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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 284/2,729


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Quaxwell332,678 / 3,135
Bibarel321,594 / 3,169
Sneasel3323 / 3,135
Lycanroc (Midday)32425 / 3,169
Budew321,831 / 2,928
Pichu331,788 / 3,367

My little friends

libby40 🫶💕 best friend ever! 🫶💕

Any Pokémon in my NFT boxes are NFT so don’t ask or I’ll just get annoyed to be honest.

Looking for…

Looking for the following at the moment: 2024 GOALS

Megastone -
Ditto - ✅
Evolved solar eevee -✅ (got the full set now)
Bottled message (3)-
Shiny Pokémon -
My first shiny mega -
Soothe bells (5)

Look through my boxes if you have any of the above you want to trade xo


Hi everyone! I’m probably most known on this game for the selling of my castform collections! I have a dedicated box for them so let me know if ya interested!

Lowball offers will be blocked!

Don’t ask me what I want just give me a decent offer xoxoxo


Hey! Hope ya good! Saw you have a couple shiny Pokémon! I myself am a shiny hunter <3 I have a box saying trade for shiny and I’m if you like any I’d be willing to trade for a shiny! Depending on the Pokémon I could give you more than one just let me know if anything catches your eye! Xxxx


Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #291275667
Registration: 21/03/2023 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 170:35 Hours
Total interactions: 160,154
Money: 705,809
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Long time no see lol!

Hope y’all are doing well! So happy to be back!
9 Days ago

I am very choosy at what pokemon I give up!

However, for the next 48 hours I am offering all my pokemon and items ( I have a lot so if looking for anything particular just ask) for nugget offers only!

A few pokemon will be available for nugget or PD, I’m gonna create a box so it’s clear what will be able to buy with PD

But yeah for 48 hours if you wanna use nuggets to buy any of my items or Pokémon, make me an offer :)
2 Months ago
Comment below your Pokédex entries 👇👇👇

I’ll start: 354
2 Months ago
By libby40 - 13 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.
So me being me, haha (mentally insane).....🤪

I feel the need to do another giveaway...I am A TOTAL SUCKER FOR GIVING THINGS AWAY.😔😖

There will be 7 lucky winners.🍀🤞

To join, ❣️ this feed and share this feed. for the chance of other people to have the chance to win.😄🥳



👇Giveaway Description👇

The Art of Defense,

Ultra Saddle,

Full Moon Island (Map),

Marine Cave (Map),

New Moon Island (Map),

Terra Cave (Map),

Volcano Cave (Map).

The giveaway will end in one day tops. May the best (7) win...🤞🍀😖
2 Months ago
3 Months ago
Hey Tyana, nice to meet 'ya!
Look what I recently found in my Daycare! This very ancient looking egg appeared over night and unfortunately I have totally no idea where it comes from. None of the Pokémon in my Daycare seem to care for this egg and I'm therefore not able to give it to the respective owner...
At first I wanted to gift it to Prof. Rowan, but I'm afraid that he will sell it for much money. Hm. ... Well. Hu?
Anyways, - I did not just say that - will you take care of it? You're one of my best customers and I think I can trust you.

Free retro egg yayyy
3 Months ago
Gotta go doctors tomorrow because there is a problem with my pulse! It’s going from like 100bpm too 130 and I keep getting dizzy! I’m fairly slim as well so it’s just really bizarre + my pulse just randomly stops for a few seconds for no reason lol
3 Months ago
Just got my 58th shiny go me!
3 Months ago
How do I unlock Galarian rumble?
3 Months ago
Happy new year!!
3 Months ago
Just got to mentor level 2 yay!! They really should do something with that though.... Like every time you max out the points with a newbie you get 5 nuggets or you get an exp boost when you go up a mentor level... would make it more worthwhile and help build a better community
3 Months ago
Most people on here are super reasonable as long as you explain things as calmly and with as much info as you can! Such a supportive and friendly environment <3 keep being rockstars 🌟
3 Months ago
Anyone have Dynamax crystals for trade? Let me know xx
3 Months ago
By libby40 - 1 Day and 12 Hours ago.
💕Since Xmas is over (for some of us)💕I decided to do something special.🩷 this feed for a chance to win a Mega Rapidash (Galarian) with a little surprise.... and the second winner Gets two shinnys
Then I'll announce the winner next week in this feed💕 Good luck everyone and enjoy the most magical time of the year🤗🤗

An Xmas Gift

Rules for the chance to win,

1. Heart this feed

2. Share this feed

3. include the Hashtag in your feed

4. join this giveaway link
3 Months ago
Merry Christmas x
3 Months ago
By Etty - 5 Hours and 40 Minutes ago.
By ~PhantumpStrike0770~ - 53 Minutes and 4 Seconds ago.

I‘m quitting Pokéheroes once and for all. I will be giving away the following:

1st Place: Shiny Hisuian Sneasel, Shiny Gible, Shiny Burmy Plant, Shiny Heracross, Shiny Lanturn, 71 Nuggets (thats right 71)

2nd Place Shiny Golbat, Shiny Budew, Shiny Fomantis, Shiny Klefki, 45 electric gems 100k pd

3rd Place Shadow Celebi, Shiny Huntail, Shiny Watchog

Like this feed and share it to enter.

Btw it ends soon on a unknown date(within 5days)

more prizes will be added
4 Months ago
I have a full set of the solar eevee evolutions now go me!
4 Months ago
Found a shiny rattata on a rumble mission in alola get in!
4 Months ago
Don’t think I have any friends on here anymore rip
4 Months ago



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