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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 199/2,379


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Hello! I'm Sunny or Buddy, and I think it's time I make a proper introduction since i'm better at bbcode now.
I go by He/They pronouns and am pan. I currently live in the UK, however I am Canadian. I have been working on getting an autism or adhd diagnosis for 3 years now, and am technically a beginner artist.

×°My current fandoms include°×
°Inanimate Insanity
°Welcome Home
°Rain World
°and Pokemon (duh)

My favourite pokemon is Quaxwell.

My favourite shiny is Sylveon.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful year! <3

sunnyscreams is currently hunting Quaxly.

Hunting until: 3 shinies

Next hunt: N/A

Shiny Hunt

sunnyscreams is currently hunting Quaxly.
Hunt started: 11/09/2023

Chain: 28

Game Records

Trainer ID: #353183297
Registration: 29/05/2023 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 90:53 Hours
Total interactions: 244,129
Money: 125,339
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Simon Petrikov is going to make me cry my eyes out and I'm so excited about it
3 Days ago
Okay, so I still haven't recovered from watching fionna and cake last night and I still don't know if I want to be simon or kiss simon, not to mention winter king's existence making it even harder for me to figure it out.

Also candy queen's entire existence is just the phrase "I support women's rights and women's wrongs." /pos
9 Days ago
I was finally able to watch fionna and cake episodes 2-6 and the only thing I want to say is, Simon is like a sad wet cat to me/pos

Also Winter King is pretty.
9 Days ago
I hope you guys know that me liking petscop isn't a new thing, I've been a fan since the first video came out /lh
17 Days ago
I made a thing last night and I surprisingly don't hate it! (don't question why they're drinking tea, I just like tea.)
18 Days ago
Shout out to Paul Leskowitz from petscop, aka the fictional character who deserves to play animal crossing the most.
22 Days ago
I am now duck
22 Days ago
2019: wow! I think petscop might be over now, that was great! I really liked the character of paul and how relatable he was!

2023: oh. oh no.
24 Days ago
I have awoken so I must tell you all about the weird dream I had cause I haven't posted in forever.

Okay for some reason in my dream I was six and shared a room with my sister. I kept trying to wake her up until I heard a weird noise and I looked outside to see that there was a meteor in our backyard. I tried to tell my sister to go look but she was like "No let me sleep dumb child" so I went to look myself.
Then I got to see some cute rats and went to this weird game thing where someone broke their leg. Then for some reason all the adults in the room decided to give a bunch of children they didn't know their wallets while they left for like 5 minutes. We stole like half their stuff.
Then as a six year old I made a game, and for some reason Howdy Pillar from welcome home was there so I helped out with his store and then he bullied me for making a game, as a six year old.
It ended with me eating playdoh and playing Minecraft but the bats are replaced by cats with wings.
26 Days ago
I just went to a pride parade with an irl friend and it was awesome, although I am a bit nauseous from the car ride home
1 Month ago
I really wanna make object show where it's literally just a ton of people being silly in a discord call but I'm a terrible host and currently have no way to animate it :[
1 Month ago
The mfn brain rot is real and so expect to see my account themed after Norman
1 Month ago
I sure love how the second I finish making my signature look nice, I want to theme it after a different character


anyways I made a poll about this because I suck at making decisions
1 Month ago
Puppets are awesome
Without them we wouldn't have dhmis, the muppets, welcome home, or mfn

Plus they all look so huggable
1 Month ago
guess who's back :]
1 Month ago
so, I haven't been doing very well recently, so I'll probably be off for awhile. I don't know how long but I will most likely be back.
Love you all, and remember to take care of yourselves because you deserve it <3/p
1 Month ago
Welp, fnaf ruin made me not only want to look like month on top of already wanting to look like the daycare attendant, but now also a dead gay rabbit. /pos

I think my list of characters I wanna look like is now at what, like 1000?/hj
1 Month ago
bunundy :]
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Swablu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #38)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries

And that's shiny #1! It came the same day I got a K.K Slider on my acnh island! :D
1 Month ago



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