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Formerly: CasualPokemonFreak
Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 43/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gastly11 / 9

~Meet Axoul My Pokesona!~


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This Pokémon was once believed to live in the regions of Kanto. The Pokémon was already dead by the time researchers found it. Axouls swim majestically in the water, almost blending in if it wasn't for their purple bodies. A group of Axouls are called Spirits. Their tails provide different services. The ones on its back provide as legs on land. The ghost tail is how it levitates, and its axolotl tail is what allows it to swim gracefully in water.

Possible (and Learnable) Moves: Astonish, Shadow Punch, Bite, Soak, Dive, Aqua Tail, Shadow Ball, Liquidation, Curse, Tail Whip, Double Team.

Category: The Axolotl Spirit

Height: 1'02
Weight: 0.2 IBS

Female/Male Ratio: %75 Female %25 Male

Health Points: 120
Attack: 70
Defense: 100
Special Attack: 55
Special Defense: 120
Speed: 95
Total: 560


~Mon Matching!~


Quote from Mon Matching With : A_Cursed_Hero
•°Nightmare°• #2 - Mine

•°Nightmare°• - A_Cursed_Hero

Quote from Mon Matching With : ChirotheKitBat
Jelly Blob #2- Mine

Jelly Blob - ChirotheKitBat


Game Records

Trainer ID: #772474611
Registration: 15/10/2023 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 280:15 Hours
Total interactions: 67,878
Money: 53,323
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Now to save to 500K for Shadow Radar
Today, 03:47
Guys I might have to end my hunt. I'm setting the deadline to 200. If I don't get it, I'll just hatch random eggs from the lab till I get a random shiny
Today, 03:20
Need money sold my soul in the item market
Today, 00:15
Woohoo! I finally got all the Unowns to spell GHOST
Today, 00:01
*when you need 233K*
Yesterday, 23:39
WINNERS OF #ShinyDudunsparce! Give us a drumroll please!~
Congrats, getting the shiny Dudunsparce is...
Getting the gems is...
Go congratulate our 2 winners while I send them their prizes :)
1 Day ago
Changing the deadline for #ShinyDudunsparce! It ends at 18:40. Be snappy!
Givvy right here quick!
1 Day ago
Had an entire profile change

1 Day ago
I'm so paranoid about this stupid lab egg

(Yes I'm promoting it till it's done)
1 Day ago
WOOOO IT'S A BEAUTY! Mega Gengar is so pretty 😍
Thanks Sharely and Sass for helping, I've never done mega evolution lol

(Giveaway link here )
1 Day ago
Why can't I mega evolve my Gengar:<

1 Day ago
Should I be scared I got a random ghost egg from the lab guys pray

1 Day ago
0 PD yippe
2 Days ago
PokeRadar please be nice I alr hatched a shiny Gastly on PFQ before on here and that was on chain 73 or something
2 Days ago
Share the tag #ShinyDudunsparce to promote my giveaway! Or don't, it doesn't matter too much. Good luck, 2 winners, ends next reset ;)
2 Days ago
Wheres my blue orb its been 11 days and 120 Gastlys
3 Days ago
For anyone who's completed the Pokedex:
Could you tell me how many ghost types in the game there are? Thanks!
I can pay ig since it's tons of time
Or if you already know
4 Days ago
Watching "The Best and Worst of Analong Horror: GREY LOCK vs UrbanSPOOK (more title I'm on Xbox and can't find it)" at 18:34 - "However to those paying attention the speaker is telling us that a group of hikers came across a ghastly scene while hiking through the mountain."
I can't escape
4 Days ago

~Axouls Drawn For Me~


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~Shiny Hunt~


~SpiritBeholder~ is currently hunting Gastly
Hunt started: 02/05/2024

Chain: 152

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