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Formerly: THE_Green_Owl
Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 919/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
13844,133 / 65,001
19776,544 / 134,598
91639 / 27,495


GreenOfTheOwls hasn't collected any medals so far.



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Shiny Hunt

GreenOfTheOwls is currently hunting Pansage.
Hunt started: 27/09/2022

Chain: 120

About Me ~ GreenOwlStudios

Heyy :D I'm GreenOwlStudios, but you can call me Owl (Formerly Freetle)

Epic profile pic by https://www.artstation.com/xeroleaf

Things to know about me~

🍃 I love making friends! Feel free to PalPad or private message me!

🍃 Male, but ig it says that on my profile :P

🍃 I'm mostly Indian 🇮🇳 , but I live in California, USA 🇺🇸 .

🍃 We can work out trades, just tell me what you want, and I'm sure we can make a deal! :D

🍃 My favorite pokemon are Rowlet and Decidueye

🍃 My favorite pokemon types are grass, ghost, flying, and dragon

Badge Showcase

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #936683607
Registration: 02/07/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 344:01 Hours
Total interactions: 66,693
Money: 8,202
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


is it just me or were the types on Pokémon profiles always there
2 Days ago
Fuecoco :D
2 Days ago
I have no nuggets 😭 I’ll be trading 30 cold rocks for nuggets on gts
3 Days ago
NACLI <3333
6 Days ago
like this feed.
11 Days ago
(Sorry for close feeds)

My second and third best I’ve Pokémon are a Deino breeding pair… another deino hunt soon? (IM SORRY PANSAGE 😭)
11 Days ago
Someone put an alolan raticate for 1 pd a few months ago. Now it is my best over 1.5k Pokémon XDDD
11 Days ago

All I care about is sableye lmaoo
12 Days ago
Teddiursa com day was 🔥, got waaay too many shinies :o
15 Days ago
Is there a pokeheroes Minecraft smp? I wanna make one lmao
15 Days ago
do ya know me?
16 Days ago

Which version did you pick? Sword or shield?
Sword :p
Did you buy the DLCs? Was it fun?
The DLCs were literally the best. I can’t imagine the game without em xd
Starter pokemon? (SWSH)
Which version did you pick? Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl?
didn’t play, but would’ve picked brilliant diamond
Starter pokemon? (BDSP)
I would’ve picked turtwig :D
Which version will you pick? Scarlet or Violet?
Violet 100% (better legendary and Gigachad professor :o)
Which starter pokemon will you pick? (SV)
What pokemon do you want to see in SV?
Rowlet hasn’t been confirmed yet… but decidueye has a hisuian form so it could return as paradox
16 Days ago
Zarude Log 🙊 🍃:D
17 Days ago

19 Days ago
19 Days ago
Oki, as sorry for the giveaway I will be designing fake regional forms for Pokémon! :D palpad me what Pokémon you want and what type to make it, and I’ll make it for free :) just one thing: all drawings will be included in my fake Pokémon region so we share the mon 50-50 :p
21 Days ago
I don’t like scs 👀
23 Days ago
Okay guys I decided I’m back and not giving away anything mWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

(Also just to clarify the entire thing was a joke xDDD I was just mimicking the people who “leave” and come back the next day LMFAO)

23 Days ago
Hello everyone, green owl here and I want to say I am leaving pokeheroes for absolutely no reason! Go share #farewellowl for a chance to win absolutely everything I have! :DDDD
24 Days ago

We Know

The jig is up, the Daycare Owner doesn't want you to know, but we know what he's doing with the possible SMs that people are trying to get via hunting. It is now public knowledge that...
-He owns thousands of SM Pokémon
-If you confront him, he changes form into Buff Daycare Owner
-Buff Daycare Owner is buff and wears a full suit
-He will clutch an egg in one arm as he becons you to come get some with his pointer and middle fingers on his other hand
-Between you and him will sit a campfire with a metal grate on it, sitting on the grate is a pan with oil in it, ready to prepare food
-Not all SMs in his care are hatched, most are fed to his SMs and himself to make them all stronger, this is why he is Buff Daycare Owner

If you see Buff Daycare Owner, DO NOT keep silent. He wants no one to know. Spread the knowledge to increase SM rates!


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Only collecting owls :> Thanks to Fuecoco for helping me complete my collection <3

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