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Trainerlevel: 17

Trainerpoints: 448/883


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Ruby Rose
(Messenger Fletchling)
17284,658 / 102,048
Weiss Scnee
(Vulpix (Alolan))
18253,268 / 99,919
Blake Belladonna
18343,778 / 80,814
Yang Xiao Long
14239,155 / 76,149
Winter Schnee
(Ninetales (Alolan))
11418,993 / 39,331
Qrow Branwen
12226,515 / 50,448

OC dump

(so far no descriptions because I am LAZY AND I CAN'T BE BOTHERED)
Erin: A human with short, dark brown hair and green eyes. N-T-F.
Jade: A human with long, chestnut brown hair and blue eyes. Erin's twin sister.
Jacob: A human with short light brown hair and amber eyes.
Elisa: A human with long, brown hair and blue eyes. Jacobs little sister.
Ember: A human with short, blond hair and red eyes. S.H
Lloyd: A human with short, brown hair and blue eyes. C.I

Holly: Pink cat with blue markings. Has a holly on her right ear.
Charlotte: Cream coloured rabbit with pink markings. Has tufts on her ears.
Amber(Main Fursona, so you can call her T0xic if u want): Pinkish-Grey coloured fox with purple markings and wings that can turn to hands.

Arcaettarus(Pokesona): An Arcanine, Meloetta and Thundurus(Therian) fusion. It's green, with black markings. It has Meloetta's head set with Thunderus(Therian)'s horn. It has yellow eyes.

(More soon hopefully)


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What [REDACTED] did you just say about me, you [REDACTED]? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the [REDACTED], and I’ve been involved in [DATA EXPUNGED], and I have over ███ confirmed [REDACTED]. I am trained in [REDACTED] and I’m the top [REDACTED] in the entire [REDACTED]. You are nothing to me but just another [REDACTED]. I will [DATA EXPUNGED], mark my [REDACTED]. You think you can get away with saying that [REDACTED] to me over the [REDACTED]? Think again, [REDACTED]. As we speak I am [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] so you better prepare for the storm, [REDACTED]. The [REDACTED] that wipes out the [REDACTED] little thing you call [REDACTED]. You’re [REDACTED], kid. I can be [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and I can [REDACTED] you in over [REDACTED] ways, and that’s just with my [REDACTED]. Not only am I extensively trained in [REDACTED] combat, but I have access to the entire [DATA EXPUNGED] and I will use it to its full extent to wipe [REDACTED] off the face of the continent, you [REDACTED]. If only you could have known what [REDACTED] your little “clever” [REDACTED] was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have [DATA EXPUNGED]. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re [REDACTED], you [REDACTED]. I will [REDACTED] all over you and you will [REDACTED] in it. You’re [DATA EXPUNGED], kiddo.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #641723204
Registration: 22/10/2018 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 160:18 Hours
Total interactions: 62,642
Money: 562,095
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


Umm so this exists:The World of Remnant

Join if u want to.
3 Days ago
Hmm... I'm curious.

To all the RWBY fans out there, can you give your honest opinion on Adam?

To me he is a cute Baked-Beans/Tomato Soup Boi who is probably THE best villain in the whole of RWBY, he doesn't deserve to be the monster, especially after seeing RWBY Amity Arena's desc

But that's just an Unpopular opinion after all : P
4 Days ago
Oh and I've been playing RWBY: Amity Arena with my best friend, that's why I was away XD
6 Days ago
Aaaaa assessments are stressful
6 Days ago
(Also, the Dragon Quest Protagonist is a good reveal also >3<)
14 Days ago
I've finished Ruby Rose as a Trainer sprite now. here

Not only that, but I'm taking Trainer Sprite Edit requests! (Note: I'm still practicing, so it might not come out well.)
23 Days ago
Oh, forgot to show something, I tried editing a trainer sprite to look like Adam Taurus: ere

Might try doing more trainer sprite edits in the future, I find them pretty fun to do (And helps me to improve my spriting skills)
24 Days ago
I'm now evil, White Fang boi because he is best boi (Alongside Qrow)
25 Days ago
I've been watching lots of anime recently, mainly Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and RWBY, but right now, I'm curious to see your suggestions on the next anime I should watch!
27 Days ago
Might make a RP based of RWBY, the world seems interesting to make into a RP, I'm thinking the RP would seem fun, but I wanna find people's idea's on it first.
29 Days ago
After my friend recommended me to read and watch RWBY, I kinda got addicted to it. I don't know why I never got into it that much, but now I really want to draw Team RWBY now because jeezus
1 Month ago
Question: In your opinion, what's your fave hardest song in any rhythm game(Basically a hard song that you think sounds really good e.g: Through the Fire and the Flames ect) Mine has to be FREEDOM DiVE!
1 Month ago
Hmm... So my year is going on a trip lasting from Thursday to Friday and I can't go on it (Because health problems) so what should I do? Should I go to school or not?
1 Month ago
Feeling kinda bored so can you give me a random pokemon? This is totally not because I want to revive the SCP Pokemon files
1 Month ago
Back from holiday now, forgot to say this.
1 Month ago
I’ve just gotten the best thing i’ve ever saw, a ditto disguised as a charmander and it’s hilarious! I’m glad I got it!
1 Month ago
I’m on holiday now, I’ll probably not be on for long as well.
1 Month ago
Me:*Plays MetalGearSolid 5 after a couple of years break and goes to Mother Base*
Game:"Ello! The people who still play this game from 2015 have disarmed all the nukes and now there is none!"
Me:"Wow, so nice."
Also game:"Oh yeah, end of all the happiness, there is more nukes now."
Me:"RIP the perfect nuke-free world."
1 Month ago
Sad how Konami never allowed newer Codec Calls for Smash Ultimate. Sad thing is, Snake's voice-actor was up to do some newer Codec Calls, but it never happened ;-;
1 Month ago

About me~

Hello! I'm ~Metal-Gear-REX~, and here's a bit about me:
-A decent roleplayer
-I loaf the SCP stuff (Fave SCPS: 682, 999, 939, 3000 and 049)
-I draw a lot
-Kinda like digimon
-I loaf the MetalGearSolid series
-REX is bae.
-I'm an alright person in my opinion.



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