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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 11,547/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Evo 100
8828,688 / 29,371
Teddiursa21 / 19
Evo 100
10232,423 / 34,848
Evo 100
962,222 / 27,937
Evo 100
772,521 / 18,019
Evo 100
464,766 / 6,487


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Shiny Hunt

silverklauws is currently hunting Teddiursa.
Hunt started: 28/06/2020

Chain: 50

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silverklauws hasn't collected any medals so far.

About Me

Game Records

Trainer ID: #37547506
Registration: 19/05/2015 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1769:43 Hours
Total interactions: 1,181,312
Money: 663,574
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Prepare your scubba diving gear because a little fishy told me there is going to be a new 'Aquatic shop' in town very soon!!
2 Days ago

Zerenity will do a 'Rogenrolla' hunt, 4 spots left. Be quick to claim your post before its gone

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
5 Days ago

Braixie will be taking a big break from the shopz for personal reasons.
Stay tuned to find out when she comes back to hunt some lovely shinies!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
9 Days ago
Does someone have a math brain for that HoL game?! Really wanna be able to shiny hunt it one day.
And no duckman his trick doesnt work for me!
10 Days ago

The shopz has ended the collaboration with the breeder Global_Dummy due to being permabanned from PH!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
12 Days ago

Zerenity is doing a tiny tad hunt with 'Tympole', 2 spots left. Be quick to claim your frogs before they *ribbity* jump away!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
17 Days ago
What a nasty awfull ugly ps5 design, so really really dissappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Days ago
22 Days ago

Is proud to announce you that Global_Dummy passed his trial with flying colors.
His is now an official member of the shopz, his intro will come shortly!

Out of the blue / pink / white Wolfsdrache is doing a 'Galarian Zigzazoon' hunt.
Be quick to claim one these 6 funky remaining spots!

Ravenswing is doing a NON-SHINY ' Zygarde (10% Forme) ' hunt for the shopz!
'VIP: '10 spots are open, but more could be added along her hunt!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
24 Days ago

Roses are red, violets are blue and we have a new breeder in the shopz for you!!!
Wolfsdrache is starting her own little flower shopz by doing a 'Flabébé Blue' and 'Flabébé Orange' hunt.
Both have 6 slots left, be quick to claim a bouquet before she has been sold out.
After being on a roll with her previous hunts she gears up for her next hunt with 'Klink'! Be quick to claim one of the 9 slots left.
She will be on a try-out for 3 hunts and if everything goes well she can become your new fav breeder!!!!!

Global_Dummy is having fun clowing around with his 'Mime jr' hunt.
Join the fun by claiming one of the 6 spots left.
His next hunt is no to be fooled around since the devil is in the details with this little 'Impidimp' hunt of his.
Be quick to grab one these 6 litte demon slots before they are all vanished!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
27 Days ago

Come and check our lovely poki hunts out, still some slots left!!!!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
29 Days ago

Zerenity decided to do an electrical hunt with 'Pitchu', 8 spots left. Be quick to claim it before the power has ran out!

In the land of the shadows Nyxie discovered a wild 'Dark Ponyta', that she will hunt for all of us.
Giddy-up and be fast to claim one of these wild beauties, only 7 slots remain!!!

VIP: 'Only 1 event per person is allowed! If you desire more slots then you must contact the breeder in question!'

She then continues her voyage with a shocker a pokemon, namely 'Voltorb', 6 spots left.

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
1 Month ago

Braixie decided to add some extra critter slots to her 'Sizzlipede' hunt! Grab your bug before its gone.

Come and check out other lovely hunts in our shopz as well.

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
1 Month ago

Ravenswing Challenges you all to step up your game cause she will be hunting, the fierce and mighty 'Clobbopus', be quick to claim on of the 6 spots in the ring, otherwise you might get a k.o!

Braixie will be 'bug'ging you in a with her sizzeling 'Sizzlipede' hunt.
Be quick to claim one of the 8 remaining critter slots!

Captn_Jaxn is going to pull a 'Hateena' hunt out of her hat. 6 spots left before the magick show is over, be fast or you'll miss the trick.

And if these dont seduce you, then feel free to come and check our other lovely hunts out!!!!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
1 Month ago

We have a new breeder in our shopz, Global_Dummy .
He will be on a try-out for 3 hunts and if everything goes well he can become your new fav breeder.

For his first hunt he will bug you with a ''Venonath' hunt, 4 spots left.

Silver'z Beastie Shopz

ps: this time with the proper breeders name xD
1 Month ago

Nyxie decided to add some more slots to her 'Arrokunda' hunt!
Be quick to get em before they swim away.

And in case you lost them, there are plenty of other fish in the sea to check out in our shopz!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz

1 Month ago

Come and check our wonderfull shiny hunts out: Kanto, Sinnoh and of course the beauties from the Galar region are present as well!
Be quick before all the slots are gone!!!

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
1 Month ago
Does anyone know the correct amount of DP required to be able to buy 10 mew plushies in that event?
1 Month ago

Nyxie will bait you into a 'Arrokunda' hunt! Be quick to claim your fishy 6 spots left.

Speaking of bait those fishes attrackted the 'Cramorant' Captn_Jaxn is hunting! 6 spots left, be quick before it flies away.

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
1 Month ago

Captn_Jaxn will do tropical hunt with 'Bounsweet', 9 spots left.

Silver'z Beastie Shopz
2 Months ago


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Persoonlijke ph memo:

- Raven owns me 550
- Braixie owns me 2000 / 1.800.000
- Zerenity owns me 2520

- Piplup line
- Snivy line
- Fennekin line
- Litten line
- Scorebunny line
- Sobble line
- Koffig line
- Oshawot line
- Shaysola event
=> 700/1200 nuggets + 1 megastone met BH