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Trainerlevel: 80

Trainerpoints: 7,315/19,279


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
•. Xanté .•
(Meowth (Alolan))
4,35825,468,111 / 56,989,567
Plusle769,312 / 17,557
Plusle809,729 / 19,441
Plusle795,295 / 18,961

Shiny Hunt

Tune is currently hunting Plusle.
Hunt started: 24/03/2024

Chain: 7

Hunting slot prices

90K PD/ 50 Nuggets

180K PD/ 100 Nuggets

225K PD/ 125 Nuggets

300K PD/ 160 Nuggets

Alternative payments:

^@ 1k pd each

^@ 500 pd each^

^@ 400 PD each^

Missing shinies.

Mixed payment is always alright~
Certain pokémon will be cheaper due to the sheer amount of them on site.
Mega-ables will be case by case priced.

Shiny Slots/Commission orders

Shiny hunt slots:
Currently hunting:


Upcoming hunts:

Commission orders:

None atm

If you're interested in ordering art from me. Please Pal pad or PM me and we'll discuss the details.

Starting prices (meaning the base cost for each commission):
* Bust (shoulders to head): 1,000 Nuggets OR 1,700,000 PD
* Half-Body (waist and up): 1,500 Nuggets OR 2,550,000 PD
* Fullbody (entire body): 2,500 Nuggets OR 4,250,000 PD

All details such as fur lines, scales and feather textures will be included unless asked for the less detailed type of art. Lines are always coloured but can be purely black upon request (please specify when ordering).

MOST things are included in the price but additional characters or certain details will cost more, it depends on the reference image you have however and it's not super common I ask for more for details.

Due to past events, I only take payment up-front.

(Future) Goals

2/250 0%
0/150 0%
0/150 0%

Game Records

Trainer ID: #251497096
Registration: 24/01/2014 (10 Years ago)
Game Time: 4453:55 Hours
Total interactions: 4,265,877
Money: 1,752,265
Starter Pokémon: Grovyle


Wanna earn some easy money/gems?

I'm in the process of organizing my boxes as I want to preserve old adopts.
As I have...a lot of them (spanning through the trade specials to the emera/retro boxes) this is obviously going to take me a while.

To make things going a bit faster you can help me AND earn a lil amount of cash/gems as well all you have to do is:

* Go into any of the boxes from trade specials to emera/retro and find Any pokémon with 6 numbers or less in their ID
* Reply to this feed with the pokémon and what box it is in.
* I will send you some PD or gems as thanks for your help after moving it.

That's all really, I'm going through the boxes myself as well so I might be a bit slow on sending out payment for the help but there'll be gift trades sent out for sure c:
2 Months ago
Hi, just wanted to mention to anyone wondering. yes I'm still alive.
I do a lot of real life stuff atm and have 0 energy or motivation to play PH (I mostly play palworld or minecraft in my spare time when I'm not bedridden)

If you still want to chat with me, I suggest getting discord because that's where I am most easy to reach. x')
3 Months ago
"i.e. if you completed the Raylóng quest before, your counters have been increased accordingly."

omg I need to go check how my counter went up 'cause I shiny hunted those 3 years ago :0
5 Months ago
augh good morning, it's so hecking early.

after 7 hours in the ER I finally got home at 8 in the morning and proceeded to sleep until now with only breaks to wake up for eating or drinking.

I'm doing fairly alright, it was thankfully not my apendix nor a twisted ovary causing the extreme pain, so no surgery.
They sent me home and ordered me to take painkillers and rest and come back if I get worse.

My entire body is stiff from only sleeping on my back all the time and I'm in pain in the stomach by walking and such so I'm kinda just..existing for now but I am at least alive and not in danger x-x
5 Months ago
Being in the ER is not how I planned to start my year..but here I am :S
5 Months ago
oh no it's that wierd x4 image again, does someone have the big image of the 4x exp image? Because it looks so cursed when tiny x'D
1 Year ago
Congratulations! A shiny Meowth (Alolan) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #45)!

Xanté! You're so early omg. Thank you RNG for giving me my cat so fast.
4 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Deoxys hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #59)!

OMG!! IT'S FINALY OVER!!! SO PRETTY AND OVER!!!!!!!! *throws confetti* \ o 0o/
9 Years ago

About Me

I don't mind messages, but please don't just go "hi", please state what you want.

I will not buy stuff from you, enter raffles, click on links etc. unless I make a feed stating I'm in the mood to do said things.

Everything AFTER my 5th Box (megas/army) is for trade/sale for the right price. Make an offer and I'll say either yes or no.
I'm not selling any items or currency unless I make a feed about it.

I am nice most of the time, I'm just terribly tired of everything nowadays (irl reasons, won't state which or why) so I can come off as grumpy/rude/slow at times.

I absolutely LOVE food/pastries/tea/my koi fish (aquarium & pond fish in general).
I also have a very strong like for plants/art/sewing, I will not draw you anything for free though.



Needed/Wanted the most:

Most wanted:

Also wanted:

Or any I'm missing