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Formerly: Yvelette
Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 1,001/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mightyena15043,178 / 67,951
Mightyena15050,735 / 67,951
Mightyena15012,843 / 67,951
Mightyena1574,510 / 74,419
Mightyena1553,911 / 72,541

Icon by -Flamey- <3

PS. Everything in this is still wip

Around 12/13| Ambivert | Trash Artist | INTP-A :( | Procrastinating 24/7

About Me
Hello! What are you doing on my profile? Are you here for a shiny? I’m not offering to sell any of my previous hunts shinies but you could get a slot for the current hunt for about 30k pd? Just PM me! Thank you <3

Art examples Here <—-And answer the poll

Please Do not randomly add me to your palpad groups unless you have asked permission previously!

Please also do not offer, sell, trade with any of my current items!

Commissions: Closed
Requests: Closed
Art/custom Trades: Closed
Customs: Closed
Art Collabs: Closed

For Art collabs, I prefer to do:

(From Favs to least favs)







Online | On and off | Offline

Status: Sleeping > Going to school

< ———— Inaccurate

And if you are wondering why I have a DA account at 11, it wasn’t originally my account, it was my parents’ account and I was just on DA to upload art.

Pokemondb: Profdelldell

Showdown: DellTheTrainer

DeviantArt: DellTheTrainer

PokéFarm: Yvelette

Shiny Hunt

~Yvelette~ is currently hunting Poochyena.
Hunt started: 29/08/2021

Chain: 11

Game Records

Trainer ID: #179352864
Registration: 31/10/2020 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 538:01 Hours
Total interactions: 94,288
Money: 153,971
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


I’m done doing art. I have not even improved even by the tiniest bit yet other artist improve so fast like crazy. I’m never going to post my art here anymore. I wish that a moderator or something would just reset my whole game so that I can just start from scratch. But hat cannot happen too. Other artists are just so much better than me and I learn arts at the speed of something slower than a snail while other users improve at the rate of a unusually large fly zipping around in the sky. And almost nobody criticise my art unlike other artist with everyone criticising them. I have negative art skill and I need your help because for sure, anyone, even if you are not an artist, I am sure you will be a lot of help. If you want my art, I will not be picky and try my best to draw after I finish my current projects, and you will receive 10000 pd if you want my art, although I still will not draw characters on the internet.

Criticise me .
6 Days ago
Me: Plays the Emera beach mini game after months

Me: Catches a Magikarp but overclicks the pull button(which means I accidentally pressed the pull button the same the caught screen appeared.

Is it normal for Emera beach to keep repeating “it escaped” after this? I can’t seem to play the mini game too until I refresh the page. When I press the “throw rod” button before I refreshed the page, it did not allow me to fish and continue the endless “it escaped” loop.

I didn’t count the number of Magikarps I have before so I’m not sure whether I have the Magikarp or it escaped.
14 Days ago
Here comes another art feed

From the feed that I made 25 days ago, I tried to take the improvement advice and tried to make this artwork better for the blending(character belongs to Electris)

So criticism time :)(and I know the hair shading/blending is not very good, I’m not sure how to shade, light or blend on the hair parts of an artwork.
15 Days ago
I tried drawing a portrait but in a manga style and I’m not sure if it failed(character belongs to Akemie)

Please tell me what I can improve on, thank you!
17 Days ago
Close feeds but I’ll be accepting 3 Felt creature requests on this post now! But only literal Pokémon OCs are accepted! Keep their difficulty simple because I’m not very good at it yet >-<

I don’t have examples yet too.
21 Days ago
Would anyone be interesting if I was making felt Pokémon creatures as one of the items available as a commission?
21 Days ago
Anyone taking customs? Just have some design ideas but I also want art from others >-<

I have 603,604 - 729,273pd Overall including items and Nuggets I can offer according to the item bag value check. Palpad me if you are interested.
24 Days ago
Some Plushie art

Old Vs New

Character belongs to BabyEevee22, I didn’t improve much over these 6 months huh


But you could order a plushie from me if you want to(request)

Or maybe I could turn your character into a literal fluffball(a ball of fluff) like this dog here?
28 Days ago
Anyone mind doing this little art meme with me? Just post your examples in the comments below. I need two artists.

So the first column would be the sketch, the second would be the lineart, and the third will be the Colours +(opt)Shading and background.

Please make sure it would would be okay for you to be added into a palpad group before commenting to make things easier.

The theme? I’m not sure, the other two artist can decide on that. Just don’t make it humans.

- Thank you :3
1 Month ago
Good News:

By PokéRadar - 1 Hour and 37 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Jangmo-o hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #46)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Bad News:

I’m have been having rashes from something I am allergic to(which is also making me sleep deprived?) so I’m not going to school.(that’s why I am still here typing).

1 Month ago
This may be an unfair addition of a rule to my art by level 15 and below users or users who I don’t trust aren’t allowed to request buy, or use my art in any way. I just saw some art theft happening to another artist. Well, not like my characters are that attractive anyway. Although the recent art requester standing at level 13 now is okay.
1 Month ago
I can’t do art no matter how much I try, my art hasn’t improved even slightly a bit. I am permanently closing commissions, art trades, collabs and customs.

Requests are still open but who would want to embarrass themselves by placing art somewhere on their profile pages made by me.
1 Month ago
Another lineless art which is even worse than before :’)

Please tell me on what to improve on(so that I would not make the same mistake again and hopefully upgrade to not being the worst “artist” on this site.)

Or maybe what I could improve on with the animal anatomy(as stated before)?
1 Month ago
Trying to overwork myself with real life and art because I need it to keep myself distracted else I am going to be doing some random not very good things.

Free custom characters!

Just post in the comment sections of the description you would want for the custom design.

Everything about what the design sheet will include will be in the comments shortly.
1 Month ago
To help me improve in all areas of my art, I will randomly pick a few users who owns a character(preferably a feral Pokémon or an animal) to draw to help me improve my art, whether you are against me of drawing your character OR NOT(unless you specify before the lucky draw of course)

The weekly(or every two weeks) draw prizes:

1 Lineless Fullbody/halfbody

2 Plushie art

3 random sketches

3 Icons

1-4 of something new or another user’s style of art based on how long it takes for me to figure out how to do it!
1 Month ago
Me: *Sees that some art shops are very popular*

*wonders why no one ever responses to any post which I question of how I can improve my art or what should be the price of art*

Also me: Okay, fine. Almost everyone user think my art is just a 1 second Scribble which I try to scam people into paying me. Is that really all true? Then fine again. [b]IF YOU ALL WANT PROOF THATI SPEND TIME ON MY ARTWORK THEN I WILL TRY TO MAKE THE LIVESTREAM WORK ON SATURDAY. BUT I CAN ONLY DO IT FOR UP TO ONE HOUR. ENOUGH PROOF YET?
1 Month ago



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