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Trainerlevel: 65

Trainerpoints: 8,312/12,739


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Animu Nerds Gather Here!!

Abrasive, Stubborn, Generous, Worrywart, Introverted, and a Tsandere.

1. NEVER CONTACT ME WITH 3 LETTERS OR LESS (I consider it rude and uncaring. Upon repeated deliberate provoking you will be blocked, NO exceptions)!!!

2. NEVER ASK FOR POKEMON OR ITEMS/PD (Including borrowing/giving things for free)!!!

3. RESPECT ME AND I WILL RESPECT YOU (Self-explanatory)!!!


Game Records

Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 2267:31 Hours
Total interactions: 556,766
Money: 3,040,008
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I recently discovered a site called tiermaker.com when many youtubers I subbed to have been making videos about it.

Then I found this beauty ★_★
Yesterday, 17:27
Mini Rant below: do not look if you are sensitive to anything negative.
2 Days ago
The number of nuggets (Up to 1234 N) you have is the Pokemon you're going to be in your second life. Which one is it?

If you have more than that, the Pokemon will automatically be PH's #1234.

It is not something to make people angry with their results, it's rather a fun question I thought up earlier.
3 Days ago
Overcast's Log (Please do not comment)
4 Days ago
Z-Ring Earrings and Type Change (For Genesect, Sivally, etc.) Necklaces should be actual products in the merchandising world.

Speaking of products, possibly more types of PH beauty contest items added based on the newer games would be cool to see. For me, it is really difficult to get any of them. Interacting... when I keep getting assigned to click a user's 13k Pokemon- patience isn't really one of my strong suits, you know?
5 Days ago
In case some of you haven't seen it yet (Minor Spoilers). I would have done this sooner but I passed out.

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5 Days ago
6 Days ago
<<< It is I, Nutella.
7 Days ago
Gawd I absolutely love screenshots
........ LOL.
7 Days ago
Heart for your party to be clicked... x2 Celebi is back.
8 Days ago
I'm jamming out to this song right now

The singing is out of this world (Lol another pun) ♥‿♥
8 Days ago
Inko is easily my favorite mom in anime, and always will be.

What a sweetheart she is. It makes me tear up o(╥﹏╥)o
9 Days ago
Response to the Majestic Owl's elevator question.

When I said everyone in MHA (Well maybe just the hero course class), I wasn't exaggerating xD
10 Days ago
#FastRaffle #FastRaffle2 #FastRaffle3 #FastRaffle4

Meanwhile, I get a huge scare when my computer screen was wavering on the inside. My fingers slipped and hit the auto reset button. Then I tried to fix it, but knowing me (I'm a klutz) I made it worse. I literally thought my PC was dead, but a simple power off fixed everything

*I sweat so much in fear*
10 Days ago
Ode to Ice Cream:

Ice cream
Icy cream
Ice cream
Yeah yeah yeah
Ice cream
Ice cream
Ice cream
12 Days ago
Time for everyone to hunt them metallic birds.
12 Days ago
Very Strong Opinion Ahead- You have been warned!


To be honest, I don't really care if they don't bring the whole dex to us. There was already enough crap Pokemon flying around the WT as it is, we don't need more of that. Especially me.

Attacking and complaining to Nintendo isn't going to help. You need to realize the fans can't always get what they want. That's just the way life is, whether we like it or not.
12 Days ago
If I'm going to buy any of the Gen 8 games, I'll have to step up my Pokemon nickname regimen.

Just because my other ones were lame lel

And online features are returning... thank the lord.
13 Days ago

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1. Super Passionate Anime Nerd

2. Mysophobic

3. Future Script Writer

4. Occasional Box Blowout Seller

5. Meme/Anime Creator in the Making


1. #EventPokeProtectionSquad Leader

2. Hero Chat Movement's Founder

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