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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 10,547/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Lucario)
2,21916,920,607 / 17,667,765

My PH Family!

Purpleeda - My pet Flareon
LukeArch87 - The pet Pikachu who loves lollipops
LucarioLover99 - Still thinking it out!
juicetonThe crazy brother
TheLonelyFalinks The Sushi eating spider..?

A brief introduction

Hm...what is there to write about myself...?

Anyways...hey there! I'm YungRover! I don't know who is currently reading this but it's nice to meet you!
Of course, I'm here because I enjoy Pokemon! But I also other games such as Fire Emblem, Smash Bros.
I also enjoy RPing although admittedly I’m not the best around.

And that goes without saying, my palpad is always open!

Oh…one more thing. Please do not PM me about buying/selling/asking for items or pokemon. I will not respond. My items will be sold at the Item Market. My pokemon will be on the Global Trade Station
Avatar by Asagata!

Gif by Corviknight

(Pokemon Team by CharmanderforLive)
Reach for my hand, I'll soar away...

More about me!

More about me
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Nationality: British
Age: Sorry. I'm not willing to give my exact age. If you hang out long enough you might be able to infer but I'm not going to give out my real age.
Personality: Well...it's hard to say. I'm pretty quiet and a definite introvert. I'll do my best to be up for conversation as much as possible. I can be pretty shy though...
I'm a languages student!

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Riolu Line. - I love this line...the design, the shiny form...everything about them. Though I liked them due to the mystery dungeon games...which made me cry. I had Riolu as my starter...and my first game was Super Mystery Dungeon.

Eevee Line. - What's not to love here? All of them are cute...my favourite out of the whole group is Glaceon, per my love to Ice Types. But it is also the first card I've gotten from a pokemon card pack. And it has been a staple in my post game run of Pokemon Black 2

Zorua Line. - A more recent favourite. Started to like this line more and more ever since my runthrough of Pokemon Ultra Sun and they've endeared me to them. I also loved the designs of both Zorua and Zoroark, as well as their shiny forms.

Amaura Line. - I've always loved the cold and ice. And I love seeing pictures of auroras, they are a sight to behold. I would love to be able to see an aurora one day. And Amaura and Aurorus are so cute...

Sobble Line - I generally lean towards the water and grass type starters. Inteleon is one of the coolest...and finger gun. That's all.
...pokemon type? - Ice Type
...games? - Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing.
...colours? - Any shade of blue, the darker purples, blue-greens and black
...hobbies? - Gaming, Writing, hanging out with friends, here or otherwise!
...food and drink? - I do like Chinese stuff...and I love my green tea.


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WxNoxxW 5 Hours ago
Purpleeda 1 Day ago
Purpleeda 2 Days ago
Purpleeda 2 Days ago

Sprites and Art!

Here's some sprites and art that others have made for me! All credit goes to the creators! Do not use!



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This is art of RP characters! (Character on the right belongs to T0xic)






Sprites and Art 2!

Game Records

Trainer ID: #820071083
Registration: 11/10/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 5170:15 Hours
Total interactions: 3,502,096
Money: 3,752,578
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


Artfight has really put me back in a drawing mood again.
It's been a while since I drew anything for myself though.

So I decided to draw Emerald with a Bolt Axe from Fire Emblem here
1 Month ago
Artfight really can be stressful ><
All the inner dilemmas... which chara can I draw well, do I attack someone whose quality is clearly much better then what I can put out etc etc etc

It's good practice at least but heck
1 Month ago
You sent all required items to Retirement Home!
Thank you very much.
312 3,163 White Powder
1 Month ago
2 Months ago
The other night I was in my bed looking up at the stars and was thinking...

Where the hell is my roof?
3 Months ago
...never mind. Found all 20.
First year finding all 20.
3 Months ago
Well it's April Fool's day. Believe nothing, trust nobody.

...just another ordinary day today :)
4 Months ago
Shiny Clamperl caught!

Birthday fishing luck?
4 Months ago
Happy Birthday, YungRover!
I wish you health and much happiness for the future!
Are you having a party with your friends today? Or are you spending your day at the Emera beach?
Whatever it is, I hope you have a very nice birthday!

That time of year again huh?
4 Months ago
Geez... 1st Zeraora appeared after 32k interaction across 3 days >.<
4 Months ago
You sent all required items to Retirement Home!
Thank you very much.
328 6,795 White Powder

Another one down!
4 Months ago
You sent all required items to Prof. Rowan!
Thank you very much.
331 3,673 White Powder
4 Months ago
Reading up on some random things recently, and come to the realisation that the mental image I had for the suburbs in Luminia is quite similar to what Venice is like. Except a bit more Victorian.
Now I’m tempted to make Luminia into an aquapolis… somewhat similar to Venice too…
5 Months ago
Twosday on Tuesday. Happy days
5 Months ago
It’s said that Frestlea has not one, not two but three different battling systems. Luminia hs two; regular pokemon moves, and magic. Frestlea has those too, but a third which is tied to knowing an incantation known as Owanimo…?
What kind of system could this be? Perhaps Luminia and Frestlea aren’t as closely related as first perceived…
5 Months ago
#sqeeshtime It’s so cute >.<
5 Months ago
5 Months ago
Huh. Got the requited variant…
…I only got one card back compared to the…few I sent out
5 Months ago
Welp. It's Valentines. I bring this for today!
5 Months ago


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