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Trainerlevel: 56

Trainerpoints: 1,540/9,463


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Granbull129653 / 40,249
Granbull1296,243 / 40,249
Granbull12919,131 / 40,249
Granbull12938,213 / 40,249
Granbull12922,692 / 40,249
2nd Strongest 6/15/18
2,64116,514,524 / 16,746,054



1. Do not ask for PD or nuggets.

2. Do not ask me to buy anything

3. Do not over price or I lose interest

4. Do not ask me for pokemon. Whatever is in sale boxes are the ONLY ones you may ask about.

5. Do not ask me to trade anything with you, Unless I feel like they have equal value.

6. I price my items the price they are valued for so DO NOT ask me to lower prices. Not giving anyone anymore free loads. :D

7. If you want a certain plushy then it will cost 100 pd for each. I am not giving free plushies no longer. (Unless it is a birthday gift... I will only give one.)

8. Do not steal the art/fan-art from me nor those who've made them for me. Ask for permission. If I find out that you took art off my account without permission then I will report you and so will those who've made that art.

There will be more rules added in due time. Please do not break these rules or there will be prices to pay! AKA will lead to warnings or blocking.

About Me

Name: Chase
Age: 25
Birthday: Feb 24th
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual, Asexual
Interests: Furries/furrs, Drag queens, cosplays, art, anime, emo life style, gothic, satanism, black magic/wicca, demonic aura, death appeases me, BDSM ideals, unowned pets/dominating owners, pokemon, animals, cats, tigers, lions, book writing, drawings.
Old usernames: GayGabe, Whimsicott
Relationship status: Seeing someone
SisterInLaw: Jenby
Best friend/Partner in crime! :D : Turbo/Electro LUCARI0

Quote from WhimsicottAlways be a winner! LOL Or make faces like fake Trump

My Plushy collection
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I want my plushies! Either send me Whimsicotts or ones I don't have. Thank you my sweeties<3

What I look like irl
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Me and my Kiddy Hally<3

2020 GOALS

Each poll will show questions and answers. I will change my questions and answers each week and my goals will be listed right in here. Each goal will be deleted once they are reached.

February Goals
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~Catch over 10 Shinies
~Collect over 1,000 Normal Gems
~Collect 10,000 Plushies
~Collect 10 Shadows

2020 GOALS
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Finish Puzzles
100,000,000 PD
Collect/hunt 100 shinies
20k clicklist a day
1 Forum Post per day

Game Records

Trainer ID: #715071501
Registration: 07/04/2016 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 04/Feb/2021
Game Time: 2954:55 Hours
Total interactions: 7,754,629
Money: 11,973,413
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


I'm taking a week or two off.A lot is going on in my irl that I have no time to be on here. I hope everyone can understand.
If it shows I am on, I'm really not. I just use my laptop for schooling and planning so it will show I am on 24/7 so just ignore it. I will be back to finish deals and more later.
3 Months ago
Gonna be placing pokemon in AH cheap so get whatever you see.
4 Months ago
Sorry everyone. :C I've been taking sick days off lately since I left the hospital. But I will try to be on as much as possible again. ^_^
4 Months ago
Guys today is last day for my poll, break the tie?
4 Months ago
Anyone play pokemon go? If so then add me? my friend code is:
6058 4265 3115
I send gifts :3
4 Months ago
So I started Pokemon Shield... Wish they still stuck maps in the game box like they used to in the game boy/DS games. Unless I remembered it all wrong? Now you gotta buy a whole book for that. X_X
4 Months ago
Got a new poll up

So so sorry for close feeds
4 Months ago
Since my bf is gonna be taking a break from PH for awhile, I will just worry about stocking everything and saving all my items, nuggets, and PD so I don't fall through on everything. I will only be looking for selective things here and there.

Main things I need are just mega stones, I am willing to pay 5k pd and give my gems for them. I got enough to make maybe two if anyone wants to?
4 Months ago
If anyone has mega stones please lmk? I'm trying to buy some off people. I need to mega evolve like 23 pokemon atm. X_X
4 Months ago
By Badges Report - 1 Minute and 29 Seconds ago.
You obtained a new badge (Event Collector)!

Driflamp, Mr. Bagon, Summer Mareep... There are so many different Event Pokémon in Emera Town! Good job collecting so many wondercards!

:O I gotten a badge<3
4 Months ago
Check GTS ^-^
4 Months ago
Sorry for close feeds!

Also tomorrow is the last day for my polls being up then changing them again... So vote now while you got more than enough time.
4 Months ago
I got gems for sale for nuggets in GTS
4 Months ago
Finally I posted 2 more polls. :3 Now the votes shall begin!
4 Months ago
Tomorrow is the last day to vote on the poll. So get them votes in and be sure to check tomorrow for the next 2 polls I am gonna set up. :3
One is shiny hunt and the next will be the next goal for this year for me to do for you guys.
4 Months ago
<3 this if you want plushies. I am only gifting random ones that are missing and if there are some not missing then I will gift plushies that have most in quantities.
4 Months ago
I got until the 19th for this poll then ima change to my next goals. So everyone be sure you vote before then.
4 Months ago
About to start selling gems for nuggets just to keep collecting.
4 Months ago
I'm on my Squirtle hunt now. Then got a Snubbull hunt after then when I am done all the badges I need to get. :3

Btw YES once I am done collecting shadows for Kanto I will sell my shinies and rehunt all my shinies. Another good note everyone should know is while I am getting my badges I will look for breeding pairs for my pokemon to make further shiny hunts.
4 Months ago



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Shiny Hunt

Whimsicott is currently hunting Snubbull.
Hunt started: 07/03/2020

Chain: 79


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