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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 1,885/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Anniversary Cupcake)
1424,085 / 76,149
Clemont’s crush :3
1,0413,200,108 / 4,067,709

My Goals for 2022:
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1. Get 1x SM (1/1)
2. Get 1x Shiny Legend (1/1)
3. Make my ~Clemontic-NFT~ box full (100/100, done before but not now)
-Shiny (33/33)
-Mega Able (34/34)
-Normal (33/33)
4. Get 30 shiny dex entries (42/30)
5. Shiny Hunt 10 Pokemon (12/10)
6. Shiny Hunt Chespin~ (1/1)
7. Get 'Shiny Lizard Party’ (Sceptile, Heliolisk, Salandit, Inteleon, Hakamo-o 5/5)

8. Get my dragonite to level 1200 before 31/12 (911/1200)
9. Get a Pokémon with OS below 15 (4/1)
10. Get a Pokémon with 1 OS (0/1)
no color - undone, green - done, blue - did double the task

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4


Game Records

Trainer ID: #124806838
Registration: 13/01/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 542:39 Hours
Total interactions: 93,359
Money: 586,463
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


hi there! trading all my remains for pd now
2 Months ago
By Anniversary - 8 Hours and 31 Minutes ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 1 Year now!

:0 Hello there
2 Months ago
i’m planning on creating a community about a game idea bout battle and paint, sprays. with characters all from the staff.

if you want to chat bout the idea feel free to palpad me. possibly looking for more characters for the game. (you still own it, we just use it. i have 2 alr)

if idea found i might accept you as staff. ill make a palpad group soon enough if more people want to join.
2 Months ago
#FantasyNameGA giveaway ended!
1. Catherine_Elysandre - Panifauna (Love the name, totally fits the place!)
2. OrcaNinetales - Birchus (Ooh, I love birch)
3. RoyalUltima - Avianabots (This is the best name ive ever head :0), for extra I’m going to also give 5k PD to Altreo, bc I love the name as well (there’s another species that is similar to Avianabots)
4. Altreo - Sapienta
5. RoyalUltima - Phibianameres
6. Catherine_Elysandre - Hydrolyticals
7. IgnisCarmelita - Mechoid (finally a name that is only shown one time :’)

I’ll send gifts, 10k pd for each category rn! sry for close feeds
3 Months ago
#FantasyNameGA forgot to add the end date, it’s 10th December
3 Months ago
Give me names for my fantasy AU, so there is a list of descriptions you need to make for the species, and you will create the names for them!

List of species/things you can make a name:
1. A world full of animals and other species, is mostly warm.
2. A grand treehouse that is a place where some of the animals live.
3. A species which can transform from bird form, human form, and robo form.
4. Species which have a hot-blooded animal’s trait, but only have the animal’s ears and feet.
5. A simular species to the hot-blooded species but this species is cold-blooded. (etc snakes, frogs, lizards)
6. Water animals and creatures, but have the power to control water.
7. Robots that can talk with human voices.

10k PD will be awarded for the best name for each thing from the list. It’s preferred that you make names for all the 7, because you will have a higher chance of winning.

Tag #FantasyNameGA with the names, and you’re in! GL
3 Months ago
anyone wanna do collabs on a brawl stars fantasy au :)
3 Months ago
Today is the worst day of my life.
3 Months ago
quick discount
My 107 nuggets for your 204k pd

Send a trade with a message if intrested
3 Months ago

Hey guys
Im leaving so
Im selling all my pokemon in here, including shinies, my shiny mega, and my shiny legendary for PD or Nuggets.

Please send a palpad or a pm for offers, I’ll mostly accept if it’s fair
3 Months ago
Hey guys
Im leaving so
Im selling all my pokemon in here, including shinies, my shiny mega, and my shiny legendary.

Please send a palpad or a pm for offers, I’ll mostly accept if it’s fair
3 Months ago
What should I make the prize of my Huge art contest? It must be really worth it
4 Months ago
Anyone can do art here? Cus im doing a huge art contest
4 Months ago
new avi+new name
5 Months ago
Anyone want a MCSM and Brawl Stars crossover comic? it’s gonna be looooooong
5 Months ago
how much usd will you pay for something like this. (fullbody+shading)
5 Months ago
how much USD is my art worth? (Fullbody)
examples: deviantart profile
5 Months ago
I've already used 5 and a half hour on art this week, I have school and is very busy, but today is just Tuesday... Will I get 15 hours on art this week LOL

anyways I'm just working on a brawl stars fusion so it took that long, also I have animating class
5 Months ago

~About Me~


YT: FrostyCandy Studios
DA: Demon_Protogen
TH: Rashiram

Commisions: No
AT: Yes
RPs: Maybe

WoF lover.

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