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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 142/3,299


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Renegade Drac
624,011 / 14,649
Spheal24538 / 1,527
314156,251 / 346,743
10629,652 / 37,737
SourPatch Kid
(Alcremie (Lemon))
23668,821 / 167,797
Marie Curie
(Pikachu Scientist)
855,660 / 21,931


Julie - she/her - Aquarius (☀️/🌙), Virgo (Rising) - GrayAro + Ace - Autistic

Been into Pokemon since playing Yellow Version. Big favorite Pokemon is usually Lucario/Riolu, but also like any fox based critters as well. A shy artist in terms of sharing work online in fear of art theft; can be a bit angsty. OC box's self explanatory: Pokemon based off my characters. I can't say I'm nice as that depends on how you treat me. When it comes to viewpoints, I can be a bit critical but I try my best to be explain thoroughly if needed.
Currently on hiatus. Do NOT randomly add me. If I have you blocked for any reason, please respect that. Don't send private trades or ask why by PMing others.

Avatar: Lucky-Star

Intro: Pt.2

Languages: English is my native but I also know a bit of Spanish as well as Japanese

Local Time: -6hrs of server (-5hrs during DST)

Please treat me the same way you'd like for me to treat you. If I don't feel comfortable with you communicating with me, don't take it harshly as I'm still just weary of folks contacting me regardless. If I have you blocked, it's for a good reason and I'm allowed to withdraw such information so please don't ask others why I did so.

I also ask that you don't add me to your friends list as I have those notifications set to off. I do check on occasion and it makes me irritated that folks still do without asking first. Same goes for those that have the default avatar: I'm also a bit finicky when those players add me. Please ask to add me first before doing so. For me, it's just a way of letting me know. If I say no, please remove me.

I also try to send a random plush with some sort of a message since I get weary about bots doing that too..
Full Policies are on the first post of Diary


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #870121896
Registration: 03/11/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 270:15 Hours
Total interactions: 298,558
Money: 159,675
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Egg finally hatched to where I have lifted the radar chain that was practically going nowhere. Sorry to say it's refreshing to just have an egg and let others that actively play have a ball with that if they end up interacting with the new egg.
13 Days ago
Considering my lack of activity, might as well break my streak for the shiny radar. I understand a lot of folks will come by saying don't since I might come back to finish it. I will, just not within the next couple of weeks or so. I need to change my party regardless anyhow. 😅
19 Days ago
Quick update: [TL:DR = full hiatus from PH due to life changes, not sure if I will check back here]

Recently got a job which explains my lack of activity. I'm leaving it at that so please refrain from asking... Changed Go username and used my last name change with absolute regret as other apps and games block said name without much explanation aside from forbidden or something along those lines... Regardless, I had been playing it a lot more. I haven't got much left of Internet fingerprints aside from maybe FB and other sites I don't use but still have an account for... I will occasionally check, but don't expect much from my end.
1 Month ago
While still on hiatus, noticed a lot of folks sending plushies to me (quite possibly at random with no message attached). If you get a visit from me, that's probably why. I also tend to be VERY WEARY of folks without a personal avatar set so that's another be thing to be aware of...
4 Months ago
Not sure if I understand the whole GWS marking but at least most of my trades aren't English Bidoof and Starly...
4 Months ago
Still waiting for that timer to run down before I can join another team on Cafe Remix. Makes me wonder if someone tried to constantly join and leave teams to where the development team got fed up and implemented that just to get people to stick with one...

Regardless, I don't want to join teams where they use "Daily Login Preferred" because I don't want that restriction on me and I honestly work so - there's going to be days where logging in is going to be more difficult. Granted, I let those daily players have their team - and hopefully people like me have their own.
5 Months ago
Aside from my fun ranting on some free to play game, one thing that my mind likes to surface back up is the idea of having my game cards for both the (3)DS & Switch kicking the bucket and lose functionality... I understand the whole argument of digital vs. physical so my point is this: I prefer physical because goodness knows I don't want to panic when servers get shut off or my 3DS gets borked...

Regardless, both systems' games are usually kept in a safe place where they're not crushed or exposed whether it's the original casing or a portable case to carry the system & games in. But why do I still worry about it?
5 Months ago
Got back into Pokemon Cafe (Re)Mix on my Switch. I'm not going to share my friend code for the game for personal reasons, but considering I left a team because "daily login preferred" is the phrase that scares me into leaving - I am open to finding a new one that's NOT full.

