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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 1,483/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Leafeon Yveltal fusion
(Floette (Eternal Flower))
291160,753 / 254,917
250169,981 / 235,314
This was a misclick
287173,148 / 247,969
A philosophy
28718,802 / 247,969
A throwaway joke
(Magikarp (Orange))
273123,067 / 280,509
318241,493 / 243,462


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Trainer ID: #179352864
Registration: 31/10/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 615:03 Hours
Total interactions: 95,700
Money: 296,757
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Just wanted to clarify why I don’t claim any DFTUAY threads anymore

I just randomly don’t feel motivated on drawing anything and take long breaks on the site at random intervals. Also there are more users in the art community that had much better business than my art shop has done and they deserved it! Tbh I’m just bored of the site and float around when I can, the characters I see around the site are unique and something I love to see, but not like I can draw them without permission from their creators ofc, but I don’t like to msg users and that is a problem.

Noticing the art prices for most shops go higher as deserved, I can’t really afford the high quality ones in the first place, so I just try my best to work with my own art as always, neither do I want to waste my nuggets on art, and I don’t grind or play this game at all, so there isn’t an optimal solution that can solve all the problems in my perspective, how about from yours?
9 Days ago
How do you find users who earns their coins from just simply begging if they do exist? Or had set out to friend lots of users just to get them to gift them coins?
13 Days ago
This may be in my biased opinion, but I sometimes feel that other art creators on this site who are cool(as I have messaged them before) are making copies or very similar design shops as The Cave of Ransolites. I mean sure you can take inspiration of it, but I feel that the details that make the original shop unique while other creations need to be more creative in their own unique details instead of just simply tracing a design shop for profit. In the future, I’m hoping to see the cool art creators over here have their design shops unique from one other, one thing why I would still occasionally post When my last post was a month ago is cuz I feel the people here have unique art styles I enjoy seeing, and I’d love to see their presentation of art commissions(no irl coins!) on the site be unique too!

Of course this is in my opinion and maybe someone reading this will feel different, just wanted to post this as the monthly post :p

1 Month ago
Would it be fair to assume someone on Pokeheroes is an alt account due to their profile picture and profile layout?
2 Months ago
I wanted to see what happens if I tried doing art with 1 layer only, except I did lineless art because it’s more time consuming and I have free time but I forgot that I’m very bad at lineless art.
3 Months ago
I tried to make a Zapdos animation with bongo cat elements :]

I probably forgot how to draw
3 Months ago
Okay I need art shop examples cuz why not so I may or may not draw your character but I am very inconsistent in art :P

And my schedule is not any better but holidays come in 3 weeks so I can wait for that. My inconsistency is irrelevant to art directly though so it’s all fine.
4 Months ago
What happens when you rush pixel art?
4 Months ago
I’m more free now :D

I’m going to redesign all of my characters and try to create unique characters that aren’t Pokémon because weird body shapes could be better art practice. Also, what would be your opinions if I were to reopen my art shop for the 20000th time?
4 Months ago
Late night drawing of Asriel I guess I tried my best and it’s still bad

It’s my first time drawing Asriel though, so that explains why I guess. I probably missed a lot of details out because I’m used to Pokémon styled drawings, so I hope it was a good attempt.
5 Months ago
Always weird when someone blocks you just because they think you are stalking them just because you ask them how did you do that thing in art :P It’s been months now and the person is still blocking me. Maybe my phrasing was wrong, I think I know the reason why, but it would technically be name shaming as it will be too obvious who it is if I say it, I want to be respectful and name shaming is probably against the rules. Otherwise, have a good day ahead <3
5 Months ago
Playing undertale is for real is more touching than watching random videos or it :o
5 Months ago
Its year 2040 and my art style is still cartoonish and bad. I’m back to the site, hello.
6 Months ago
Hello :3, I was inactive because I had to study for upcoming exams, very basic for most minors who temporary leave the site.
7 Months ago

Hi I do art, pixel art too



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