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Trainerlevel: 72

Trainerpoints: 14,369/15,623


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Blastoise (Retro))
1,2272,929,076 / 5,387,598
664,291 / 13,267
Pikachu362,198 / 3,997
Igglybuff12 / 6
Igglybuff10 / 6

Shiny Hunt

articuno13 is currently hunting Igglybuff.
Hunt started: 22/04/2021

Chain: 5

Currently hoarding / buying

I finished my hoarding goal a while back and I haven't decided on a new one yet.

Hoopa 9/50
(no i'm not buying, you need to find 49 Hoopa and the next will be shiny.)

Even if my status says on-line doesn't mean i'm actually at my pc, I have the bad habit of forgetting to log off on my personal PC

Future Hunts


Last Action
Browsing through notifications (10 Hours ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #270476247
Registration: 20/04/2015 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 2125:41 Hours
Total interactions: 2,538,641
Money: 907,715
Starter Pokémon: Marshtomp


FINALLY no 20! on a page I all ready checked 4 times but didn't scroll far enough down -sweatdrops-

PSA this sitemap is awesome! it has where I found egg 19 which was NASTY : https://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread?id=395&post=1899762

(yeah I forgot how to embed links. you'll have to do it the hard way)
22 Days ago
okay now it's getting annoying. I have had 5 pokemon disappear from my boxes in the past 2 days. no I did not release or evolve them.
22 Days ago
-facepalm- well played Riako, well played. just found egg 19 out of 20 and I would never have thought to do that and i've been over the entire site 3 times all ready. also where on earth did my normal venusaur disappear to!?
22 Days ago
wait... Pokemon recovery is now a thing?! (yes I realised I forgot to check Bill's for my last 2 eggs.)
23 Days ago
returns after MONTHS of abscence, and only cause my password got leaked (serves me right for storing it in my google account).

-que gandalf meme-

I... have no memory of this place.


JK but oh my gosh I missed a lot!
2 Months ago
well that was cutting it close but i have an elekid egg.
9 Months ago
sooo did nuggets get more expensive at 1900-2100 each instead of 1500 or are people just being expensive at the item market?

(though that one listing that's asking 100k per nugget is hilarious)
10 Months ago
there, finally got all the loose "junk" from my item bag at the new item trade. took 3 days and I all ready made 2.7 million. (and that's without the gems that were specifically donated to the daycare being 86 dragon gems)
10 Months ago
how do you evolve narichu?
10 Months ago
By GTS - 3 Hours and 2 Minutes ago.
It's pay day!
Some of your items have been sold at the GTS with a revenue of 1,026,400 PokéDollar.

→ Claim revenue

huh guess my maps sold in record time. i'm loving this!
10 Months ago
battling Kartana:

kartana defends
kasai did 0 damage
kartana attacks!
kasai takes 50 damage!
Kasai sp. attacks.
312 damage
kartana fainted!

XD gotta love that shiny rapidash
11 Months ago
Finally! My MA arrived second chain at no 63. so total of....158
11 Months ago
thanks to an a user who wishes to stay unknown I got a LOT of mystery sets. the only condition was a public list of what I got.

so here goes

pokedollars: 31203
game chips: 3311
nuggets: 4
event points: 57


6 flying
3 poison
3 grass
6 electric
1 fire
7 rock
6 normal
20 dragon
2 fairy
5 dark
4 ice
9 water
8 psychic
9 bug

3 aguav
10 cheri
3 razz
8 pamtre
2 wepear
7 magost
3 occa
2 rawst
7 watmel
10 figy
4 wacan
5 pinap
9 grepa
2 shuca

2 sail
2 plume


6 lemonade
8 soda pop
3 protein
hp up


vortex of time
marine cave
enigma stone
2 ultra saddle
cold rock
dark stone

forme changers:
red orb
washing machine
whipped dream
11 Months ago
well that's 1 round of the site done. 17 eggs and the last Hoopa ring i'd been looking for for about half a year XD
1 Year ago
so it's a little after midnight right now for me, so that means that after I sleep I'll be picking up my animal crossing switch. can't do anything with it until friday as I have 0 games and my salary doesn't come until friday at the earliest but ehh -shrugs-

(sometimes corona has it's advantages, because of the virus my game shop is closing down starting on the 19th which means AC and another game who had the release on the 20th have to be picked up on the 18th)
1 Year ago
yay... my birthday is officially cancelled. as is the holiday (probably, maybe) I took for it. so no seeing my family, no physical gifts and no time off (probably). what I do get is extra work because people order stuff on-line instead of going to the shops as much as possible....

yay..? I just hope they don't cancel AC:NH. cause If I can't get my switch either i'm gonna scream.
1 Year ago
hatches 4 aerodactyl, egg 1 is MA. forgot to turn the radar on.

me: headdesk
1 Year ago
Yay! I got a.... blue dog?......
oo-kay. only took a full month to hatch but okay.
1 Year ago
okay, that was fast. egg no 9 is the MA.
1 Year ago
I have amassed a few dragon gems and i'm in need of nuggets. anyone willing/capable of trading?

have some other stuff too. but nothing really special.
1 Year ago


Keep sky pillar map and green orb then evolve it to Mega

evolve castform:

Selling the following:

Event pokemon from this box through the shop below

retro pokemon and MA's from this box contact the shop above for the events

2 lugia vouchers

1 retro starter (bulbasaur, charmander OR squirtle)


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