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Yay! Been up for 20 minutes, and I'm feeling great. The only thing I'm experiencing right now is a cough and a bit of a stuffy nose. I am so very glad this hell is over!
Today, 16:43
Finished the one drawing, but no longer feel up to doing another tonight. Going to head to bed now. Crossing my fingers that I feel better tomorrow! Good night, everyone! <3
Today, 04:17
Went to do more drawing after watching an episode of Smallville and Bones. And it seems that Legendaries (or perhaps just Giratina and Xurkitree) prove too complex for my abilities. I'll do the picture with Mew, Mawile, and Joltik, and try again when I'm feeling better since it could be the fact that I can't think straight right now.

*looks at drawing to-do list* Okay. I have three hours left until 10 pm. I got something to finish up real quick, and am feeling decentish right now. So I'll try to finish the above picture, and two simpler ones for Mo and Sp. The first two letters just so I can remember who.

I've developed the new symptom of both ears ringing/aching and difficulty breathing, so I'm beginning to freak out thinking I have...you know...the thing...So if I don't feel better tomorrow, I'm heading to the clinic to see what's up. Hopefully, it's just the flu, but I can't recall ever having the flu with a high fever for more than a day before.

Off to be productive! ^.^
Today, 02:22
*checks Panel a month ago*
All Applications Closed

*checks Panel just now*
Moderator Applications Ongoing
We are sorry, but you didn't apply for Round #1 in time!
Round #2 has already started.

Oh, well. Hopefully, I catch it next time.

FYI. Spriter Apps are currently OPEN!
2 Days ago
Didn't get a drawing done today, as I only got 94 pages read--will get to 100 right after this. But after some thought, based on everything on my plate, I feel it would actually be best to shoot for 200 a day. It's doable. Not necessarily on the first day of a book--unless it's by an author I know I love--but once I'm hooked, I can easily devour 500 pages in a few hours.

Today wasn't a very good day for me emotionally, as there was just so much going on in my head. Honestly, though. As much as I feel Zoloft has been helping, there are days when I feel it's not doing its job at all.

Forgot to pick up the three drawing books that had come into the library. Have to return four others. Also still need to find the time to read those Kindle Wicca books and practice digital drawing.

My Cherry Blossom Bonsai seeds came in. Now I just have to wait for my planters, and then I can start growing these lovelies! ^.^

Anyways...Good night, everyone! Blessed Be! <3
3 Days ago
Silence be darned at the moment, but I swear. The immaturity level on some people is astonishing. You think attacking someone over and over until you "get it through their skull" is the way to solve the problem? Ever consider talking to the person? And then maybe letting it go when it becomes clear they're stubborn?

Honestly, though. I will never understand why people think destroying someone over their words or actions is the right thing to do. It's like you don't ever stop to consider a major possible consequence that you'll have to live with for the rest of your life. And if you have, and don't care, then I hope you get what's coming to you.
3 Days ago
Since I was about 15, I haven't really truly associated myself with any religion. For the longest time, I considered myself Atheist, until I realized Agnostic better suited me. For a teeny bit, I thought Satanist fit because of how well I felt their seven core tenets represented who I am.

Now...It could be because of the types of shows I watch or the books I read...But for the last ten years, ever since I first met a now ex-friend, there has been one religion that my mind keeps thinking about.

A few years back, when I first created a Kindle account, I downloaded as many free books on the subject that I could find. But I never looked into them. Don't really understand why. But I need to know...Why does Wicca call me so strongly?

I'm actually kind of scared to take this step. But it attracts me for a reason. And if it's meant to be part of who I am, I need to at least take the chance and learn what I'm meant to learn.
6 Days ago
I'm beginning to come to terms with the fact that I may never fully conquer my depression. There's just too much going on in my head at all times for me to make sense of things.

The best I can do is focus on expressing myself, as that seems to always be my downfall. I'll confide in the wrong person. I'll say something when I shouldn't, or be silent when I should speak. My words will be just wrong enough that it keeps people from hearing/seeing the intention.

If I can learn the whens, wheres, whos, hows, and whys, then I think I'll do just fine in life. Providing I can also learn to ignore and move past problematic people. The former seems MUCH easier than the latter, as I've always been an extremely sensitive and easily hurt person.

There will still be days when I feel completely overwhelmed, and think it'd be better if I weren't around. But I'll fight through, knowing that even the most terrible of storms make way for the brightest of rainbows.
8 Days ago

The judges are working hard to read through your amazing fanfics and roleplays. With so many wonderful entries, it's going to be tough for them to make the final decisions. Are you as excited as I am to see the results? :3

The first issue of Roleplay Weekly by RoyalGecko will be coming out soon! Looking forward to seeing what amazing advice, interviews, and other writing-related stuff is in store for us! ^.^
11 Days ago
Hey guys!! As I'm sure some of you have heard by now, I will be this year's host of the PH Oscars! I am so thrilled that I was picked for such an amazing opportunity and in such an amazing year for roleplays and fanfictions! I promise I won't let any of you down so best of luck to everyone! See you all again sometime soon!! 💖💖💖
28 Days ago

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