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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 9,938/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
9516,964 / 30,068
4835 / 7,113

Shiny Hunt

~MysteryMew~ is currently hunting Dreepy.
Hunt started: 29/04/2024

Chain: 136



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Unidentified creature that is a mystery among professors, trainers and Pokémon alike, secretive and distant, has a keen interest in technological devices, and mysterious unknown creatures, has other mysterious interests/powers...


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All unknown except the following: Secretly observes mythical Pokémon such as Mew, Ditto, and other strange lifeforms

💫Plushie Collection💫

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•Accepts any others as well•[/size]


❗️Main Jobs❗️

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• Obtaining All Pokédex Badges ✅; Finishing NationalDex (except Megas): (1445/1689)
- Articuno, Meloetta, Genesect forms (4), rest of Silvally and Arceus forms (32), Calyrex forms (2), Deoxys forms (4), Magearna forms (2), Miraidon, and Koraidon
- OT Glastier (5%), Spectier (9%) and Ditto (7%)

• Completing EggDex: (649/786)
- OT Xerneas and Yveltal (45% finished)

• Saving Pokedollars 1/2: Storage Boxes

• Saving Pokedollars 2/2: Egg Storage Slots: 7/10

• Collecting Gems (Galar) :Part 1 ✅; Part 2 - 5,090/10K


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|Ancient Cave: Unown Eggdex (8/26)|


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-Eastern Time Zone (-4 hrs PH times); -3 hrs Daylight Savings Time-


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|Mini Shops (All PH rules apply: Slots are for anyone and next to them is how many. Everything is free except event mons, please message me for those mons|

• Normal/Form Mons: Current: N/A; Next: Paldea - Empty (N/A), and Empty (N/A)

• Event Mons (Current: OT dexing - except legendaries; Next: N/A): Empty (N/A)

• Pokémon Borrowing: Empty (N/A)

- P.S: Palpad it for any questions about these shops, please no spamming/begging, thanks :^)

Ancient Names: XPieMaster09X —> ~MoonlightMew~, —> ~MytMune~ —> ~MysteryMew~

*This will be updated when it is active and has spare time, so we will keep you posted in the meantime. Anyways hope all of you here are enjoying yourselves on this website/game as well*

- An Anonymous Scientist


🔸Art Corner🔸

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~Wimsmer (Wooper Crewmate/Imposter)~

Sprites by: ShadeKinoSoul

~Berry Cream (Blueberry Cake Mew)~

~Meja (Shedninja and Mew Fusion)~

All by ChikoritaMining

-Jenin (male & timid)-

By HisuianZorua

~PFP Avatar: Recolored/custom sprites by me :3


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It will accept any donations for these as well •

-Future Hunts (not in order)-


-Dream Hunts-

(Giga) Appletun
Mega Audino?

~Best Hunts — Full Odds: Shaymin - 1st, Radar: Axew 1st, Shadow: Magikarp - 5th~

- Note: It will not be selling any of these - please don’t message about them -


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Genshin Impact —> 615696691

Honkai Star Rail —> 601195003

Nintendo Switch —> SW-3916-8430-4997

Name: Mystical
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #638359063
Registration: 14/11/2018 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Apr/2025
Game Time: 1306:01 Hours
Total interactions: 2,185,128
Money: 835,306
Starter Pokémon: Samurott (Hisuian)


By Svenja:

500 Nuggets! <3

Share/Copy this post in your Profil with my Nametag & the following hashtag: #Pokesummer2024

Don’t know if she meant the whole post or just the hashtag, so did the original post just in case. Anyways, gl to everyone else participating 🍀
3 Days ago
You successfully received a Cloud-like Egg! 😇🥚☁️
5 Days ago
Got both flutes active, so party clicks anyone? :3
7 Days ago
Doing this because why not :p - #knowme

User: ~MysteryMew~
Favorite Color: Blurple
Favorite Song: Don’t have one, but Blinding Lights by the Weekend is great :3
Favorite Pokemon: You already know (profile pic)
Favorite food: Oranges
PokeHeros Bestfriend: Have no preferences
PokeHeros Goal: Already said this in last post, but finish shiny hunting and breeding events. Other than these, ig help some others with their dexes and that’s it
13 Days ago
Update: Officially done with finals :D

Now I can finish up shiny hunting a few mons before moving on to event breeding. So, feel free to palpad/pm me if you want any specific mons from them.
You can also message me about anything from my hunts and sell/trade #2 boxes as well (they’re all free too) ;3
16 Days ago
You successfully received 1x Uranus Sphere!

