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Trainerlevel: 57

Trainerpoints: 2,458/9,803


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Bayleef18453 / 777

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Hinata (no not my real name, I don't feel comfortable giving my real name out) / female / 26 / officially engaged to a sweet huggable Squishy / straight / writer / Please do not make any assumptions about me. One of the few thing that bothers me most in this world is people making assumptions based on literally no evidence. The other thing is: I can't stand having to repeat myself. I'm sorry but having to say the same thing over and over bothers me deeply.

Games I enjoy: Undertale / Stardew Valley / Yokai Watch / Don't Starve / Elsword / Pokemon

TV/ manga / webcomic series I enjoy: Criminal Minds / Forensic Files / Simpsons / Futurama / Fullmetal Alchemist / Higurashi / My Hero Academia / Dragon Ball / Soul Eater / Slightly Damned (<---not recommended for kids or people who aren't comfortable with swearing. Quite a bit of violence, a small amount of death and LOTS of swearing)

Gem Hunt

Dragon Gem (17/75)
Water Gem (0/75)
Flying Gem (0/75)
Poison Gem (0/75)

Dragon Gem (17/75)
Psychic Gem (0/75)
Electric Gem (0/75)
Ice Gem (0/75)

-Merging Egg-
(17/10) Dragon Gem
(0/10) Fairy Gem

Emera pokemon I'm missing

Shadow mewtwo
Pokedex Rotom


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #388649916
Registration: 18/04/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1484:17 Hours
Total interactions: 979,249
Money: 512,467
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


sorry close feeds but small issue with my art feed: I'm actually working on 2 pics at the same time soooo....same thing with this one! If this can get 24 likes (doubled it so I don't make the same mistake twice...she says only to get half the amount in about an hour...) I'll share the other pic I'm also working on!

(i'm probably gonna embarrass myself so why not: go all out and show them both TwT)
Today, 01:17
Me: *sees 7 likes on my last feed and not even an hour has passed* oooooooh boooooy mistakes have been made....probably should have made it a big number....

Well I'm a girl of my word...if it gets at least 5 more likes I'll show the pic here
(please don't though...my art really is bad...)
Today, 01:11
ok if I can get at least 12 likes on this feed by the next reset I'll share the picture I'm working on and the completed colored version here on pokeheroes

...she says only to get a grand total of 1-2 likes because usually only one of my friends likes all my feeds TwT (you know who you are: you're an awesome bud!)

(then again probably would be for the best if I only get 1 like...my pics suck =3=)
Today, 00:39
there's a pic I'm currently working on and I'm debating on sharing it here...
Today, 00:16
you know this is something I had been thinking about for a long while but a bunch of suggestions for the site gets no support with the reason "someone else already suggested this"
how is that a valid argument against your suggestion? Seriously think about it: if multiple people are requesting the same thing then more reason to implement it into the site because this is a desired feature

then again I'm probably just being salty that my idea to allow users to set palpad to offline wasn't implemented in its last update =3= (that was the reason someone said it shouldn't be implemented and it's bugged me to no end ever since! Seriously how is that a valid reason why it got rejected?! I can accept something like 'it may cause too many bugs in palpad' or something like that! Why should the fact another person wanted the exact same feature as me have any impact on it!?)
Yesterday, 14:11
well it happened. my mom has successfully made me cry
Yesterday, 04:54
well the good things that had been happening came to an abrupt stop when my family came home. Everyone is now yelling at each other and at me and my anxiety and stress is getting to the point where I had to leave the room because I emotionally can't handle anymore and now I feel like I want to do nothing but curl up in my closet and cry
Yesterday, 02:56
I got a shiny and what I am seriously hoping is shadow mewtwo's egg in one day

...i think pokeheroes is trying to cheer me up...
...it's working...
1 Day ago
By PokéRadar - 1 Hour and 4 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Sableye hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #204)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

I'll do a mega hunt for a male sableye later i need a break from sableyes (especially since I don't even like them. my boyfriend loves them for some reason {he thinks they're cool})
1 Day ago
well i feel ticked off, rejected and a bit depressed. I showed my friends something I was working on that i was kinda proud of...only for them to completely ignore me...
(kinda want to leave them thinking Galar is a scottish region so they look ridiculous as revenge for ignoring me for the eightieth time...ok that was actually an exaggeration...they've ignored me about fourteen times now)
1 Day ago
can you still get spiky eared pichu from the rumble area? I've had my raichu there for months now and I'm starting to wonder if it's a super rare find or just not there anymore
2 Days ago
By Wonder Trade - 1 Hour and 30 Minutes ago.
Wonder Trade Report:

Gyarados => Ralts
Gengar => Gyarados
Ampharos => Carvanha

You know i'm wondering if the gyarados i recieved was originally mine
2 Days ago
i just realized i forgot to name this. you know how some users name their shinies depending on how many shinies were already on the site (normally if theirs are the first three). Well turns out this guy is among the first three on-site shinies buuut...i honestly have no idea if it's the second or third (definitely can't be the first given how long it took me to get him)
2 Days ago
I'm feeling a little better. Still having sleeping issues but I have a sleep aid so hopefully that'll help a little. But my stress has gone down a bit
3 Days ago
well good news and bad news:
Good news: the issue that caused the two simultaneous panic attacks has hopefully been resolved (i seriously do hope)
Bad news: I'm going to remain silent until probably next week thanks to large amounts of stress and anxiety that has officially affected my ability to sleep (to the point where I couldn't sleep at all last night and literally passed out for about 3 hours). So for everyone I usually talk to (which actually amounts to maybe 4 people at most) I'm really sorry if I don't answer any messages or comments
6 Days ago
I think I just had two simultaneous panic attacks in a row...I'm going to hop off pokeheroes for a while. i'm just going to check the daycare, auction house and wonder trade but that's it...i need to be alone for a while
7 Days ago
I am officially DONE with the man I'm supposed to call my dad! He frequently puts me down, acts like I'm a lazy good for nothing, yells at me for the most trivial POINTLESS reasons and until three years ago, hit me more than should be legal! The straw that broke the camel's back: he yelled at me for 10 minutes. The horrible thing I did (<sarcasm): turn off a light no one was using THAT HE LEFT ON

This is everything I do for this family: I cook, keep the house clean, buy groceries, write out the checks to pay the bills, mail out the bills, repair things that get broken, set up everything electronic and do ALL the heavy lifting!

this is what HE does: complain, break everything in his path (I've had to fix the coat rack so many times it's not funny), leave the TV and fireplace on ALL night and yell at everyone

I'm done! From now on he's my mom's husband! NOT my dad!
7 Days ago
Well found out Avengers: Endgame trailer was released onto youtube. I told my sister not to talk about the trailer because she already watched it and because I want to go into the movie as blind as possible and trailers tend to spoil the best moments in the movie. Literal first thing she does is try and talk about the trailer -.-

Also please don't say anything about the movie: no moments from the trailer, no rumors about the movie. My sister already said one confirmed rumor which still bothers me because I told her multiple times not to talk about anything about the movie and she refused to listen to me.
7 Days ago
You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Ultra Saddle found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

8 Days ago
it's almost 5 am. I spent almost all night doing final touch ups and uploading some pics I was working on. my eyes hurt like you can't imagine and I'm on the verge of passing out...i think that was a productive night =D
8 Days ago


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shiny hunt/ breeding list

Upcoming shiny hunts:

Sableye x1 (needs to be male)
Shinx x4 (Eeveesaur133 (x1), me (x3)
Glameow x3 (me {x2}, Eeveesaur133 {x1})
Buneary x2 (needs to be female)
Sneasel x2
Houndour x2
Snover x2
Bounsweet x3
male combees x2
female combee x2
miltank x4
Oricorio (pa'u)
Oricorio (pom pom)
Furfrou x10
Charmander x3
Weedle x2
Pidgey x2
Gastly x2
Onix x2
Goldeen x1
Pinsir x1
Aerodactyl x1
Chinchou x2
Mareep x3
Ralts x 4
Remoraid x2
Mawile x1
Carvanah x2
Shuppet x2
Absol x1
Snorunt x3
Bidoof x2
Riolu x2
Tepig x3
Clauncher x2
Komala x1

Mega hunt (after my shiny hunts):
Sableye x1 (needs to be male)

What I want to get during my break from shiny hunts:
Deoxys x2

Items I'm saving

Event Tickets for Meloetta (shiny):


Collecting GGC


SC Tokens for normal Victini and Tapus


SC Tokens for shiny Victini and Tapus:


shiny MissingNo (thursday; 00:18).


Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4