I don't consider myself an administrative type so I might not make one if finding one is a flop and I cannot join a different one until tomorrow anyways because game limitations bar me from that. :s
5 Months ago
Rant: Love to see how after the numerous updates, Go's Battle League is terrible in my opinion... Matchmaking seems to be against whatever team I've decided to use or I'm just that unlucky.

The opposing team - using their shields almost every time I get to launch a charged attack is out of the question - can launch two charged attacks when I have yet to make one myself. I only done the battles for a single task and it's already not worth it. Hard to see that as good effort when the opposite team seems to give less of a burnt Oran Berry about it.
5 Months ago
Glad to see Home's GTS is still a convoluted mess for Dex completing tasks... Can't get one of the missing Mons unless I have the same one to trade with them which defeats the purpose unless they're looking for an English Player's Mon and I'm hesitant to transfer mine from go because I've been having rotten luck finding the said Pokemon... Got the rest aside from evolutions and the trio of birds before Mewtwo.

On the bright side, got the letter from Oak to get Shaymin at least...
5 Months ago
Mostly been trying to get my Let's Go Eevee Dex done, but having difficult time getting a Mankey and the other trade evolutions through Go to transfer over...

Pokemon Home doesn't make that task easier with trade evolutions being blocked as it's not a main game from what I'm guessing... Oi vey... 😞
5 Months ago
Everyone's talking about the next generation of the games while I'm just sitting here waiting for that Shaymin event to go live.
5 Months ago
Pokemon Go fest is nice and all - except when I get an iffy connection and got Pokemon fleeing just as they appear... ?
5 Months ago
Even with the sporadic activity, I'm still not active as much. Most of that is due to lack of interest of playing PH and my Pokemon fixture is accomplished by the Switch titles that I have at the moment including Pokemon Quest.

I've been trying to do a lot of reading and drawing again to no avail. So I've been trying to cut back on things that I take too much of my free time with that doesn't need it and help me in the long run. One of them is my presence here. I'm not going to leave the site per say, I'm just severely inactive still...
5 Months ago
Ever since the announcement of the eShops closing for the 3DS/WiiU, I was just wondering what will happen to the ever so popular money bringing Nintendo Badge Arcade? Will it still be giving out 2 free plays a day and nothing more? Will it go the same route at Pokemon Bank and be free completely? Or will it finally issue a closure message upon opening and will be a useless fragment of what the 3DS was like?
5 Months ago
Looks like Ninten announced the closing of the WiiU and 3DS eShops for March 2023. By then, Pokemon Bank will go to being free to use. Plus, I hope to have Sw/Sh and the Expansion Pass by then so I can transfer some older Mons. Yes, I will need to have a paid subscription in order to do so but I wouldn't mind that at all.
5 Months ago
Not sure what happened but apparently my Spirittomb has the Pokérus...
6 Months ago
Thanks to some reading on Serebii I did manage to find a decent listing on which stickers would benefit in what contest type.

On the down side though, found out why I've been making foul poffins as well... Doggoneit...
6 Months ago
Finally beat the league on Shining Pearl. Cynthia wasn't exactly that difficult but she was quite different from what she was like on the originals. Flint actually was the one that drove me to my limit almost. That Lopunny was a lot faster than I thought it would be...
6 Months ago
Playing Shining Pearl - and I still feel like a klutz when it comes to the Super Contests. Poffins are apparently harder to cook than in the original because I seem to make more foul ones than the intended one I want to make. Ball capsule being a big part of it didn't help...

Sorry to say that yes, I might be doing something wrong or lack a specific trait but I'm sadly not interested enough to figure it out just for another star on my trainer card...
6 Months ago


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Some Special Interests

Aside from Pokemon, hobbies include reading & drawing. Native language is English but have been trying to learn Japanese during my off time. Supernatural beings in general are a interest recently, mostly vampires and werewolves. Sometimes it varies between which one's my main. I do have a longer list of other minor interests but I will usually go crazy over informational sharing of the ones listed above.
Feel free to send an aura boy, a personal fav, or a plush I don't have.
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