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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 14,742/16,949


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,26513,144,914 / 31,990,471

About Me

hi I'm kitty5327,I love cats and pokemon,and online games,and drawing and anime,and I love to roleplay and I'm 30 and my birthday is on december 25th,don't add me to group chats

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normal gems for shiny ditto 11,135 /1,044,000

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eclipsa is currently hunting Espurr.
Hunt started: 26/03/2020

Chain: 101


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #981709253
Registration: 03/08/2015 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 31/Dec/2020
Game Time: 4027:19 Hours
Total interactions: 11,694,082
Money: 3,008,648
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


I see 3 shadows that I want (finally) chinchou,slowking,and murkrow,since I can only get 2 of them cause I don't have the other upgrades for the shadow radar,I decided shadow chinchou and murkrow
Yesterday, 05:26
I hate that I haven't been sleeping well lately,my cat keeps waking me up meowing an hour or 2 after I go to bed,no idea why since she has food and water,and the other day I had a stupid dream that woke me up,and this morning people were working outside making too much noise at 8 am,WHY?! ;-; it's no wonder I've been angry lately,lack of sleep!
1 Day ago
not what I was going for,I was going to try to draw kangaskhan as ripper roo from crash,but I did the opposite,oh well,kangaskhan is hard to draw for me anyway,so I'm much more happier with ripper roo with kangaskhan's color scheme instead
2 Days ago
what should I draw? I usually draw something silly for april fools day,I got 6 hours though =w= but I want to at least draw a new avatar for ph for the day
2 Days ago
I get the joke riako,no event prank and we slowly loose are sanity (but in all seriousness,I'm hoping it's just one of those infamous set timer glitches that happens from time to time)
2 Days ago
Interactions made 2,653
Interactions received 738
Eggs hatched 17
Forum posts 0
2 Days ago
why would anyone ask me how much my sylveon is? I'm never selling it,that should have been obvious since I've had it for 4 years
4 Days ago
oh,I forgot all about the speed click event,I was playing my game last night,watching my friend's live stream on youtube and now watching a sleeplocke
5 Days ago
since my friend wasn't having much luck finding the pokemon she wanted to shiny hunt tonight on her live stream,I convinced her to play CTR tomorrow night,and maybe later on she'll try again on finding the trapinch
6 Days ago
ok,I get to blame my friend on facebook now,since he did a live stream on youtube and now I want to click on youtube after his live stream,he had one job and that was not to give me more temptation to go on youtube until tomorrow
7 Days ago
the show I recorded a year ago doesn't even come on anymore and it's not online anywhere,do I really want to watch and delete them? no :'(
7 Days ago
ugh!,I keep going to youtube by accident,I don't know much how much longer I can avoid spoilers,hurry up and be friday already! ;-;
8 Days ago
I really hate how it's been in the 90's so I can't go out to walk,it seems to go back to the 70's next week
8 Days ago
ugh,I can't resist being on youtube ;-; I'm trying to remember a song and it's not been in my head for years and it's long gone on youtube (or so I thought) I may have just found it
9 Days ago
Interactions made 38,527
Interactions received 1,519
Eggs hatched 5
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9 Days ago
I can't go on youtube until friday,it's so infuriating people are spoiling things from steven universe future,like come on,it comes on friday,how are they seeing the next episode extremely early? now I got to avoid spoilers,I know I haven't talked much about this or at all,I got into steven universe last year in september but after hearing about the fandom,I'm terrified and I like to keep things to myself about the show,but video wise I like hearing the theories but now it's nothing but pure spoilers right now it seems,I guess it's time to watch live streams on twitch for a few days and draw and of course interacting on here,I got plenty to do
9 Days ago
I think it's too hot to go for a walk,I don't like when it gets into the 80's and 90's.....and not even summer yet and we're already getting the heat.....
10 Days ago
I've noticed stuff re watching pokemon,a sandwich rolling down a hill or a trainer trying to give a sandwich to their pokemon (that you can obviously cut in half) nethier of them make sense to me,I've seen the originals to which make better sense then the dub version,but I like watching dubbed anime,cause that's all we had back in the 90's so it stuck to me years later,I figured out I don't like subtitles like everyone else does (reading and watching at the same time is not possible for me,I've tried) but yeah I've been re watching pokemon lately,slowly but surely
10 Days ago
really hate when a hatch hatches and a notification pops up at the same time and you hen you go look and you get disappointed and release the non shiny
11 Days ago

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