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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 116/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
438390,611 / 576,847
34591,250 / 358,111
13754,622 / 64,038

!Important Info!

Profile picture by me!

These are my rules and other information you should know. As long as you abide by this, we won't have an issue.

1. DO NOT steal any art of mine or that I've gotten commissioned.
2. I do NOT tolerate bullying of any type.
3. It IS ok to hate fandoms i'm in, but keep your opinion to yourself if you're going to voice it in a rude way.
4. I will NOT give or sell anything unless they are in my sales box. (Keep in mind I don't exactly have one yet).
5. Do NOT disrespect my friends.
6. Do NOT beg me for PD, Items, or Pokemon.
7. Keep in mind that I'm a minor, and if you end up adding me on another platform with the intent of sending me something you shouldn't, I will not only INSTANTLY block you on the platform in question but here as well.
8. Of course, Pokeheroes rules still apply as well.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #753268991
Registration: 18/09/2015 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 450:53 Hours
Total interactions: 190,951
Money: 110,844
Starter Pokémon: Emboar



I never talked to you or really knew you, but I heard a lot of good things about you from other players. Whatever you do, I hope you do well at it, and maybe, someday in the future, you'll stumble across the site once again and stop by for a hello!
16 Days ago
This has been my first spring with persistent allergies, and I absolutely HATE it. Pollen, please, just let me sleep.
17 Days ago
I think Solar Eevee is my new favorite fakemon line
26 Days ago
Man, I'm getting back into my Pokemon creepypasta phase, and I'm not proud of myself for it. Oof.
1 Month ago

'A man has never truly passed from our world, so long as his memory lives within the hearts of those who possess the strength to carry on.'
1 Month ago
As a joke, I decided to shiny hunt a Rockruff using EXCLUSIVELY tall grass and gem collector. Nothing else. I wasn't initially aiming to actually finish the hunt, but now that I've started, some competitive part of me wants to see it through.
1 Month ago
Are we allowed to use lists with links to every part of the site? If so, can someone pass me a thread?
1 Month ago
I was sitting in math class and it was completely silent for a good five-ish minutes.
Out of nowhere, someone in the hallway lets out the most brain-dead sounding screech I have EVER heard.
My friend who's sat beside me looks at the door
"I think someone's evolving."
I turn around and look him dead in the eyes before responding.
"Nah, that person was devolving."
We both started laughing hysterically even though it was so stupid
3 Months ago
New profile picture, drawn by myself! I think it looks good for my first digital drawing. Plus I spent an hour and a half on it. :>
4 Months ago
Honestly the rarity of Ditto is completely fair considering how, unlike the traditional Pokemon games, Pokemon breeding isn't just a side thing.
4 Months ago
Dust AND Azelf egg on the front page at the same time? Niiice.
5 Months ago
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Do lake trio vouchers break your chain?
5 Months ago
One of your auctions has ended.

Auction: Bulbasaur (Retro).

You received 559046

Wait, I'm sorry? Last I had checked it was like two hours before it ended and it was at a bid of only 80k. What?
5 Months ago
Game, you're kidding, right? a shiny retro Bulbasaur? Since when did I have any luck?
5 Months ago
Spent a solid thirty minutes wondering why people are saying they're thankful for things then I remembered Thanksgiving in October is only Canada, not worldwide. RIP.
5 Months ago
Why does it feel like Nintendo is upping popular games' prices with each console? Next thing you know, if they make Pokemon games for a console they'll make in the future, those games'll be 100 dollars. I can't afford the 80 as is for the Switch Pokemon games, and I'm pretty sure 3DS ones were 60. (I'm Canadian so I'm going by CDN prices lol)
6 Months ago
I've been meming by sending random people Raticate plushies and indirectly insulting the infamous youngster NPC known as Joey
6 Months ago
Ayyy guess who's been here for six years now! :D
8 Months ago
My friend says my PFP on here, which is of Aizawa yelling, looks like that one scene from Haikyuu! where Azumane yells "SUGA!" across the court. I went back and looked at the scene again and I can confirm that it does, indeed, look very similar.
8 Months ago
You can't tell me you haven't caught a male Ducklett in any Pokemon game and nicknamed it Riako at least ONCE. I refuse to believe it.
9 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

VisorWearingNerd is currently hunting Rockruff.
Hunt started: 31/05/2021

Chain: 106


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