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Formerly: ~Iridise~
Trainerlevel: 47

Trainerpoints: 1,526/6,673


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Combee10 / 9

About Me

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{Originally derpyhooves101, then ~Iridise~}
If you'd like, give my Zorua friend a gentle pat!

Here's an invite to my server, you're always welcome to join!

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☽Current Status☾: Not feeling so well, wouldn't mind a miracle in current . .

Watch Free Anime Online!

Animelon-- Made in Abyss Warning: Made in Abyss does portray some dark concepts, I do not believe there is any swearing however!

Animelon is a Japanese learning tool that I had been using when studying the language, it has practically every language under the sun, even anime usually exclusive to Japan!

Made in Abyss just happens to be a favorite of mine, so I provided the link to the series! Feel free to browse and toggle the captions however you'd like!

Have Some Book Suggestions

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Ehh, I don't know, have some books?

Anything Ray Bradbury if you like depression and deep thinking
- Such as The Red Pony, A Sound of Thunder, etc.

Garth Stein (The Art of Racing in the Rain) -A beautiful book worth reading, sad, not too hard of a read

Sun Tzu's The Art of War -A lovely book that applies to regular life and the simple wars of existence- social or otherwise

“Nature”— An essay written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, probably a harder read, but even taking a glance at this one for the sake of it might prove to be beneficial. I recommend reading it just for fun, to see the odd yet vivid imagery, and not worry too much about deeper meaning the first time around. Trust me, if this comes up in school, you’ll want to read it for fun first before it’s ruined for you. (It’s very interesting when not scrutinizing over every small detail!)

Don Quixote— On the more entertaining side, this work of fiction follows a crazy noble who sees the world in a different light than everyone else. I won’t spoil much, but I’ve been to the Don Quixote windmills in Spain, and if you ever get to go, I do recommend it! (He tries to fight the windmills in the book— he thinks they’re giants!)

Other Authors, Scholars, and Historical Figures to look into—

Edgar Allan Poe — Any of his poems, though Nevermore is often the first to be read.

Shakespeare — Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, all to be over-analyzed forever, have fun!

Jane Austen — Pride and Prejudice is probably a good place to start

Charlotte Perkins Gilman — The Yellow Wallpaper was revolutionary for the medical field and the treatment of women! (See also: Henrietta Lacks)

John Locke — History class will favor the student who knows Locke

Montesquieu — ^^Same to be said for this Frenchman

Activists to look into: Stokely Charmichael, Malcolm X, Henry David Thoreau

Character limit reached!

Shiny Hunt

Iridescent_Paradox is currently hunting Combee.
Hunt started: 28/03/2021

Chain: 362


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Trainer ID: #494806756
Registration: 03/06/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Mar/2022
Game Time: 919:51 Hours
Total interactions: 1,168,631
Money: 16,495,547
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


I need more friends on PH .

I need more human interaction in general, as do most, no?

I suppose I am not the best at making friends, especially not on here, but once we have started talking I will try to initiate conversation more so than I would usually - - I am trying to improve, after all . . .
Today, 04:15
What is one thing you would wish to change about this world or your life in it, above all else?

Please keep in mind that you must remain PG, even if this question may be ebbing towards a darker tone .

You may answer more than once, should you feel strongly about more than one thing .
Yesterday, 21:19
I made my Discord Mascot into an Emoji

This is Admin Cat
Yesterday, 07:28
Well, unfortunately, my recording of the box opening failed.

I ended up with four summon items, a lot of vitamins, and a lot of gems.

(Art of combat, Ultra Saddle, Black Stone, and Light Rock I believe. Very lucky for someone so unlucky. Thus, this shall fuel future giveaways . . .)
Yesterday, 03:03
Shall I do a quick box opening and post it to Youtube?

I am unsure if I should stream it and sacrifice quality or just do a premiere so that we can watch it together without any lagging nor technical issues. .
Yesterday, 00:42
Just saw another post

Imagine if I applied to be a moderator on PH. Wouldn't that be extremely funny? I doubt I'd be accepted, just because I have cosmically terrible luck when it comes to being chosen for things, but what an interesting concept.
Yesterday, 00:28
Haha loser
Get naenaed

@Chungus am I fulfilling the requirements in order to be hip with the youngins?
1 Day ago
I always want to write feeds that are interesting or funny but never know what to write them about XD So I end up staying quiet for the most part!
1 Day ago
Do I care to try and level on PH? I also have eight shiny Combee, I was considering ending the hunt soon even if I mentally marked the end to be May 13th . .

#Iri_gives_freebees I'm not quite sure if the original invite expired or not (I'm going to assume yes) so I once again invite you to join, we have free anime, games, and giveaways and are always looking for new members!
1 Day ago
#Newbie Hello everyone! I'm Iridescent_Paradox! It's nice to meet you (for the second time, for many of you)!

I hope to revamp myself and this profile, to display a more recent version of myself, instead of the legacies of Iridise and DH101 that I had been retaining thus far!
2 Days ago
#Iri_gives_freebees Reminder that the end of this giveaway is approaching!
2 Days ago

I'm raffling off a free shiny male Combee!

"To enter, heart this feed, consider sharing the hashtag, and join here for updates on my daily/frequent giveaways which are not always posted on PH!"

(Please go to the original post, I'm using that one to keep track of entries)

UPDATE: This giveaway ends May 13th and may end up possibly having more than one prize if enough people join, possibly another Combee or a summon item :p
7 Days ago
Watched an entire season of anime in one sitting before Anime Club even had a chance to confirm that it was the one we'd all be watching :p

It's called Made in Abyss and it was incredible yet ripped my heart out. The second season isn't out yet, so I guess I have some time to wait before I can watch it but I might go searching for the manga.
9 Days ago
Think of yourself in a parallel universe-- how's that version of you doing right now? Are they having fun?
11 Days ago
I made a wire rose, miniature flower atrium, and peacock themed tassel today :p

I've been in a little bit of pain and I'm emotionally not doing great, but this was my outfit for the day and I went shopping in it :) I looked nice!
12 Days ago

I'm raffling off a free shiny male Combee!

To enter, heart this feed, consider sharing the hashtag, and join here for updates on my daily/frequent giveaways which are not always posted on PH!
12 Days ago
I think I'm going to work my way up to paying my mods 50 nuggets a month! I may also throw in other things on a case-by-case basis (since I give away a lot of stuff) but I think I will set 50 nuggets as my base goal!
13 Days ago
What do you guys think of this? (It's a link to a screenshot)
13 Days ago
If anyone plays Flight Rising I am giving away baby dragons!

I'm also raffling a shiny Combee!
14 Days ago



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