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Trainerlevel: 111

Trainerpoints: 16,015/37,073


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
8,614220,541,042 / 266,896,263

Shiny Hunt

Kimie is currently hunting Electrike.
Hunt started: 15/11/2018

Chain: 1
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

Next Shiny Hunts

If you would like to offer on my hunts, see which Shinies I have ufs or want to offer on ONIKITSUNE's hunts, have a look at:
The Midnight Shiny Garden Shop

1. Rotom

closed at the moment

2. Seedot

0/6 slots filled

3. Caterpie

0/x slots filled

4. Catercream

1/2? slots filled


x/x slots filled

ONIKITSUNE => 2.8m/4m paid

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3k [2/3]



Gem Cauldron

- 7x
- 2x + 12x
- 4x
- 0x

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #530194421
Registration: 05/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 17/Jan/2020
Game Time: 5174:24 Hours
Total interactions: 13,868,057
Money: 4,751,302
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


And decided, I will restart it because everyone told me so more or less, I will just collect DC eggs again till my storage is filled before I restart it, so not that bad because it's not an event hunt XD

Thanks everyone

5 Days ago1 comment
You found 8x Dragon Gems in this treasure box!

Nice, especially since those Gems don't like me at the tunnel at the moment XD

6 Days ago2 comments
Buying Nebula Stones 80 nuggets each... have a look at the GTS if you are interested in selling yours

6 Days ago0 comments
Okay... I had 6 offers on a trade and was only able to see 2 of them... is that normal? I was able to see the next one after I rejected one, so still only 2 were shown... strange...

8 Days ago5 comments
11 Marshadow eggs and 6 Marshadium Z later and I am done with this event XD
Now I can go to bed and wait for new Rotom eggs

9 Days ago3 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Rotom hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #9)!

lol early shiny... hope I will get the last 5 also this fast XD

10 Days ago7 comments
Naughty Shiny Lillipup from Lab... seems today is a good day to get random things from the Lab XD

11 Days ago7 comments
OMG Ditto from lab yay XD

11 Days ago11 comments
Man Halloween was amazing I was wearing my Charmander onesie all day and went trick or treating on base in it

I got a lot of candy but like why isn't Charizard a dragon type? I think it's stupid that it's not but oh well I can't do anything about it

I like dragon types, like Pidgeot should've definitely been a dragon type

Anyways I made this feed for a reason right? I like can't remember....ooooh wait now I do

I'm giving away 728 dragon gems to one random person that comments and shares please hatch my party guys?

Just make sure your comments are nice and I'll add in 2 secret prizes for those who are selected as the 2nd and 3rd place, I'll announce those prizes at reset

Ends in 2 days(November 3,2018 C.E.), have fun everyone <3

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13 Days ago0 comments
By Shandrazel
Hello everyone,
it is almost Halloween and as spooky as it sounds I have two Shiny Cuddlithe to spare, basically leftovers of a past hunt, scary I know.
Anyway I have no use for these, so why not make a funny raffle which Ends on 1st of November.
All you have to do is share the #SpookyCuddlitheGiveaway
Here is the catch tho, we need atleast 50 participants to make it work.
Good Luck and happy Holidays

17 Days ago2 comments
Yay Shiny Stunfisk from the Lab XD
A shiny I didn't already have and wasn't so keen to hunt

19 Days ago5 comments
Shiny Bruxish caught!

Nice, it's been a long time since I got a shiny at the beach XD

19 Days ago2 comments
Current Listing of hunts at The Midnight Shiny Garden Shop

Hunts by Kimie

Next Hunt: Comfey => 5 slots open

---- Planned Hunts: ----

Rotom => closed atm

I also have some other Shiny's ready to sell on my hunt section!


Current Hunt: [Pineco / Forretress] => 3 slots open

---- Planned Hunts: ----

[Natu / Xatu] => 3 slots open

[Gloweon /Paused] => closed for now

22 Days ago1 comment

132 Shinies so far and 24 hunts in total:
Legendaries: 2
Legendary Events: 1
Event: 12
Starters: 18 (Alolan)
Easy: 6
Medium: 35
Hard: 20
Rare: 22
Special: 16

10 Months ago4 comments

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Goals 2018

... 80 egg storages
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... 10,000,000 total interactions
... Lv 7,000 for LadyRose

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... 15,000,000 total interactions
... 3,750 / 7,500 Dragon Gems

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