You successfully received 1x Earth Sphere!

Got both at the same time ^^

Now breaking for college finals :’)
23 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Bombirdier hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #103)!
Congratulations! A shiny Bombirdier hatched out of one of your eggs

Also this:

You obtained a new badge (Shiny Chainer)!

Shiny twins and got the badge :D
29 Days ago
Giveaway Ending

Didn’t get any shinies, but finally fully evolved this guy. So picking randomly from the participants’ list…and the winner is: GooBear 🎊
Proof here

I’ll send the gifts asap ;)
1 Month ago
Solar Eclipse 2024

Before: Start Middleish Before the magic

After: Close Wide

Unfortunately couldn’t get the end of it due to my lighting being bad 🥲
1 Month ago

If I hatch a random shiny before evolving my Gimmighoul (after it hatches), I’m going to giveaway some random mystery boxes to a random person who likes this post and comments how many coins they currently have. No hashtags required, but can share it with this one: #GimmieThatGold
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Minior (Meteor) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #56)!

1 Month ago
Fun Fair #1

Thanks for your purchase, hope you enjoy your prize!

Finally got it 🧸🐻

Now it’s just the rest of the Harvest Sprite plushies and a potentially another event egg 🤞
2 Months ago
Helpful GTS Tips #1

To any newbies or people who aren't familiar with how item and mon trades work or are still unsure on why your trades may not have offers on them - like having one up for more than a day or more, here's a couple of reasons why: If you're doing mon trades, you can put items with the mons you're trading for, but you have to put at least one (or more) mons - depending on how many you want/need. This is because you can't trade mons just for items and the number of mons depend on how many the trader wants/has in the offer. For item trades, just put items only for them unless you want a mon in return (like a mon plus pd for another mon).
2 Months ago
Hope you all have a lovely rest of your day/week and wishing you all a wonderful Candies Day <3🍫🍬<3
3 Months ago
Happy Chinese New Year 🐲🐉
3 Months ago
Kyurem Event

You received a Plushie from Kyurem!


A Gift out of Respect

Is it just me or did they update the plushie for this one 🤔
3 Months ago
4x interaction exchanges? ;3
3 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Axew hatched out of one of your eggs! (Chain #1)

Wowie ⚔️🐗🐲⚔️
4 Months ago
Status Update Final

Going to take a long break from here after getting the rest of the regular event mons (maybe a few shinies too) due to burnout, school and needing to get some personal irl stuff sorted out too. Also I’ll still be occasionally here though - this might change in the future, idk for now.

If I do decide to eventually leave PH, I won’t be doing any giveaways, hashtags, or anything similar, but will be hoping that stuff (especially updates and most ongoing major bugs/issues) eventually improve/get resolved and everyone has a great rest of their time here (or irl) as well 🙂
4 Months ago
Dex Update #2

After a long 2+ years, finally got all the dexes completed :D

I appreciate everyone who has helped me get all of them too ^^
4 Months ago

🔅Missing Entities/Notices



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👋: Please palpad it if you have any questions about anything or if you want to talk with it, and let it know in advance asap (otherwise it will ignore it). Lastly, Please reframe from using any kind of SPAM/begging or harassment practices as well - includes taking advantage of its kindness too.

⚙️: It occasionally is online or updates these panels nowadays, though it will still roam around doing daily activities as well. Regarding the previous section, it will also not be selling/giving away anything (unless stated elsewhere), so don’t bother contacting it about those kinds of things.


🔈Pokemon Trainees