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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 1,248/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,084498,026 / 3,528,421
1,319626,877 / 4,178,593
~*The Gary*~
(Mega Flygon)
9441,826,783 / 3,183,255

A little intro

Welcome person

Name's Abigail, simple right? Yeah too simple I know like 3 other people with the same name. Anyways im 17, borthday is on Jan 20th, and I clearly enjoy a good dose of memes every day. Just look at my feeds, 75% of it is just random trash and the rest is just me talking about my OCs. I talk about my OCs far to much... Maybe you should check out my book Endless Sky in the contact links- ANYWAYS, I suck at casual conversation so if you palpad me expect me just scream randomness in return.

Im taken- surprisingly, thought I was finna be single forever, and I like drawing, I draw too much.

On Sept 23rd around 9:30 eastern time, ~*The Gary*~ was hatched on chain 6189. After starting the hunt in late december, spending thousands of nuggets for daycare flutes and mega cuffs, and even receiving thousands of ground gem gifts mostly from HT_Beta_Bruh. She finally hatched after about 9 months of struggling. Many times I almost gave up, if I hatched 780 eggs after 6189, I was going to give up. But Gary pulled through. A name I was going to give my SM months before it even hatched, if it even hatched. Ofc it hatched female but idc. I still love her.

Art gallery

The RP bois

Lucerne (lu-sern)

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~Name: Lucerne
~Species: Celestial Beast
~Age: 10404 (retired and "aging" currently 21)
~Gender: Male
~Abilities: Can become any creature/monster, no longer has weapons upon retiring
~Likes: Stars, space, his friends, Avaro(bf), Gordon Ramsey quality food, flying spaceships (even though he doesnt have one anymore)
~Dislikes: Zen, Armageddon, Tetris, war, destruction/hate, bad tasting food, being in closed/small spaces, being powerless, black holes.
~Friends: A group in OCTown, Avaro, Beta, Jay, Abby, Sweecky
~Family: None Illunan(brother), Aurum(dying niece), Sybil (adopted niece) Blaine(adopted grandnephew), Aiko (sister in law), Snowva (aunt in law), Hayden(uncle in law)
~Emotion: Relaxed
~Injuries: N/A

Avaro (av-uh-row)!

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~Name: Avaro
~Species: Dragon
~Age: 22
~Gender: Male
~Abilities: Can breath some fire in his human form, but its much stronger in his true (dragon) form, able to fail at cooking anything as well
~Likes: Lucerne (bf), flying in warm breezy weather, flying in general, flowers, jokes, the color blue
~Dislikes: Slugs/snails, berries, Tetris, basements, people touching his wings (makes him feel sick), people who abandon their kids without reason (Cytris)
~Friends: A group in OCTown, Lucerne, Beta, Abby, Jay
~Family: Violo(mother), Fero(father) Wintur(Great Grandfather), Queen Celia(aunt), Kathax(cousin)
~Emotion: Relaxed
~Injuries: N/A

Just all the trash


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Name: Reese
Reese's paws are covered in peanut butter, but dont worry! He knows how to keep the peanut butter to himself so none gets on the floor or on you. He smells like peanut butter and filled with peanut butter and chocolate!

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Name: Discharge
An electrifying ultra bleppos with a favorable taste in orange beans. He has little cloud ears that rain when sad and flash lightning when angered or threatened. They can float away a few inches and you can even wave them away, but it'll recombine quickly. His tail has the most electricity but he wont zap you unless you provoke him. The brighter the glow on his body means the more electricity is in him, so its a good idea to have a carpet where he can rub around and get some static.

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Name: Kabby
Kabby is a bleppos Abigail and Abby both decided to get Charlotte. Its a rare teddy bear bleppos that loves pink beans. She is filled with stuffing like a teddy bear with a little bear tail and cute little buttons eyes. Soft little bean, shes like a living teddy bear friend.

