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Formerly: VentoImpetuoso
Trainerlevel: 79

Trainerpoints: 14,569/18,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Vento Impetuoso
(Windy Castform)
7,065144,633,230 / 149,763,871
Picci piccino 18th
(Mega Venusaur)
7982,154,824 / 2,271,513
(Mega Charizard Y)
1,1021,941,152 / 4,342,848

Shiny Hunt

Foreveralone is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 05/06/2022

Chain: 346

Forever As Pokémon trainer

Forever look like a Pokemon Trainer, Alone is the surname...Her first Pokémon was at the beggining that Castform didn't belived in Forever but littel by littel they started to be friends...Now Forever can't stay without that littel Castform...Vento Impetuoso also cry when he stay far his trainer...Forever don't borrow Vento if not for a few seconds and ONLY to a Few users...So don't ask her Vento...Ask each pokemon but NOT Vento Impetuoso (Vento impetuoso means rushing wind)...
After some day Forever has known another friends and new pokemons...


My goals

Obtain one normal Pokémon at level +6000
Obtain my first shiny mega hatched by another user
Obtain my First shiny mega hatched by me
Obtain my second shiny mega hatched by me
Obtain my ditto hatched by me

Obtain shiny mega n.4

Deoxis shiny()
Groudon shiny()
Mega event another()
Rayquaza shiny()
Moltres and Articuno hatched by me...()
Shiny Lilyfleur hatched by me
Shiny unown X hatched by me ()

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #852653582
Registration: 19/09/2014 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Jul/2023
Game Time: 4875:53 Hours
Total interactions: 15,606,022
Money: 54,402
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


click exchange?
Today, 20:01
Some friends are really unique and irreplaceable...Just a 'hello' and they realise that something is wrong or that you are plotting behind their back like "I have a new shiny for you!" "But you need it!" "I have two!" only later do they realise that you actually missed it but wanted to give it to them!Some friends are special!
Today, 16:16
In need only 100 nuggets yesss
Today, 08:08
I have always been a kind and helpful person, maybe even too much so because I have often lost out, but that's not the point... The point is that I don't give a damn about the money I spend on someone because what I do, the help, the gifts I give with my heart... It's certain insinuations that hurt me, not the 'being used to get something' I already know that people do that. I've taken that into account, but that's not what hurts me, what hurts me is the fact that people pass judgement on a nickname without knowing what's behind it... First you ask, then you can judge... I've been annoyed by the insinuation without knowing what's behind it...
Yesterday, 08:35
Controversial post today!
A few days ago I changed my nickname to the one I had been using for a long time...It's a particular nickname to which I am very attached and it has a very deep meaning for me...So one thing that infuriated me was a comment I received in private that was insinuating that I had put my nickname to attract attention... This insinuation hurt me because it was a superficial insinuation and said without thinking..."Eh but I couldn't know that behind your nickname there are a world of situations that led you to use it..."You could tell me...Exactly because you don't know what's behind you shouldn't make certain insinuations...Maybe I took it wrong? I don't know, but these things hurt me and not a little you speak without any knowledge... It would have been nicer to know why Foreveralone instead of insinuating certain things...(continue)
Yesterday, 08:32
I really love this new game: Bloodline
4 Days ago
does anyone sell/trade normal gems?
4 Days ago
Is time...To collect normal gems!
5 Days ago
does anyone has got deerling summer and spring, klink, yamask and Sigilyph?Please
5 Days ago
please help to evolve my golett!!!
5 Days ago
Does anyone has got golurk, yamask and klang?
5 Days ago
By GTS - 2 Minutes and 34 Seconds ago.
XXXXX has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Transferred Pokémon:
Floette (Orange) <=> Whirlipede
5 Days ago
Unova Dex: 157/175
Next yamask and whirlipide
5 Days ago
Does anyone have got Hollow space map?
5 Days ago
does anyone sell klink or golett?
5 Days ago
does anyone has got golett?
6 Days ago
Unova Dex: 147/175
now prevo of scolipede!
6 Days ago
I found virizion!!! Now of leggend I miss only meloetta,terrakion landorus X2
6 Days ago
By GTS - 45 Seconds ago.
XXXX has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Transferred Pokémon:
Linoone <=> Drilbur
Next one will be Zweilous
6 Days ago
By GTS - 1 Minute and 6 Seconds ago.
XXXXXXXXXXXXx has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Transferred Pokémon:
Shaymin <=> Tepig
6 Days ago


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ForeverAmu's Rules!

Who am I?
Foreveralone ...
what do i do in life?
What do I not accept?
gifts, friend requests
because I don't want anyone's pity ...
what do i love?
my loneliness ...
other thing that I love?
My hard earned Pokémon ...
One thing I hate?

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