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Where did that Creepy Doll item go?

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Solved Where did that Creepy Doll item go?
Posted: Sun, 29/10/2017 11:47 (25 Days ago)
Well, I suppose it's a bit late now just to wonder about this.. but, I don't think I'm seeing that "Creepy Doll" in my Item Bag or anywhere for the matter of fact.

It's one of the "Halloween Items" that you could get by trading in the sweets that you'll get for the current event.

Or, maybe, that's why it's described as "creepy".. *shivers at that awful thought*
Posted: Mon, 06/11/2017 02:51 (17 Days ago)
I got the Rumbling Bag, Trick-or-Treat bag, and Double Candy Bag last year. Had to reget them this year. My guess is you have to get them each year, which is why they vanish from your Inventory.
Posted: Mon, 06/11/2017 02:59 (17 Days ago)
Yes, I know the get-it-again part..

I only saw the "Explorer Halloween Upgrade", "Scary Glasses" and "Large Candy Bag" at my "Key Items" section.. but, didn't see where that "Creepy Doll" item was located from the whole entire event.

That was the part I was "wondering" about..
Posted: Tue, 14/11/2017 02:13 (9 Days ago)
My guess is that the creepy doll is a consumable item that you use so that you could trick or treat more people. I'm having the same problem, but it's probably not a problem in the first place.
It seems like you've gobbled up my post!

This may seem a little farfetch'd, but can you try gobbling other peoples' posts too? Trust me you'll be satisfied.

Posted: Tue, 14/11/2017 16:27 (9 Days ago)

It doesn't really matter that it didn't show up, though - the item still worked perfectly fine.
But yeah, like the other's have said, it will most likely disappear again next year with all the other Halloween items.
Posted: Tue, 14/11/2017 16:29 (9 Days ago)
Oh. I see..

It's still good to know though.

Thank you for the fix and info~!