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Name: Lilac
Lilac is a gifted bleppo, colored as a field of purple flowers under a night starry sky! A smol glowing orb spins around her head like a halo, you cant really grab it and pull it away, so its best not to ;w;

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Name: Minty
Minty was a gift to Boston from Beta. He grows a mint on his back that is ediable and will fall off over time, so taking it off from time to time is actually helpful!

Made by ~Athera
Want your own? Theres a farm right here!

Shiny Hunt

~OyStar~ is currently hunting Applin.
Hunt started: 19/03/2020

Chain: 153




Game Records

Trainer ID: #59932071
Registration: 29/07/2013 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Jun/2020
Game Time: 1644:15 Hours
Total interactions: 490,140
Money: 3,061,394
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Me: *starts to feel down for some reason*

Gf: *send a drawing for me that I had no idea she was making-*

Me: *cries and feels much better now*
Today, 01:30
Found that last sneaky little egg R E E E E
Sneaky sneaky slipped passed me at least three TIMES
Yesterday, 14:24
Ya'll bet
2006 to 2020 paper
jk I didnt really start drawing until like 2014-2015
2016 to 2020 digital
Paper was fun as I got a hold of sketchbooks and stuff, digital was a ride. I hardly knew how layers worked, started off using a touchscreen top detachable laptop thing, then a mousepad, then a mouse, and finally like 2 days ago, a drawing tablet. Yep
2 Days ago
And my mom leaves to get her gallbladder removed and once again doctors screw up. Lied about how many incisions they would make, glued a wound wrong and now its infected, and for some reason there is cotton string in the wounds. Its been a month, and those strings has not dissolved, and google says it takes 10 days, its not dissolving stitches. What a great time for this too when going to the hospital risks getting that dumb virus or you wait for ages cause they full
2 Days ago
I had a bad morning give me hugs plz
3 Days ago
Give me form threads to help me with my hunt
I'll scour through them to find the last few eggs later :'v
4 Days ago
Me: I feel mentally well to talk here again with other people

Life: No here have school work u cant really understand and worry for people close to you not cause of the virus but other reasons

Me: But-

Life: Happy April
5 Days ago
Maybe I'll b more talkative now instead of being a ghost
How ya'll been?
My mom's friend gave me a drawing tablet today so thats new
And I pranked TK
That was funny uwu
Stuck at home like all ya'll, starting online school tomorrow :v
6 Days ago
I am still stressed and a bit quiet
Probs even more stressed now, like, I cant even sleep my dudes. My back hurts and I feel like im 40- and school's been cancelled for a month which sucks cause now everythings wack and summer probs gon b shorter or something
Mom couldnt even visit her friend after planning for months.
Imma go draw and make another 5 ocs with their own backstories
15 Days ago
Im sitting here playing mystery dungeon
No not the new one, explorers of sky
Anyways im defeating these legendaries, 7 of them. So far all the "big" legends. The ones with their own game like Ruby-Groudon, dont join me, the smaller ones like Heatran and Articuno do join me. So im fighting Kyogre thinking its not gonna join cause Groudon and Rayquaza didnt- ... It did. It freaken did join me. I wanted groudon and I got this legendary-
15 Days ago
Hey OyStar whats goin on? U been quiet-

Ive been stressing lmao, tryna pass school, worrying for my mom who had surgery a few days ago from an inflamed gallbladder, and worrying about all the damages covid is doing, both to the people and the economy.
Eek sorry, imma still b a bit quiet as I wait for spring break or something
26 Days ago
*breaths and then screams*
1 Month ago
Yall me and TK wanna see that Ice Age baby and Peppa Pig fight cause both are insanely tall being a 6'10 baby and a 7' pig
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
About time I made a new avatar
1 Month ago
I got 5 valentines cards this year and thats the most I have ever gotten in 6 years, the old record was 3 oml
1 Month ago
I just wanna give someone the. biggest hug I can muster but they states away and I cant drive
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Snom hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #259)!

Finally after 159 eggs since the last one
1 Month ago
So I am actually not single on valentines day- first time- so wth should I do :'D?
1 Month ago
Bless Menxi's soul shes like the main reason my plushie collection is as complete as it is
1 Month ago

Used some bases to make trash



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