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sin(ny) | 20yo | friendo

Pokemon Go: 2498 3832 5733
Switch: 2228-8684-7401

- birthed on Jan 1st
- poké fan since 2000
- occasionally sends random plushies
- nice, most of the time (but hey, i'm human too)

anime, youtube, books & fanfiction, writing,
blue & pink, being indoors, puppos, kitties, & birbs,
stars & constellations

frustration, ugly shiny colors, drama (depends),
spiders & bugs, fruit desserts, most food (picky)


My Eggs On Dragon Cave!


- price check post⠀//⠀ - shiny chain break?

- free avatars uwu⠀//⠀ - more free avatars

- my journal⠀//⠀ - my berry booth

- needing gems for Xerneas hunt!

deviantart - // wattpad -

toyhous.e - // gpxplus -

I like these users a lot (- 3-)

Kazeodori , Zombii , Novasong , arkidog , LeviOsaNotLeviosA

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #198913975
Registration: 17/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 20/Dec/2018
Game Time: 313:40 Hours
Total interactions: 222,672
Money: 387,210
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


OMG OMG I just noticed I'm on the Medal Rally for Most Berries Fed and Most Eggs Hatched!! It would make me super happy if I won - wish me luck~!

Today, 03:034 comments
In general, for things to be easier at work. We decorated the place and it feels so nice, but then crappy customers come up with an awful attitude and just ruin the atmosphere.
I just love seeing my co-workers smile and play around - can't wait for our Secret Santa exchanges this Sunday!

Today, 00:330 comments
I... think I'm done with my seemingly endless back and forth of trying to fix up my profile - lmao

Yesterday, 04:430 comments
I wanna change my username but I still like my current one aaaaa

Yesterday, 02:291 comment
So, it has come to my attention that Jacksepticeye is single now...

*desperately slides into his DMs*

8 Days ago2 comments
Just found out how to change Pikachu/Eevee's hair in Let's Go, and here I was wondering WHERE I had to go (- 3-) My brother showed me after stumbling upon it accidentally. You rub your partner's head with two fingers, and maybe all ten of your fingers cuz there are some different ways to get the styles. I kinda don't like this feature and would rather go to a place to get their hair styled, but that's just me.

10 Days ago3 comments
I decided to try out Curology to see what it can do for my mess of a face (': I got a big pimple near my mouth and I hate that so much (had two in my lifetime in the same spot so fffu-)! I'm super tired of acne. Thought I was done with the worst of it considering how it was for me at school ;-;

But yeah, I answered some questions, took some pics of my face, and then an hour or so later the online doctor sent me information on my custom mix as well as a schedule - which is pretty snazzy. I feel so supported. Once it arrives and I start using it, I'll let y'all know my experience ^^

11 Days ago0 comments
I don't use headphones much - well, at all. But I've been watching Jacksepticeye play Simulacra, Sarah is Missing, and the Watson Scott Test and now I like headphones XD it's so freaky hearing like a puff of air or a knock and thinking it happened irl so I turn my head to face my window or my door in confusion!

12 Days ago0 comments
I feel like, out of other possible pokemon to receive mega forms in the future core games, Milotic is a good chance.

13 Days ago5 comments
Just saw what Shiny Buzzwole looks like... and I think I might actually puke. That thing is already an abomination as is, why make it worse with such a bad Shiny color scheme? Like, why not just full-on green, or this - which is far better.

19 Days ago6 comments
I bought Let's Go Pikachu because I couldn't help myself XD I want to be Yellow from the Adventures manga (would've been Red but you can't get Espeon in the game)

20 Days ago1 comment
I'm just sitting here, home alone at night, with my dog. She starts growling and slowly looking around. LMAO OH HECK NO

21 Days ago10 comments
Even though I said I won't play BotW anymore after losing my save file... on this boring day, I have no choice. Oh well.

22 Days ago1 comment
I feel like I'm bored easily nowadays. My interests (drawing, reading/writing fanfics, playing games, watching youtube/anime, being here, and roleplaying) don't seem as appealing anymore.

On the bright side, I don't feel overwhelmed by what I want to do. Like, before, every time I make plans to do one thing, I drift toward something else (which makes me upset since it ruins my plans). Now I just don't care. I pick something and just do it, even if my boredom makes me want to sleep instead.

26 Days ago2 comments
It would be so nice if a pokemon gen was centered around Egypt, or a desert.

1 Month ago1 comment
I downloaded a GBA emulator for my phone! It's one that I used in the past but I didn't think it would for the newer iPhones, granted the app had some updates since the last time I used it!

The best part is that it takes the randomized version of pokemon games so I have Emerald where the pokemon are slightly randomized (as well as trainer names lmao). In the DS emulator, which doesn't look as good but still works, I got an EXTREME version of the Diamond randomizer. My choices were Cacnea, I think a Castform, and MEW. You bet your bum I chose Mew!! Also, the extreme version makes it super difficult to do a nuzlocke with because the pokemon types are changed, including the move types. My Mew is water/grass ;-;

1 Month ago5 comments
[Game Grumps]
Since Ross and Barry played Undertale, I really want them to play Deltarune. I love Arin and Danny, and I imagine they'll play once the game reaches a good popularity, but they won't finish it! They will simply do two episodes and then drop it ;-;

1 Month ago2 comments
I haven't been able to be on much (':
Been having late hours for a few days straight and there's no point in coming on. Plus I have a new fanfiction idea to work on that involves Sailor Moon and the Pokemon Adventures manga -aaa <3

1 Month ago0 comments
Came back from a nice day of Beldum catching~
I managed to get a good one, though the shiny was a bit harder this time around. I've evolved both regular and shiny but the latter requires some CP raising - I'm out of stardust though (': plus the event ended bcuz I was distracted by this nice restaurant my brother and his friends took me to!

1 Month ago5 comments
My Pokewalker finally arrived! It took longer than the estimated time but I don't mind because the Pokewalker looks good as new, aside from the very faint scratches - it's preowned so that's fine ))

1 Month ago2 comments

Shiny Hunt

SINnabon is currently hunting Vanillite.
Hunt started: 10/12/2018

Chain: 144
(1 Shiny hatched so far.)

Hunt Slots


1. ZombieQueen x1 - PD payment pending
2. Prof-birch*the*gecko x1 - PD payment sent
3. Misfitz x1 - PD payment sent
4. ~Bella-chan~ x1 - PD payment pending
5. Buchanan x1 - PD payment sent
6. Tangy x1 - PD payment pending

Prices (for each)-
- 60k PD
- 40 Nuggets

Additional Price Options (only available during the hunt)-
- Gems: Dragon, Bug, Fire, and/or Ground
(amount equivalent to the PD price)

- A shiny that I don't have but also isn't common (no Beedrill line, Magikarp line, etc.)

- Art of one of my characters
(Provide examples first! Looking for certain styles. Must be digital.)

we'll be together forever, w o n ' t⠀w e ?


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