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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 1,605/1,899


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
835810,562 / 2,617,726
(Mega Giratina)
8341,514,129 / 2,611,464
809749,192 / 2,457,339
(Mega Rayquaza)
7861,882,544 / 2,319,684


Notes to self

barneyea- 10k PD every week for life
KitsuneKaimei- 5k PD every week for life

Assistant (2/2): CrystalAngel5, NoahSnizzle

Actors: (2/2):
•Kitsune kaimei

Last Visitors

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sunfire57Today, 00:27
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CrystalBorfYesterday, 14:08


Game Records

Trainer ID: #20511430
Registration: 10/02/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 390:43 Hours
Total interactions: 26,415
Money: 32,921
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken



Just fill in like this:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Fill in this line
And this one too

Theme for the rhyme: humor
Appropriate humor, children may be present lol, funniest post wins 95 gems of 3 kinds
Yesterday, 23:47
By best92 - 18 Minutes and 24 Seconds ago.

Hello everyone! So as you know, I'm currently hunting Cosmogs and I'm currently selling them and trading hatched ones for Nebula Stones (shameless plug, don't mind me).

Anyway, no one is really buying them so I decided that I'm gonna do the only reasonable thing. A giveaway! All you have to do is share this entire post and like the original one (and/or comment RIP for my sanity).


3 lucky people will win 2 Cosmogs each
Another 3 lucky people will win 1 Cosmog each

Thank you all and good luck!

P.S. If you are looking to buy a shiny Cosmog contact me (best92) or check out the Shiny Shop I hunt for, The Shiny Shop of Horrors
2 Days ago
*puts trade of 2 boxes asking for 20k PD*
Sees an offer of 21k “smart, Incase someone else offers, they went higher

*sees an offer of 22k* “oof, what are the odds”
2 Days ago
Darkrai in every way, seen as merciless and menacingly dark with abilities of such, but if you saw him in the movie, he just hates most people and doesn’t trust them, but he’s actually very caring

That being said, I always thought 1% of the world was decent, then I see everyone here is not like the common person, they are unique and I respect whatever they say or do
3 Days ago
I'm bored

Yknow what that means? A giveaway‽‽

Yeah idk like 13mil PD to one person and then 5k nuggets to another person

Just comment and share this

Also hearting this will enter you as well <3

Have fun y'all

Good luck everybody
4 Days ago
I just invested 130 nuggets in 20 box and key pairs....... regret or no regret? Hmmmmmmmmmm. MMMMMMMMM?????????
6 Days ago
By Iccywolf - 3 Minutes and 53 Seconds ago.
*flops like a fish* hey it’s me your probably wondering “I thought you quit” well your right but here’s the thing......I’m bored like extremely soooooo let’s do a *trumpet noise* GIVEAWAY!!! I gonna use my dad card since he made me not be able to use my money on here don’t worry imma use it with out his permission ummmm giveaway gonna be called........ #Imstillarebel ends idk good luck prize 2k nuggets
8 Days ago
51000 PD on a regular heracross, lol I hope I helped the 15 day old player
10 Days ago
Winner is:
AnnaMarieAnna, congratulations
I sent a private trade
10 Days ago

-Advertising contest-

Important announcement: I am doing an unofficial event that I will be planning for the next couple of weeks, it will be a storyline project in which certain players who sign up during the admission time will participate in a storyline written by me, BUT I need volunteers to help act in the story and not participate, and each volunteer will receive a random box and key pair upon completion.
Some won’t be doing anything for a couple of weeks until I assign them their part. Sign up for participation is NOT open yet, ONLY the volunteer portion is open for sign up, please refer to below for the positions I’ll need.
Roles needed:
1 script writer assistant
3 actors for the event
1 tester for event
If you would like to apply for one or want more information, please palpad me.

Also at next reset (about 22 hours) a random hashtag sharer will win a monitor rotom
12 Days ago
charizard rumble mission: found nothing

Um weren’t you exploring a level 58 rumble area?
12 Days ago
Does anyone have a MALE super shroom (event shroomish)?
15 Days ago
By InaneCat - 1 Hour and 37 Minutes ago.
#owofreestuffowo Will end on 12/05 (12th May)
Hello! It’s been 3 months since I did a giveaway, so this time I'm doing a bigger one.

The prices are:
\1mil pokedollars
/500k pokedollars + Azelf Egg Voucher
\16 various boxes/keys (will increase)
/718 various gems (will increase)

To enter:
You can share the hashtag
You can comment on this feed
You can heart this post.

There are 4 prizes - so one of the prizes will be given to someone who has shared the hashtag, one to someone who has commented, one to someone who has hearted the post and one to someone who has done all three.

The prizes will be allocated at random, and the categories for the prizes will be allocated at random as well.
15 Days ago
Lol I was gonna get rid of these berries cause of no need, but I suppose some might want it, anyone want it? It’s only a small amount of berries but just wondering if anyone wants them
16 Days ago
I must do the clear throat thing before I start *clears throat*
Ahem anyway,
I am going to start an unofficial storyline contest/event in the pokeheroes discord very soon, if you are interested in participating (multiple people can) please vote in my polls so I can set up a proper storyline, and I’ll prepare everything and notify via post when I’m finished setting up and open for participants. thank you for your time.
16 Days ago
Can someone give me a link to the discord for pokeheroes? Lol I had to leave for a couple hours but I can go back
17 Days ago
Those spring sales always make me want 2000 nuggets... rip
17 Days ago
Oof my darkrai is closing the gap in with Giratina, hopefully it reaches 1000 before Giratina since darkrai is behind

Anyway, comment below what you have had trouble on in pokeheroes (getting Pokémon in fishing, bad mystery boxes, etc), I’ll call this a... rant session lol
21 Days ago
A shiny legend in the auction house.... that terrifies me, I’ll end up seizing double digit millions.....
And you all remember I don’t post without a ______
Lol foreshadowing... ooh part of my name is in the word foreshadowing
Anyway I’ll have something within the next 24 hours and it’ll be as decent as my other contests.... but I can’t be predictable
21 Days ago
Comment whatever you want on here (1 comment only though lol)
23 Days ago

Quotes by James Spader

“Fear plays an interesting role in our lives. How dare we let it motivate us. How dare we let it into our decision-making, into our livelihoods, into our relationships. It's funny, isn't it? We take a day a year to dress up in costumes and celebrate fear."

“I look for things that are very different from my life, and that are curious and idiosyncratic to me. And then, I like to find if I'm able, just a little bit, to step into a world that I know very little about. That's great fun."