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Formerly: Axolotter
Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 1,393/2,053


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Hints and Tips!

Route 53:
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Pokemon caught here do NOT break your chain.
If you put a shiny Combee in the honeycombs, you can get Super Honey.
Emera Beach Speeds:
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Wailmurr: Painfully slow
Shoal Salt: Painfully fast

Progress Bars

Overall PokeDex Completion: 220/1575

Progress towards Magik Rod

Da Meep Shop

Hai! Welcome to da Meep Shop!
Meepy Photo
Meepy Avatar - (You have to credit me on your profile)
Meepy Plushie - 100 pd
Meepy Wallpaper - 250 pd
Meepy Otter
Meepy Sprite
Shiny Meepy Sprite
Meepy Memeload - 500 pd


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Shiny Hunt

TheFloofyBeepFox is currently hunting Mareep.
Hunt started: 12/11/2021

Chain: 9
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TheFloofyBeepFox hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #988418118
Registration: 23/09/2021 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 99:02 Hours
Total interactions: 326,454
Money: 88,194
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Use this link to keep an eye on the #BannedFromEclipse posts: Here
2 Days ago
#BannedFromEclipse Did you know I was accidentally banned from Pokemon Eclipse RPG? Heart and share this feed to comfort me after this...

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! (┛◉ Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
2 Days ago
On Pokemon Eclipse RPG 20 minutes ago:

You are banned

Cheating, macroing, or using an autoclicker.

You have been banned for cheating, macroing, or using an autoclicker. Please appeal using the instructions below and give detailed information about what method you were using to click. If you try to lie, you will greatly damage your chances of being unbanned and may receive no further response, meaning you will be permanently banned.


You may attempt to appeal your ban by sending an email to [email protected] with your username and a thorough, honest explanation. Other people can not appeal on your behalf. Please use a subject line with the format “Ban Appeal: __” with the username of the banned account in question replacing the blank space.

(┛◉ Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
2 Days ago
Interaction Exchange?
5 Days ago
Hint: Wailmurr at Emera Beack is painfully slow and you get over 100 seconds to catch it.
19 Days ago
Your coin looks a bit larger than the others!
(Slightly increased mega-able chance)

19 Days ago
If anybody wants free animated Pokémon sprites for your pfp, tell me!
20 Days ago
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

3,914x Pokédollar found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

At least I got some pd...
23 Days ago
23 Days ago
If you like dragons join my Wings of Fire Roleplay & ♥ this feed!
24 Days ago
If you like Bakugan, heart this feed and join my Bakugan Roleplay!
24 Days ago
#PicklesAnimalFacts I had an idea of making my own animal facts! Also, otters. 🦦
1 Month ago
So, I had an idea this morning. What if I start giving animal facts when people share #MeepysAnimalFacts like Pickle-Flavor-Painter?

Step 1: Feed #MeepysAnimalFacts
Step 2: Put the name of the animal you want facts about
Step 3: Feed it!
1 Month ago
Apparently the common wealth here is 5,564,903,671 pd
1 Month ago
Interaction exchange? ❤ for return!
1 Month ago
You Earned ₦100,000!

Oh sheesh, I'm banking on NitroType!
1 Month ago
Me: *Gets rammed into by probably 6 students on the way to 6th period*

Is this a normal part of middle school? =_=
1 Month ago
dpokepotato, good job on being first place in the last bug-hatching contest!
1 Month ago
Heart this feed if you know what it's like to have your desktop CRASH 18 TIMES IN A ROW.
1 Month ago

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PD Saving up Progress

Saving up 500,000 pd for Shadow Radar
Progress: 60,755; 12.15%
Gem Prices:



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