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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 3,188/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Yungoos15 / 8

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Overcast's Bio:

Favorite Food: Pinapps ~ Pastime: AMV Creator ~ Skill: Using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere ~ Favorite Music Genre: Pop ~ Favorite Sport: Volleyball ~ Nature: Abrasive, Stubborn, Bipolar(?), Generous, Worrywart, Introverted, and a Tsandere.

Favorite Shinies:

Favorite Events:


Game Records

Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 2059:42 Hours
Total interactions: 387,142
Money: 1,375,753
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


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Today, 00:58
It's morning (Wakey Wakey)!

Best "Oya, Oya" trailer hands down.
Yesterday, 13:05
Berries if you need them.

I also need help evolving these Pokes:
Mule and Kenji for my shiny dex.

I will return, just heart for proof.
1 Day ago
I have no idea how to say this nicely, but even when I had rules when contacting me on my profile page, it wasn't even followed let alone read. Sigh... it's really infuriating.
1 Day ago
Scold me later, holy cow.
1 Day ago
Not gonna lie, this sounds like Freddie Mercury/Queen sang it. That's the vibe I get while listening, anyway.
1 Day ago
Please help me hatch one of my eggs before reset!

[heart for clickback]
2 Days ago
I see more people doing trivia questions about themselves recently. Of course I really want to join in.

Q: Which 5 shiny colored Pokemon (compared to normal) do I not like in the JOHTO dex? *Note- This is Part 2, a twist of the first one*

Hint for #1... Looks psychedelic in one aspect.

Hint for #2... Normal form is easy on the eyes compared to shiny.

Hint for #3... The first 3 hues of Crayons you might know.

Hint for #4... How long have you been jumping in the mud?!

Hint for #5: Probably went on a food coloring diet.

I could keep doing this, but with a catch. Only if it doesn't take too long to solve. Fingers crossed, and viel gluck.
2 Days ago
Why are there so many Mini Sales all over the place??? (You need to chill, Casty!)

As usual, I'll pick one when the offers die down.
2 Days ago
I'm sorry, I really am. Being a collector rather than a battler really doesn't excuse me from doing that. You don't have to forgive me, I understand.
2 Days ago
YouTube... just wow. The website organizers only support the popular/famous ones while the rest of us suffer with little to hold on to. That needs to be fixed. -_-

...and then we have the flippin' copyright issue. This one youtuber I watch got a warning because a music company recognized a song tune. But what really makes me dumbfounded is that it was a cover flute version of an already existing song that SOMEONE ELSE CREATED... NOT THEM! A LITERAL F-L-U-T-E! NOT EVEN THE MUSIC COMPANY'S PROPERTY! It was just a cover. Of course the YouTuber was very angry. I am too. Taking the silliest reasons to make pennies off the dollar (of another person's creation, mind you) is. Just. Plain. Sad. >:(

2 Days ago
OML, the neighbors that live on the street behind my house just let out a deafening scream which pierced the silence.

Me: (Jumps) "fkjregfkjrjkhgtfrjkhfhkgth-"
3 Days ago
Loketoke is (a) really friendly ducky, RastaPasta is (a) really helpful panda. ^_^ I did have to pick two random users, so sorry if weren't in the song. I have nothing against you.

Aw yea, this PH version is super kewl! These days all the songs on the radio are boring and sound the same imo, so I decided to make it about us "pokeHEROES". Like, how Coldplay's Paraside turned into the "Minecraft" song (uhhh wut -_-?). That was so random. Okay... I'll go away now. *Slinks back into the darkness*
3 Days ago
You have 691 Dream Points at the moment.

I only have enough to give ONE person a doll. First person to comment their favorite movie gets it: Pick between Shiny Electrike OR Shiny Spiritomb (Note- one or the other. Not both. Please do the steps correctly!)
3 Days ago
Here is another one of my Pokemon x Animu Crossovers.

Can you guess who it is? People in a certain fanbase might. I'm in that fanbase by the way, still super hyped about S4 ^_^

I did this without looking at any reference images. I think it looks plain awful, but maybe the rest of you don't think so? (Shrugs) The question is, did I do good or terrible? I don't draw too much because I'm a perfectionist.
4 Days ago
Are you good at winning crane games in your country? Then test your luck with the ones in Japan! I've heard they are p-r-e-t-t-y tough... they make it difficult on purpose because they also know we would want to keep trying lol. Smart like dat.

Yep. Even the image will definitely FRY your brain.
4 Days ago
Well... something really stressful happened to me late last night.

They say everyone is proud of what they do; more specifically, what they are good at.

And me? All I'm good at is getting everyone in my town to despise me. My neighbors were right.

At this point, all I care about is making others happy. That's all I can and know how to do.

My apologies to the few users who believe I'm whining.
6 Days ago
3 of them. Where in the name of Emera are you, Master Ball?

It would be funny if I got that last. Gotta catch 'em all
6 Days ago

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