. It needs to be disciplined and punished for trying to leave a fake pixelated version of itself in my party .

10 Days ago5 comments
If my theory is correct.

Since this one is
the next one will be

17 Days ago2 comments
Looked at the pokemon duplicates I had and just found out I had 2 tangrowths. Found one and it was holding a prism scale and I don't have tangela anymore, it's all coming together now...

19 Days ago0 comments
I'm looking for another event/emera poke to breed, if anyone has an extra event I'll gladly pay 20,000PD or some other useless item that never sells :p

27 Days ago2 comments
Honestly, sproutlett seems a little late. It would make sense for it to be released in May or any earlier month where flowers usually start growing not before summer. I really like the design though but like others said flowers is a kinda repetitive theme, spring mareep, flower boy, flower girl, blossomly, sakura flabebe, shaysola, wreafki. Hoping sproutlett's flowers don't get destroyed underground though xd. Other pre summer event pokes sandweeble, princess smoochum, swampras, cubone hylian. You see what I mean? It just seems odd for a pre summer poke, that's all. when you think of it as alolan diglett it makes way more sense though, aha

30 Days ago2 comments
Actually, you know what, they're both going to wonder trade too. Closing the gts trade for twin alolan raichus.

1 Month ago0 comments
Got another Alolan Raichu, does anyone have any spare marowaks or exegguttors to trade for them?

1 Month ago0 comments
You know, those people that keep hogging the leaderboard in the apricorn battles are kinda annoying me. If you just need event points I get it, but I just really hate it how some people have like 15 retro marills and putting them in the auction for like 500k pd. I just don't get those people that buy them and don't have their eggdex, but that's just because I'm a completionist -___-

1 Month ago6 comments
Also who played pokemon quest the free switch game . Where are you and do you have any tips? My current team are a level 20 pidgeotto (gust), ivysaur (petal dance, tackle), and growlithe (flame wheel, roar).

1 Month ago0 comments
People I've got a quick question. its programming related,lol So I'm doing something like ctx.fillText("example \n example",50,50); but its not separating them weirdly, shouldn't they be in separate lines like
not example example?
If I'm using it wrong what's the proper way to do it?

1 Month ago0 comments
I'm rather curious, how do people get 39 cookies in one day? Does it only collect it when you press emera square or something? I never seriously figured out how people got to seventy cookies with 14 hours if so.

1 Month ago4 comments
Oh wait, 4 hidden pokemon in the pokedex. Guys, you know what that means .

1 Month ago7 comments
Shivers when people think studying is memorizing

1 Month ago2 comments
Since i've got some time to kill I'm going to make plushie avatars for free! So if you would like an avatar or a new avatar you can get one from me. The avatars can be fake plushies (plushies that haven't been released on PH yet, as if it was released I would highly suggest using PH's plushies for your avis) or plushies representing pokesonas. If you would like, I could even make the plush avi as big as it can be to fit the avatar limit!
(my signature has some examples)

2 Months ago23 comments
You know, i'm not waiting for someone to trade my lunala for a solgaleo anymore. *throws it into wonder trade. Good luck!

2 Months ago2 comments
Surprised I got my Tom Nook egg on like my 3rd egg and I didn't even use egg radar. Wondering what I should get for Emera dex next yet. Well, anybody saw a really good deal lately...

3 Months ago0 comments
Don't make it go back to cable TV - it needs to see the new season of its favorite political thriller "Pond of Feathers".

Okay, I'm deeply confused. Riako can't wait a week for his favorite show Pond Of Feathers and thats why he needs dvds? You know what, I hope after the party he finally tells us what this show is about . In 2018, the admin Riako banished the wreafki to the land below. He stripped them away from their owners who had less than 18 eggs and cooked them for dinner. Honestly, how do you make a political thriller.

3 Months ago1 comment
Solve this:

Answer this riddle to get one of the three limited plushies. Available for users 1,2,3. If you have all of them you're done. So too answer this you gotta run. All you gotta do is press comment and send. Trust me, it's not the end.

Oh my, this is hardest riddle ever ;p. I'm still trying too decode this...

3 Months ago31 comments



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