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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 235/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Absol10 / 9

Jdiaohaodia! (Hello!)

We are an old empire, from the first Conqueror to the newest recruits of the army. We hold hundreds of years of pride under our skin, and it is there to stay. Hold your threats, for they will only spark more pride. We'll only strike when you try to, only win when you're weak. So hold your tongue if you feel the need to bite. Find something else to chew on, as you'll find our flavor quite unpleasant.


I am personally denying use of my characters and creations without permission. That includes:

-The Blackguard as a whole (Including religion, words, units, and agriculture)
-Irin and his relatives, as well as any of his contacts I created
-The alternate Derek, the Bastion of the Wayfarer
-Sylas Verun, drunken medium and veteran
-Any and all of my abilities and the characters respective to them
-Icarus Flare and contacts of his I have made
-Zander and Danner, my anthro OCs

If you use any of these without my permission, I will have plenty of reason to block and/or report you.

Thanks in Advance for not using my creations.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #323228645
Registration: 16/01/2018 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Sep/2021
Game Time: 781:01 Hours
Total interactions: 105,549
Money: 535,179
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Times of war grind by on shattered wheels, forever demanding the attention of a Ruler and Commander. However, even in such brutal and demanding moments, a brief and critical break can and must be taken. Today, we celebrate the Blackguardian holiday of Vilisinfratz, roughly translating to "Victory Day." On that note, a happy Vilisinfratz to the Blackguard Empire and our allies!
14 Days ago
An army is only as great as the Commander is. If your Commander isn't quick enough to act, or hesitates even a moment in battle, you'll lose ten. If your Commander is weak in soul and heart and takes pity on your opponent, you'll lose a hundred. And if your Commander is simply incompetent, you'll lose thousands.
1 Month ago
"Down South, below the earth, there lies a land of gold. Down South, above the sky, lies halls of Heroes, Old. Down South, between the two, there sits a fortress squat. Down South, between the walls, there sits foolish lot. Down South, there lies the Lord, the ones who call us low. Down South, our target sit, awaiting for their coal. Down South, our oils light and glasses do explode. Down South, our target lies, and we're not ones to let it go."

A troop's song, used for encouragement on long marches. The roots of it are unknown, though most say it was an old folk song.
2 Months ago
"Lying, crying, burning oil. We are warlords, you are soil. Cower, cower, flee and fly, we'll not stop until you die. Send your marchers send your dogs, we'll keep sending logs and logs. Burning woods and scorching balls, flaming trees will breach your walls. Bolts and arrows, swords and sparrows, ballistae call you to the gallows. Battlefields your life may be, fear ensures our victory. Lizards scream, speakers bleed, royals heed, dead men sleep. Lying, crying, burning oil, we are warlords, you are soil."

A children's song, very common in the streets of the Capitol of our Empire.
2 Months ago
As the rain washes over the hills, the charred grasslands start to heal. Burnt villages and buildings can be seen for miles before the mighty Blackguard Army. Be we were not the cause of it. These were our villages. These were Imperial Farms, too. They've threatened us. They were enraged by another kingdom, and struck quickly without thinking... Or perhaps they weren't. The Army's Commanders gather at the diamond head of the massive formation, muttering quietly. After a few moments, they part ways and return to their Divisions, dispatching an order: Formation, Change Direction: North-Northwest, to the Barbarian Kingdom of Valice.
3 Months ago
Nothing can compare to the feeling you get after warm relations with your partner, using silly and cute names as you try to create the best pick up line. To those that know, you know. To those that don't, it's the most wonderful thing. It can make the rain seem pleasant, make a rotten day better, fill a void you thought was eternal. It's everything and nothing, all at once. Such a small thing has such a great impact. It's terrifying, almost. How a simple peck on the cheek can make the whole world shine like gold.
3 Months ago
As the poll boxes were getting stolen, we've decided to simply hold a gathering. Ask the Blackguard just about anything!
3 Months ago

Odd question, but alright.

"How do the Blackguard take showers?" Well, same as you. Wait for it to rain, grab a sponge-
3 Months ago
You know, a man in the Capitol of our homelands just had the idea to cook his bread twice... We laughed for about five minutes, before we realized that it was selling better than even the highest quality breads in the area.
3 Months ago
Some battles may last for far too long. Twenty years, maybe. Or even a few moments. Some battles aren't necessary. If your siege takes twenty years, then you would determine if it was worth it at the end. But if the battle with the one you love lasts for more than a few moments, or even sparks up at all... One should know, that battle is never worth it.
3 Months ago
Some have asked, "What exactly is 'hello' In your language?" Well, due to descent advancements in language and literature, hello and goodbye are both the same word. "Jdiaohaodia!" However, when it's "goodbye," it's always a bit sad. Nobody wants to say farewell to their friends, even if it's temporary.
3 Months ago
We have not slept for gods know how long, and we still haven't found our immortality. Aye, they told us that never resting would show us the path to everlasting life and rule, but they lied. So grab your torches and blades, my friends. For tonight, we burn a few more liars from the world.
3 Months ago
Ah, April First. Sometimes better known as April Fool's Day. And I have the chance to bring a box of small fireworks to a heavily crowded public area. This is going to be a fun day, once it gets started. For now, we sleep. In the wee hours of the day, we will prepare for our mighty conquest of the lands, taking kingdoms by force and explosives. It will be a fun day indeed. For now, we bid you goodnight.
3 Months ago
The thundering sound of an army marching past, their heads turned to the mighty walls of our homeland capitol. They salute us, their steady footsteps causing a cacophony in town and out. They are on their way to another kingdom, with their own types of Advanced troops and specialized soldiers. They are the Raiders, those who attack who they wish. They hunger for resources, not for peace. We despise them, though they idolize us. If they were to learn that retaliation is the better way of war, they would have long ago advanced beyond their barbaric ways.
4 Months ago
So it begins again. Wars are sparking up, threats are flying back and forth. But none to us. Why? Because we are the Blackguard Empire, those who retaliate. Our might is unparalleled. Maybe it's because we only retaliate. Maybe not. Nonetheless, we need only sit back and watch. All wars come to an end some day.
4 Months ago

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