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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 1,162/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Maneki Meowstic)
1,1023,208,034 / 3,646,519
(Lycanroc (Midnight))
2721,579 / 222,769
235104,973 / 166,381
227138,845 / 155,269

~αвσut mє~

*•.¸♡ ~míчukí~ ♡¸.•*

★彡 -7 hσurѕ ѕєrvєr tímє 彡★

"Your pσíѕσn lσvє
Fill me with hate
You complicate
Your pσíѕσn lσvє
My mind's a race
There's no escape"

.•♫•♬• "pσíѕσn lσvє" •♬•♫•.
вч kαwαíí mσnѕtєr

Profile theme: Vanilla from Nekopara
Matching avatars: with Musickittyhead113
Maneki Skitty plushie: by Akemie

*.¸ ¸.*
8,200/ 20,000
Buying normal gems, please let me know if you are selling. 💕

►─═ ~ѕídє nσtєѕ:~ ═─◄

• I have anxiety, so please respect that different situations make me anxious.

• If you need help or someone to talk to, feel free to message me. Let me know if you want to chat, but if you need something, just tell me directly.

• I enjoy chatting, but I am not the best at starting conversations and keeping them going.

Please do not ask me for Pokémon, PD, or items.

• I never log out, so it may look like I am online when I am not.

If I have blocked you, please respect my decision. I was probably annoyed or uncomfortable, or I may have seen your behavior elsewhere on the site. I simply know who I do and do not want to deal with on a regular basis.

• Do not contact others to ask why I blocked you.

Shiny Hunt

~Miyuki~ is currently hunting Fennekin.
Hunt started: 20/08/2020

Chain: 439


Quote*•.¸♡ σnlínєσn αnd σffσfflínє ♡¸.•*

*•.¸♡ ADD | ISFP-T | Leo | single & uninterested | writer ♡¸.•*

*•.¸♡ ~currєnt íntєrєѕtѕ~ ♡¸.•*
Nekopara • Obey Me!

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Kitty • Lucky • Neko • Rose Kitty

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anime • bright colors • color-coordination • kitties • makeup • nails • organization • writing

*•.¸♡ ~uѕєrnαmєѕ~ ♡¸.•*
Rose~Kitty • ~Lucky~ • ~Miyuki~

Game Records

Trainer ID: #816880290
Registration: 13/10/2018 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Nov/2020
Game Time: 1538:18 Hours
Total interactions: 4,084,510
Money: 24,970
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


AFoxNamedVelvet has a super cute pegasus adopt going on! Please go check it out!~ 💖
2 Days ago
#TenFacts (Share this and 10 facts about you!)
1. Favorite Anime- Kamisama Kiss
2. Favorite Show- I don't watch any shows
3. Favorite Color- Hot pink, orange, lime green, and black
4. Favorite Food- Popcorn
5. Favorite Activity- Writing my stories and characters
6. Favorite Animal: Kitties!
7. Favorite Soda/Other Drink: Dr. Pepper
8. Favorite Song: "Poison Love" and "Dead Inside" by Kawaii Monster
9. Favorite Book: Haha, I don't read
10. Favorite Dessert: Ice cream
7 Days ago
21 Days ago
You know what we all need?

A cute kitty picture ♥️
23 Days ago

The dude is now briefly famous for being a total creep.
This is a Pokémon website, not a place for you to look at pictures of girls. Please kindly go somewhere else.
And you can't judge girls by who's prettier. They're all beautiful, and they don't deserve to be violated like that.
24 Days ago

I will be doing a massive giveaway!
how to enter:
share the hashtag=1 ticket
click my party=1 ticket
like this feed=1 ticket
share this feed=5 tickets
gift 1 normal gem=10 tickets
1st winner=1000 nuggets!
2nd winner=A mega 100 normal gems
3rd winner=100 normal gems

I will be broke (rip)
The giveaway will end In a month so you have a lot of time!
Good luck!
26 Days ago

Happy birthday!~ 😊
27 Days ago

Happy birthday! 😊
28 Days ago
28 Days ago

I always change my mind halfway through what I'm about to say, like [b]this[/i]
[s]And then I die of embarrassment, but then I realize that everyone does it 😂[s]

Okay wow this is hard for me to purposely make a mistake 😂😂

I also frequently do this: [user]~Miyuki~[/url] 😂
1 Month ago
Drama? Time for a kitty picture 💖

Here's another one too 💕
1 Month ago
1 Month ago

I have a friend called Gangster Snail 😊
1 Month ago

We used to have cows in the fields around our house, because it was a family farm.
One time an old friend of mine came over, and we were looking at the cows. For some reason we decided to pick one out of them all, and the one we chose had the numbers "436930" written on the tag on its ear.
Then my friend and I both put on her bathrobe, and proceeded to march around the property chanting, "Four three six! Nine three zero!"

It's because of that I can still remember the numbers, and I can still remember how we chanted it. 😂 I'm pretty sure my parents thought we had lost our minds. 😂
1 Month ago
Here's a cute picture of Buddy. ♥️

Also, check out this awesome thread! 😊
1 Month ago

1 Month ago

When I first joined, I didn't understand what people meant in the GTS by saying to offer "trash Pokémon." I thought it was an actual thing that I didn't know about, like a certain Pokémon Trubbish. 😅

Also, literally going to any and every length to get Cyndaquils to hoard. 😂
1 Month ago

2 Months ago
Here's Buddy being a handsome boy ♥️
2 Months ago
2 Months ago



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