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Trainerlevel: 50

Trainerpoints: 5,701/7,549


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
654196,745 / 1,285,111
Mega Lucario
18525,979 / 118,412

Do not...
...pm/pp me about selling my shiny pokemon to you (especially my shiny OT)

...post messages in my diary

....add me I'll always add you back (might take a little as I might be offline or I have to many notifications to see you adding me)

...visit my shops

...pm me if you want something from my Leftovers box (their free)

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zeno: heya im in charge of a shop where I make pixel art heres the link to my shop if you wanne buy art from me

spikes&mimikyu: our shop is in pokefarm so if you want you can buy or check my pokemon our shop or our farm

masky: so this used to be for the shop but now im in charge of the hunts my two friends zeno, and spikes (with their mimikyu) do still have shops and are listed above also pokemon in my Leftovers box are free for grabs just pm me

last hunt: ★Sprigatito★
current hunt: ★Super Shroom★ (luigi)
next hunt: (whatever the result is of the pole)

✨️About me✨️
My fav color is purple (I love purple shinys like Orbeetle )
I am gender-fluid and I prefer to go by they/them
I play vrchat alot (username: Zeno.spikes)
I also play pokemon go (trainer code: 3529 5752 2239)
You can call me by either masky or zeno both are fine (though most say masky cause that's the first part of my username)

Shiny Hunt

maskyzeno is currently hunting Super Shroom.
Hunt started: 26/01/2024

Chain: 50


Hoarding these plushies
Mimikyu plush: 17
Volcarona plush: 0

(Just click one of them to send plushies)

- get Yveltal ✔️

-Get Xerneas (since we got bacon bird why not get Xerneas too)

Dragon gems(11/75)
Water gems(75/75) ✔️
Flying gems(75/75) ✔️
Poison gems(84/75) ✔️
(donations are appreciated)

-become nr 1 in Most Interactions (30 Days) at least ones ✔️

- get all badges
-set 1✔️
-set 2✔️
-set 3✔️
-set 4

-get full dream level

- get to level 50

-get a ditto

- complete hoenn dex (for Deoxys ) ✔️

-get all shiny tapus
Tapu Koko
Tapu Lele
Tapu Bulu
Tapu Fini

Current amount if SC Tokens: 551


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ShinySerena 1 Day ago
CasualPokemonFreak 3 Days ago
MackSalvatore 9 Days ago
foxyd0pe12 9 Days ago

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #244321985
Registration: 22/11/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 545:58 Hours
Total interactions: 10,595,708
Money: 67,821
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


beautiful (made by CelestialDuck)
Today, 13:11
You I got a celebi egg :) ....wait can it break your chain?
1 Day ago

Alright I'm ending the give away results will be in the comments
2 Days ago
2 Days ago
Can I lend 50k pd From someone? I have a super shroomish egg in the daycare about to get released in an hour (and since my chain is frozen I don't want to hatch it) I need the 50k for egg storage (I have 320k right now) I will pay back
4 Days ago
4 Days ago
Total interactions: 10,366,808

10mil!? 😨 Jeez I do alot of interacting
5 Days ago
5 Days ago
Anyone who plays PFQ gimme a random pokemon and I'll make a shiny, albino and melan baits outa them (for fun cause I make baits there) also it's gotta be a first stage evolution
5 Days ago
I got a shiny mega Lucario :D

Thank you to TheRockers
8 Days ago

Heya I made a new give away :) it's not much but ya never know

Winners: 3
Price: one lugia voucher for each winner

To join please do these steps
1: like this feed
2: share #freelugiavouchers (sharing the whole feed is up to you)
3: send me a missing plush (its an option if you want to, i would appreciate it though)
4: join the giveaway

Ends when I feel like it

Thanks for joining and good luck
10 Days ago
Shiny Alolan Exeggutor let's goooo :)
10 Days ago

Happy birthday Riako🎉 :D
12 Days ago
14 Days ago
Finally I found my first Gimmighoul
14 Days ago
The one class I'm good at is 3D drawing...

My class: *still practicing*

Me: *Starts modelling an entire house* (which is way harder than the practice stuff)

(The teacher even said I'm one of two people that he's not worried about not being able to do the final exam next year)
14 Days ago


My art I made

My pokesona: pikaboo

Check this out I'll keep adding more pokemon so it will become bigger and bigger

zeno´s pixel art idea list

-make seperate art for both masky and zeno (zeno done)

-Primal groudon

-Decidueye and Hisuian Decidueye (+rowlet and Dartrix) (pauzed)

Reshiram and Zekrom (pauzed for a while cause zekrom is harder than i thought)


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