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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 832/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Koffing30 / 37
Dunsparce31 / 37
Goldeen31 / 37
Sewaddle10 / 9


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PFERD2000 8 Hours ago
Jacharias 1 Day ago
Rkainjel 1 Day ago
LuckyLady 1 Day ago


NO insulting me indirectly for an excuse to "cover it up". I will find out. (Rolls Eyes)

NO criticizing my opinions and/or beliefs in ANY circumstance.

DO NOT ask me to lend you any amount of PD. "I need it asap!" will NEVER convince me.

DO NOT message me or say "hello/hi" just to ask if I have certain items/pokes.

DO NOT message me to say "Can I buy ____?" either. The answer is always going to be NO. Anything I want to sell will be on the GTS.

DO NOT reply to me with 3 letters or less using PM/the PalPad. DO NOT test my patience either.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1966:24 Hours
Total interactions: 331,650
Money: 65,427
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


PEMT (Please excuse my trades via GTS), but Tangy is once again hosting a box huge blowout! The discounted Pokes are limited, so get them while you can (so I don't irritate other people on here too much)~!
Yesterday, 23:28
What are all the valid ASCII characters for usernames?

I need it for future reference.
Yesterday, 21:27
Free Party Clicks! Just Heart If You Need Help With Eggs or Pokes.

As always, no need to return!
Yesterday, 15:25
"The Sad Truth", by Tangy

TFW a person completely goes against their past promises like it doesn't apply to them any longer.

Uhhh... which one are you going to follow? Pick one already!

Unfortunately dishonest people are all over the internet... we can run, but we also can't hide. They're everywhere. It's sad, really.

*checks party while writing this*

...did I really just hatch a Mega Able Larvitar? lol alright.
Yesterday, 01:06
Given that I always get offered shinies from SM hunts even when I clearly ask for something else, I've decided to be more open with my offers.

I only got one offer so far, so if you are interested in any of these trades at all, please feel free to. I'm very curious to see what might happen~!
1 Day ago
Buongiorno, Guten Morgen, and おはようございます to everyone.

I Have A Minor Fun Fact To Tell You:

There is this one-ish time ninja character named Sanpei, who debuts in the Pokemon X/Y Series AKA my favorite series. Sounded very familiar when I heard him. Turns out Sanpei has the same actor as Tooru from Haikyuu. WUT.

This is what Sanpei looks like.

Anyway, I know I make random feeds sometimes (because I'm weird like that xD), but I felt like pointing it out.
1 Day ago
I'm laughing so hard rn xD

I can point out every single thing wrong with this message LOL

That's totally a nice thing to wake up in the morning.
2 Days ago
I finally uploaded my first Wiki Entry on Amino!

Typed up the whole page to wiki entry by hand.

Only took about 5 hours.

And then there is Surströmming...

And last but not least, Unadon.
4 Days ago
Opinionated Question Below. There is no wrong answer.

Which MINOR addition would you want in the PH site?


A. More BBCode Variety

B. More Emojis

C. Change Herochat's Appearance

D. Userpage: Custom Music

E. Quicker Way To Sort Friendlist

F. Pokemon Trade Countdown
4 Days ago
1 Aron = 10+ Swablu (Lolz)

I'm Bringing Back The Classics

This just might be the best meme of 2019.
4 Days ago
I've never seen a Pokemon game with as many memes as Pokemon Sword and Shield does.

It should totally be in the Guinness Book of World Records.
5 Days ago
Just a heads up, I might have to give up at least one good shiny that I got from someone else bc I'm running out of SWT fodder.

So if the shiny has your OT and you're WONDERing (no pun intended) why, I decided to explain in this feed.

With that said, SWT is in 10 minutes!

Today's Goal:
-627 Regular Pokemon
-479 SWT Pokemon

Good luck, everyone~!
5 Days ago
Me in PH school: Okay, let me check to see how my PC Box I mean locker is doing. Huh? Why is the door bending outwards? Did somethi-

*Opens door* SHOOM! *The next moment happened so quick I couldn't even react. All of my Pokemon instantly shoots across the whole school, giving people (who were in the direction of the blast) uneven haircuts.*

Me: Alright... I really do need to organize my boxes... oml -_-
5 Days ago
Guess who just messed up their speakers and got any sound to make a deafening boom?

That's right... me. I hate my life.
6 Days ago
*Pokeball Explodes* Game Over.

Me: Dang you Voltorb flip! This is the 5th time in a row! >:(
6 Days ago
Last feed for today. I will check the offers tomorrow. It's late and I need to sleep. Oyasuminasai, minna.
7 Days ago
Spoiler Links for new Mega Pokemon:


7 Days ago

Send Me My Favorite Plushoos!

Complete Guide to Tangy:

Favorite Food: Pinapps ~ Pastime: AMV Creator ~ Skill: Using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere ~ Favorite Music Genre: Pop ~ Favorite Sport: Volleyball ~ Nature: Abrasive, Stubborn, Skittish, Generous, Worrywart, Introverted, and a Tsandere.


1. Super Passionate Anime Nerd

2. Mysophobic

3. Future Script Writer

4. Occasional Box Blowout Seller

5. Meme/Anime Creator in the Making


1. #EventPokeProtectionSquad Leader

2. Hero Chat Movement's Founder

3. #SocialOutcasts Founder