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Create a fan club for any activity/Anime/Game you like, or join a club of someone else's!
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Fan Clubs
Pokémon Fan Clubs
Are you a great fan of a specific Pokémon type or a character from the Anime/game series? Then start a fan club!
Pikachu Fan club [Opened :D]
From Sparky
1 Hour ago
81 Topics
4,088 Posts
Country Clans
Is your native language not English? Then start/join a clan for people to small-talk in other languages.
From ChiipS
10 Days ago
38 Topics
17,711 Posts
Inactive Clubs
Fan Clubs that have been inactive for more than one month are moved here. Please contact one of our moderators if you want your club to be moved back to the active ones.
Plushie Hoarders
From JosieThePanda
1 Month ago
742 Topics
93,441 Posts
Making Clubs (The How-To Guide)
By Queen_Pumpkaboo (02/Apr/2014 17:49)
19 Posts
1,920 Clicks
By Arknsteel
27 Days ago
kugan role play and story universe fan club
By kugan4 (03/Nov/2018 04:49)
24 Posts
284 Clicks
By kugan4
4 Days ago
The Flightrising Club
By sh1ka (27/Jun/2017 00:45)
2,316 Posts
29,538 Clicks
By Furret
9 Days ago
The Creative Corner (Art Club)! [Open!]
By Furret (28/Apr/2017 02:45)
2,124 Posts
37,816 Clicks
By jay_the_edgelord
10 Days ago
The gem colony [steven universe, accepting]
By WUT_Beat3 (24/Aug/2018 21:40)
3 Posts
38 Clicks
By WUT_Beat3
17 Days ago
Doki Doki Literature Club! Club [Always accepting!]
By princeralsei (11/Jan/2018 02:47)
314 Posts
3,812 Clicks
By Bluestarfox67
18 Days ago
[MLP fanclub]
By GenJiin (02/Aug/2018 19:56)
7 Posts
45 Clicks
By Lunara_Archeron
18 Days ago
School of magic fan club [open <3]
By WUT_Beat3 (27/Aug/2018 04:30)
194 Posts
1,288 Clicks
By WUT_Beat3
23 Days ago
Food Fantasy Fanclub (Always Accepting!)
By Buchanan (02/Aug/2018 02:49)
68 Posts
602 Clicks
By Jessxmarshall
1 Month ago
Pokemon GO Fan Club!
By HollyNinetales (16/Jul/2017 22:53)
101 Posts
1,055 Clicks
By FelinaLaila
1 Month ago
SMG4 Fan Club
By cinnamondogeo (14/Oct/2018 18:30)
1 Post
8 Clicks
By cinnamondogeo
1 Month ago
By Manson4 (26/Sep/2018 16:54)
4 Posts
25 Clicks
By Manson4
1 Month ago
By K-PopMultiFandom (27/Jan/2016 02:15)
1,735 Posts
13,760 Clicks
By K-PopMultiFandom
1 Month ago
Roleplaying fan-club!!!
By WhiteRotom (30/Jul/2018 20:51)
2 Posts
12 Clicks
By emmybee
1 Month ago
Kingdom Hearts Fanclub
By AngellTale~Sans (14/Aug/2018 22:25)
2 Posts
16 Clicks
By Manson4
1 Month ago
[ MARVEL FANCLUB ] : Always Accepting~
By Buchanan (18/Nov/2017 22:56)
91 Posts
683 Clicks
By GalaxyNeko
2 Months ago
☆ OC Discussion Board and Fan Club ☆
By Nezumi (11/Jun/2018 16:35)
9 Posts
119 Clicks
By FearlessDragonite
2 Months ago
Club of all AUs! (Undertale AU fanclub)
By The_AU_Umbreon (03/Aug/2018 23:27)
20 Posts
136 Clicks
By The_AU_Umbreon
2 Months ago
✰Yuri!!! On Ice Fan Club✰ [ACCEPTING]
By -Naoto- (16/Nov/2016 22:08)
477 Posts
4,065 Clicks
By RoseliaXOX
2 Months ago
SAO ( Sword Art online ) [Accepting] (◦ω◦)人(◦ω◦)
By Gaming_Wi (02/Sep/2018 14:07)
1 Post
37 Clicks
By Gaming_Wi
2 Months ago
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