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Trainerlevel: 17

Trainerpoints: 652/883


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Bulbasaur18 / 9

About me

Howdy!! I'm Gregoryk, but you can simply call me "greg"! I am a moderator on a roleplay site called freeroamrp, which is a pg-13 roleplay site! I am a fan of many things, including but not limited to: pokemon, overwatch, apex legends, red dead redemption, supernatural, anything zombie (particularly the walking dead [up to season 6] and z nation [all seasons]), jacksepticeye, markiplier, and a few other things ill probably think of later! feel free to pm me if you want to be friends, however please note that i do have a few anger management issues and tend to hold a hard grudge.

important notes about me (READ BEFORE PMING):
- im a minor (17), meaning im NOT comfortable holding a conversation with anyone over 21 (however im willing to chat if youre over, but not if you're older than 26). i will still trade with you and such, but its just a personal preference and for my own safety.
- if youre over 50 years old, im gonna block you outright. i will not interact with you at all.
- im on new meds, so please be cautious when talking about sensitive subjects with me
- i have EXTREME paranoia, so please be patient with me. if i start to get paranoid and i know you, i might spam you and im VERY sorry
- i will have a full blown panic attack if you talk about death and afterlife around me. dont do it, and if you do, expect a block.

- book ( singular ): the dagger x
- book series: the sisters grimm
- pokemon ( game ): original black / white games
- pokemon ( all time ): trubbish line and ekans line
- pokemon ( legendary ): zekrom
- pokemon ( other faves ): alakazam, flygon, lillipup, timburr
- pokemon ( starters by gen ): squirtle, cyndaquil, treeko, piplup, snivy / oshawatt, froakie, popplio, sobble
- food: stuffed shells
- tv show ( all time ): z nation!!
- character ( all time ): puck ( the sisters grimm ), murphy ( z nation ), 10k ( z nation )


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gregoryk is currently hunting Bulbasaur.
Hunt started: 16/05/2019

Chain: 26
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- zigzagoon
- starly
- timburr


Game Records

Trainer ID: #824605313
Registration: 27/02/2019 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 54:30 Hours
Total interactions: 41,271
Money: 26,186
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


mason ramsey, aka walmart yodelling boy is pure and could never do anything wrong, and my evidence is his song “famous”.
Yesterday, 18:03
for anyone who plays overwatch: who agrees that jeff is the worst for saying that the school girl dva skin would "break the internet", knowing full well what he meant with that crap. 1) the asian school girl thing is already a stereotype at this point 2) its also incredibly fetishised and it disgusting. they knew what they were doing. dont get me wrong, its a nice skin but if i see ONE creep i might have to commit a crime
Yesterday, 08:04
me, finding out how big the starter grass areas are: haha ha ha no
1 Day ago
i put three dragon gyms up for trade is anyone is interested.
1 Day ago
hey does anyone have a bulbasaur pair?? i’m trying to do this hunt but i’m only getting two eggs a day and it’s annoying as all hell
1 Day ago
well y’all, it’s finally happened!! she’s finally married!! it’s been a long, emotional, 90 degree (fahrenheit) day, nearly had a heat stroke i think, and i’m very ready to get home and pass out. gonna snuggle with my cat and die in bed for a few hours hah
2 Days ago
it’s the big day! moms getting married and i don’t have to wear heels! a good start so far!! y’all hope i don’t cry lol
2 Days ago
well, my mother is finally getting married tomorrow! i honestly never thought i’d see the day because all of her past boyfriends have been so horrible. tomorrow, she’s getting married to the guy she was best friends with in high school, and i couldn’t be happier. he treats her right, he’s not afraid to play rough with my sister and me, and honestly, tomorrow is gonna he one of the best days of my life (cries)
3 Days ago
rip grumpy cat :^(
3 Days ago
interaction exchange? <3
5 Days ago
y’all ever just wake up from a nightmare in a cold sweat except you’re not sweating because it’s too freaking cold so it just a cold
6 Days ago
my husband: i should go to bed soon
me, needy: i cant allow that
6 Days ago
do yall ever get so upset that you have to stop your music so you can make sure you dont cry loud enough that your parents hear
7 Days ago
decided to hunt bulbasaur bc i like suffering
wish me luck yall
8 Days ago
By Anime - 21 Hours and 56 Minutes ago.

I'm going away from PH for a while so... I'm giving Pokemon in my Specials box (no starter/harvest sprites), items, PD (1M worth) and Nuggets.

Winner 1 - PD + Chosen Pokemon
Winner 2 - Nuggets + Chosen Pokemon
Winner 3 - Chosen Pokemon (2)
Winner 4-8 - Chosen Pokemon (1)
Others: Items

To people I'm close to I'll give some Pokemon or items in advance as a thank you.

All I ask for is you treat it well ^^

Ends May 31.
11 Days ago
I am proud to announce my giveaway with AmberLikeEmber !


To celebrate this great news we are giving away some goodies that I am sure everyone will like.

Some of these goodies are:

~ Shiny Rowlet
~ 200k PD
~ Mystery Items
~ Balls
~ Evo Items / Summons?
~ Forme-Change Items
~ Nuggets (why not?)


~ Share #FriendsGiveaway ↓↑


Thank You!

AmberLikeEmber - Nicest person!

Inverso - A nab xp
12 Days ago
hmmm should i shiny hunt a timburr, trapinch, or yanma next?
12 Days ago
howdy friends! recently i made a sprite shop!! it can be found here!
27 Days ago
and got the pokeradar, thanks to noshou once again!!! not to figure out what i wanna do c^:
1 Month ago


if i randomly stop talking to you, give me a few days. it means something has randomly triggered some for of paranoia about you. just give me a few days and i will be back to chatting in no time! spamming me will only make this process longer! c^:
if you end up spamming me however, you'll be blocked and reported, because i physically cannot talk to you at that moment without having a panic attack. BE PATIENT.


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- i know english, a good bit of german, and SOME russian
- i live in america ( south east )
- i'm married to a wonderful and amazing guy!!!
- i'm trans and have no clue what my sexuality is
- i do a lot of mass clicking at night bc i have nothing better to do


both sprite edits by me!

sprite by charmanderforlive