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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 1,727/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Pikipek735 / 169
Pikipek7119 / 169
Pikipek6117 / 127
Pikipek717 / 169
Pikipek729 / 169
Pikipek16 / 8


IF I DONT KNOW YOU / ADD YOU FIRST, DO. NOT. ADD. ME. you will get blocked!


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Ribombee 2 Days ago
Luxria 3 Days ago
LadySylbreon 5 Days ago
l0ser 17 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

cosmyn is currently hunting Pikipek.
Hunt started: 21/01/2020

Chain: 12


- i know english, a good bit of german, and SOME russian
- i live in america ( south east )
- i'm married to a wonderful and amazing guy!!!
- i'm trans and have no clue what my sexuality is
- i do a lot of mass clicking at night bc i have nothing better to do

Game Records

Trainer ID: #824605313
Registration: 27/02/2019 (10 Months ago)
Premium member until 15/Apr/2020
Game Time: 354:51 Hours
Total interactions: 127,360
Money: 417,138
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


y’all i am SO MAD
they (my school) took me out of german without asking me first because i failed that class last semester. replaced it with “family and consumers”. without asking or informing me about it. in the past i’ve done PERFECTLY FINE in that class, it was just a rough semester all around.
Yesterday, 19:54
new hunt! toucannon
Yesterday, 18:36
ok if no shinies hatch from this party, ill just buy a shiny starley off someone, hopefully.
Yesterday, 10:51
im so close to just buying a shiny starley from someone or something so i can move on to another hunt.
Yesterday, 04:30
pls give me this last shiny so i can move on with this hunt
Yesterday, 02:00
y’all i want a snake S O B A D
1 Day ago
hi, shiny gods? please give me the last shiny pls and thank u
1 Day ago
i didn’t sleep until 8:30... AM. so i just woke up and i’m so happy my parents let me sleep in. i actually feel refreshed for once, if not a bit sleepy.
2 Days ago
interaction exchange? will return when i wake up ^^
3 Days ago
hello, shiny gods. pls give me luck with this retro egg. ty
4 Days ago
interaction exchange?
4 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 54 Minutes and 31 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Starly hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #35)!
Congratulations! A shiny Starly hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #37)!

and below 40, too! im shook lmao
4 Days ago
did breeding chance get increased? these staraptors are breeding like theyre rabbits!
4 Days ago
new day, new party, same rough sickness. i feel like death.
5 Days ago
Buying flying gems and normal gems! <3
5 Days ago
alrighty! ill be doing staraptor first, and then after i get all the staraptors i need and some shinies to sell, i'll move on to toucannon! <3 ty to amber and ralsi! ( and lady, i just haven't looked through her boxes yet like she offered XD )
5 Days ago
I need something to hunt. so, if anyone has a random breeding pair they'd be willing to let me barrow, send it my way! it could be mostly any pokemon, just a beg of you, do not send the following, as i've already done hunts for them:
ponyta, budew, zigzagoon, skitty, bulbasaur, trapinch, feebas, audino, minccinno, froakie, furfrou, weedle, achen, skiddo, cubchoo, rattatta, minun, or rufflet!
5 Days ago
By Silvesary - 22 Minutes and 9 Seconds ago.

If anyone, ANYONE uses a Windows 10 computer of any sort, UPDATE IT NOW.
It’s been revealed that there is a big bug within the current Windows and that it makes it very possible and real for hackers to download malicious software and malware to your pc simply by tricking it into updating! This is real! There’s and article on Forbes.com that goes into more detail on it if you look for it.

Please spread this message around and help keep others with computers safe! #UpdateWindows10Now
6 Days ago
a suggestion!
its a confirmation before buying nuggets to double check you have the correct card instead of going straight to the "bought nuggets" page.
6 Days ago
me, waiting three days to have my application approved on a rp site when they said it would only take 24 hours: should i just leave? is that what you admins would like? because i will. just say the word
6 Days ago

About me

Howdy!! I'm Gregoryk, but you can simply call me "greg"! I am a fan of many things, including but not limited to: pokemon, overwatch, apex legends, red dead redemption, supernatural, anything zombie (particularly the walking dead [up to season 6] and z nation [all seasons]), jacksepticeye, markiplier, and a few other things ill probably think of later! feel free to pm me if you want to be friends, however please note that i do have a few anger management issues and tend to hold a hard grudge.

important notes about me (READ BEFORE PMING):
- if youre over 50 years old, im gonna block you outright. i will not interact with you at all.
- i have EXTREME paranoia, so please be patient with me. if i start to get paranoid and i know you, i might spam you and im VERY sorry
- i will have a full blown panic attack if you talk about death and afterlife around me. dont do it, and if you do, expect a block.

- book ( singular ): the dagger x
- book series: the sisters grimm
- pokemon ( game ): original black / white games
- pokemon ( all time ): trubbish line and ekans line
- pokemon ( legendary ): zekrom
- pokemon ( other faves ): alakazam, flygon, lillipup, timburr
- pokemon ( starters by gen ): squirtle, cyndaquil, treeko, piplup, snivy / oshawatt, froakie, popplio, sobble
- food: stuffed shells
- tv show ( all time ): z nation!!
- character ( all time ): puck ( the sisters grimm ), murphy ( z nation ), 10k ( z nation )


by me:

by dustyzoiveon:


if i randomly stop talking to you, give me a few days. it means something has randomly triggered some for of paranoia about you. just give me a few days and i will be back to chatting in no time! spamming me will only make this process longer! c^:
if you end up spamming me however, you'll be blocked and reported, because i physically cannot talk to you at that moment without having a panic attack. BE PATIENT.

- do not ask to palpad me, please. palpad isn't really an option to me as i dont notice the notification.
- do not send random friend requests. you will be rejected.
- feel free to randomly pm me, but please read my about me, first.



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