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Nishinoya's Gifts

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NaemaTaskynen So süß wie du ^^10 Days ago
Professor Rowan Hihihihihi.11 Days ago
Liirah °v°11 Days ago
Therru Also. Have this baby too. Just cause. ..While I rack up more dream points. >:313 Days ago
Therru How we want you to be, Cheer up! Math sucks and people do too, but you're purrty dang rad, okay? Okay. ; w; <3!13 Days ago
Therru Dis is how you are meow..13 Days ago
~Soren~ I might not be able to help, but I hope you feel better soon. <313 Days ago
Darkenshinigami I'm not sure who will receive this, but I hope you have a nice day. Have a nice little bat to hopefully brighten up your day a bit.14 Days ago
Bete_Noire_666 18 Days ago
Liirah :3c29 Days ago
Liirah °v°29 Days ago
BLEACHIchigo1 Random1 Month ago
ErrorTheDragon Nyeh heh heh heh..? I'm bored ok XD1 Month ago
CoruShinoneko meow1 Month ago
-kookie- uwu1 Month ago
Alone Have a nice day!~ ;)1 Month ago
Professor Rowan Hihihihihi.1 Month ago
Starflight *HUGS* This cute lil Skitty Kitty will curl right up next to you and help you feel better <31 Month ago
~Soren~ I know you're on break now, but I just wanted to send this little cutie and say I hope you are able to clear your mind and feel better soon ~ <32 Months ago
charmander02 I hope your day gets better, just remember to try to stay as positive as possible and prove that teacher wrong. U should keep aiming for that goal no matter what people say. I hope tomorrow is better as well ^^2 Months ago
ErrorTheDragon *This little glitch in the multiverse seems to like you and has given you this gift.2 Months ago
KawaiiJirachi I'm poor and I know it B)2 Months ago
Alone A goodnight plushie~ :32 Months ago
~Soren~ Here's a Plushie, too. ^^2 Months ago
TammyTheRanger 2 Months ago
Ash**Ketchum thank you soooooooooo much!!3 Months ago
Cupcakes_ 3 Months ago
Ashlie 3 Months ago
Jack_Sparrow :33 Months ago
KiwiBeagle :33 Months ago
EnderBlazeMC 3 Months ago
OneShinyRobin 3 Months ago
Azelas 3 Months ago
Mallow Tweet c:3 Months ago
TheMasterOfSorrow 3 Months ago
Ashlie 3 Months ago
OneShinyRobin 3 Months ago
-tomato- The Wise Noctowl grants you good luck with breeding ^^3 Months ago
Hime-Nyan ..wenn nicht sogar zwei! ;P3 Months ago
Hime-Nyan Aww, vielen Dank! :3 Da lass ich doch gern ein Plüschi zurück! <33 Months ago
Vampirtulpe <33 Months ago
Cupcakes_ ^^ To a random user Happy Valentine's Day3 Months ago
Yato 3 Months ago
Azelas 3 Months ago
Dr_Falchion Thanks for your contest participation! This isn't a prize or anything - I need to send these out for the event and thought it would be a nice extra gift to contest participants so far. Would've sent one of the event plushies, but I see you've already gotten one.3 Months ago
-kookie- Charmander is red, Squirtle is blue, Trubbish is trash, Just like you. Have a Happy Valentine's Day! 3 Months ago
Beanatopia 3 Months ago
LunatheEevee :)3 Months ago
Nishinoya Special reward for spending 5,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop.3 Months ago
CassOfDelphi 3 Months ago
Cupcakes_ ^^3 Months ago
ShadowedFury Happy birthday!!3 Months ago
kinky Happy Birthday you awesome person <33 Months ago
Zombie 3 Months ago
Bulbasaurgirl 4 Months ago
Crystalcat Frondship gift : D4 Months ago
Mallow *runs out of DP* I'LL BE BACK WITH MORE4 Months ago
Mallow T-T You deserve more plushies4 Months ago
Mallow 4 Months ago
Mallow 4 Months ago