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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 902/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
9962,293,383 / 3,723,796
Darkrai34171,260 / 437,334
Metapod60559 / 10,981


Notes to self

barneyea- 10k PD every week for life
KitsuneKaimei- 10k PD every week for life

Silver_Moon: collecting ground gems; give the ones from rumble since I don’t need them


Elite 4:

•Me lol

The rules for being an elite 4 is:
1. You Only use 3 pokemon, so pick your best 3
2. Doesn’t have to be one type specialist, can be any Pokémon
3. The same rules apply to the challenger

Starts July 10th

The challenger who first surpasses the elite 4 as well as the champion, which is me, will get the grand prize of 200,000 PD, 5 sets of super shroom breeding pairs, and a mystery prize.


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Ephenia 5 Hours ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #20511430
Registration: 10/02/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 454:37 Hours
Total interactions: 30,796
Money: 2,105
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


I FINALLY GOT A SHADOW METAPOD, so worth waiting rather than spending 500k, I’m waiting for next generation to release, by the way, what’s the bad pokemon of gen 2? Cause it goes metapod, don’t know, lotad, bidoof and so on.
Today, 01:56
So I get why having a Pokémon that has only 1 on site is incredibly valuable, but why does it matter if someone has a 1st on site? Btw I’m not calling anyone out I noticed it a lot so I’m wondering... is it just the like of value?
Yesterday, 18:57
Lol I love these kinds of hashtag so I won’t resist
Heard chainsaw noises in my front yard, but no one in sight when I check out my window, this was at night.
(Also skeletor, Lol jk)
2 Days ago
I the Shadow is bored
Again like before
Same drill, first 3 comments get a gift
As well as a rhyme hopefully a mood lift

2 Days ago
The shadow is back for round two
Taking a different approach than you thought you knew
Another different three comment below
Because the shadow is on the down low

By the way the shadow apparently sends everyone different rhymes according to something that their doing, lol. My own creation is better than me and
6 Days ago
The shadow is here
It’s back for maybe causing fear
But to the friends list he will arise
Comment and perhaps receive a surprise
The shadow doesn’t like to be seen
Comment and be one of the first three
He will deliver then flee

(Yay for special visit from shadow... btw his gifts are more... expensive than mine, first 3 comments get a surprise)
6 Days ago
Shiny primal dialga that someone put on gts for a shadow eevee and 50 nuggets? Now I wish I had the shadow radar ☹️
7 Days ago
Hmm so my battle contest has started among the challengers and elite 4 who signed up, by the way best of luck to you all, can’t wait to battle the challengers as the champion, but that also means others on my friend list don’t get a contest, but they do now. Just comment (don’t share or anything, it’s friends list only lol) for a chance to win a star piece. Ends in 2 hours.
7 Days ago
You received a plushie from Lilith99!

Shiny dragonair.... that’s a really expensive plushie THANK YOUUU
10 Days ago
I’m bored (lol anyone knows what’s coming up at this point)

Buying 100 PD for 10,000 PD, first 5 commenters get this sale (I’m secretly scamming you into surrendering 100 PD hahahahahaha)

12 Days ago
Sorry for close feeds, but at some point I’m wondering if I can just straight up report to a mod or something cause I get it’s a freedom for hashtag and such, but this is ridiculous. Hmm anyone who also is also bothered let’s meet up in comments to discuss if this is a reportable thing, probably not since most are a giveaway.
13 Days ago
Welp I was gonna do a hashtag in attempt to end the war, but some have already tried, and it doesn’t seem to work, this is starting to actually get on my nerves. And I know many others who would say the same.
13 Days ago
What is going on with this pokewar, just have each leader set up a poll and see how many supporters they have.
13 Days ago
Yay someone asked for my story about a psychopath in my life, I feel great every time I tell that story, it really shows something
13 Days ago

First was Poptart88, cause I really liked pop tarts, then we stopped buying them a couple years ago cause of that research some parents do on the dangerous chemicals, which they found on poptarts (now I don’t have any lol) and then unfathomable Shadow cause uh.... life got dark, I realized lots of true things in my past, and now I want to be dark to anyone who is near me, yay. I’m friendly to those who don’t know me, like you fancy nice peoples.
14 Days ago
Shadow radar... 500,000?!!!!!!! No way, a little sad but not worth 500k. Perhaps I’ll rely on trades.... maybe more overpriced but whatever
16 Days ago
gonna open some boxes, hopefully i get something good from one. I do have 2 gold boxes that will also be opened... time to open boxes
16 Days ago
Events usually don’t throw me off, but I simply can’t resist talking about it for once when Shadow Pokémon are rumored to likely appear, ah the dark. It all seems fun, I’ll avoid talking about the trillions of messages and comments about wooloo....... so. Many. Wooloo. Comments. **secretly hopes they make darkrai an even bigger nightmare by making Shadow darkrai**
16 Days ago
I’m just a formation of several mitochondria’s and nucleus’s... improper grammar on purpose, lol. ANYWAY, I’m bored, comment here what your biggest mind blowing realization was.
18 Days ago
I want Complete honestly from you all cause I want to avoid any possible future sadness, for a person who doesn’t spend any money on this game, do you think it’s possible for someone to deliver 18 gifts with about half likely being plushies to staff members, the other half being unique hunt items such as legend summon items or gems, do you think it’d be possible to do all that without spending any real life money, by December? Keep in mind... 18 staff members. Would it be possible?
19 Days ago

About Me

Darkrai is all.

My rules for me:
-I DO NOT take gifts if it’s for my giveaways, I must work hard to provide my own giveaways
-If I gift you, take it, you’ll be arguing with a word manipulative person (me) who will end up convincing you to take it, lol
-I’m approachable with problems/vents, or even plain hi’s, I’m always welcoming random hi’s if you’d like


Things I hate (in order of most to still most but most to least most if I had to):
-RUMORS (if you’re ever interested in hearing a story as to why this led me to the dark side of life, pp me the phrase “story time” along with short or long version
-Music (Any and all, don’t try)
-Social Media
-Loud stuff (children, noises, etc)
-Impulsive people
-Physical over mental strength people
-Physical strength
-Incredibly long talking people (like 6 hours of non stop talking especially when recounting past stories)
-Vegetables (no matter what, they’re NOT EDIBLE)
-Curse words said by people (unless you hit your toe)
-Walking/any movement
-water (oceans, pools)
-Pillows that warm up too fast
-Nonsense speaking people
-Yelling (it’s pointless)

Things I like:
-Peace and quiet
-Isolation from society’s bad creation of some people

Quotes by James Spader

“Fear plays an interesting role in our lives. How dare we let it motivate us. How dare we let it into our decision-making, into our livelihoods, into our relationships. It's funny, isn't it? We take a day a year to dress up in costumes and celebrate fear."

“I look for things that are very different from my life, and that are curious and idiosyncratic to me. And then, I like to find if I'm able, just a little bit, to step into a world that I know very little about. That's great fun."